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Hello, fam. It is Harry Vaper. Have a look at my fresh new review on gippro GP6 kit. In this article, you will know everything about it including design, user experience, and taste.


What is gippro? 

In 2017, gippro was first found in Tokyo, Japan. It is a fully certified company with more than 0.3 million users, over 50 technological patents, and 10 awards in Asia. Currently, gippro spreads its offices, sales, and development laboratories worldwide, including Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, China, Australia, Europe, and so on, with aims to provide safe and high-quality products and to advocate a more green, healthy, and dynamic lifestyle for the ‘switchers’.

In 2019, gippro GP6 set (prefilled) was launched, and not for long it captured the hearts of consumers for its great taste and user experience.



The surface covers anodized lacquer that increases abrasion resistance and makes the paint hard to fall off and hard to leave fingerprints and sweat stains.

Gippro GP6 prefilled set review


Currently, the device has four colors which are white, green, blue, and black. It abandons the traditional design of the vape device and instead uses the oblong flat shape to increase its uniqueness.


Gippro GP6 prefilled set review

The product size is 81*25.5*12mm, which is slightly increased in width and thickness, not much different from the ordinary size, and more suitable to hold it on hand. No sharp edges mean no risk of cutting hands. The front of the product is printed with the gippro logo and shows the circular LED light which indicates if it is working. The 400mAh built-in battery capacity and not long charging time simply satisfy the daily needs of users.



The packaging of the GP6 stays classic. It is packaged in a white carton with a product line diagram printed on it, which conforms to its consistent style.

Gippro GP6 prefilled set review

On the back of the package, there is a brief introduction. The English slogan “Welcome to Gippro World, New Style New Life” on the side brings in trend elements.

Gippro GP6 prefilled set review

Open the package, the manual is glued to the top of the box cover. Additionally, a warranty card and certificate of conformity are placed inside. You can also find the GP6 device*1, pods*2, USB charging cable*1.

Gippro GP6 prefilled set review

At this stage, the GP6 set comes with two popular pods, namely Fresh Mint and Passion Mango. Interestingly, the pods look similar to the streamlined bullet head with a circular logo on both the front and the back and the matte design can better help prevent lip smudge. Also, the mouthpiece has a large air inlet so the users can enjoy the larger vapors.

Gippro GP6 prefilled set review


For the moment, gippro GP6 pods have over 20 flavors to choose from. Below are some flavors that I recommend.

– Cola

It is a delicious cola soda that is just like anything you can get from the beverage aisle. Added in with a touch of menthol for a slight feel of carbonation, Cola soda hits the spot for your new replacement of the real thing.

– Menthol

It is rich and fresh coolness with a touch of moderate sweetness. No bitterness. If you take a big puff, the menthol would occupy the entire taste buds. Perfect for hot summer.

– Mango

Mango has a very strong and juicy flavor with a touch of slight coolness. You would smell the fragrance of mango once you open the packaging. If you are a fan of mango or fruits, you need to have a try. Juicy and refreshing. No chemical taste at all.


User experience

After using it for three days, there is no e-juice leakage, burnt core, or dry hit. The overall structure design of GP6 is reasonable. The grip is comfortable and the suction resistance is moderate. The two pods inside are sweet and refreshing without any redundant taste. The coolness is normal and proper. The design of the rod electrode column inside of the device is well received, which effectively avoids poor contact. The only thing I dislike is that the pods are not eco-friendly. Despite this, I think it is a cost-effective and strong functional device.


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