How to get a license to plant marijuana

The cannabis market is booming. New establishments and companies are opening their doors at a surprising rate in many countries. It may seem like a sector in which it is easy to find a place, but the reality is very different. Bottom line: getting a license to sell cannabis costs a lot, and we’re not just talking about the monetary cost. Below, we discuss the main factors to consider when applying for a business license in the U.S.



Regardless of whether you intend to grow cannabis or open a dispensary, the first step is to assess legality. There are many obstacles and requirements to meet. Therefore, you should study the local rules and regulations. The legal markets vary greatly, which could determine the eventual success or failure of each particular business.

A background check is often required, not only for, say, a dispensary owner but also for all employees and investors. In order to grow California growers license and medical cannabis for commercial purposes in some places, such as the U.S., every responsible person will be required to have a valid safety clearance. Therefore, if you have a criminal record, your dream of succeeding as a licensed medicinal grower could be cut short before you even start.

You should also know how to navigate complicated loopholes; “tolerated” or “decriminalized” does not mean that marijuana is legal. And if it is not legal, or if the laws of your country are not very clear, your dispensary could be closed at any time by the authorities.

Not only should you know the current regulations, but also their possible modifications. This young industry has a slew of bills to be enacted shortly, so significant changes are very likely. Go ahead and research the future agenda to facilitate the procedures.

Also, you have to be aware that in some places, as in the United States, for example, they have contradictory laws that vary depending on whether they are applied at the federal or state level. At the federal level, cannabis remains illegal and a Category I drug, but in the various states, the market for legal marijuana is booming.

So the first thing is to investigate. Or better yet: consult an experienced attorney who can advise you.


In addition to the costs of creating and managing the company, there is the cost of the license, which, together with the rest of the legal obstacles, is usually enough to discourage many potential owners. At some sites, the application fee can be several thousand dollars. And if we add to this the annual renewal fees, it is evident how quickly the money disappears.


The above is a summary of the different factors that must be taken into account on a more or less global level. Now we are going to analyze the details for obtaining a license in the United States, to give you an idea of ​​how things are in your place of residence.

United States

In the U.S., laws, and regulations for commercial cannabis cultivation vary by state, county, and even city. So before you start making a plan to open a large-scale dispensary or plantation, make sure you know the laws and regulations that affect you.

License prices also vary considerably. For example, in Washington State, the application costs only $ 250, and the annual fee is $ 1,480. A bargain compared to most states. In Illinois, the application costs $ 25,000, and the annual growing license costs $ 100,000. Some states, such as California, Colorado, and Oregon, have different rates depending on the size and type of crop; for example, if it is going to be an indoor or outdoor crop, the number of plants to be grown, etc. At the very least, you could spend a couple of thousand dollars, but this figure can run into the tens and hundreds of thousands to get and keep your license.

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