Thursday, May 23, 2024

France’s Plan to Ban Disposables Sparks Controversy


On September 4th, France announced its plan to ban disposable e-cigarettes. Subsequently, this news began to circulate on overseas social media platform Twitter. As of 11:00 am on September 5th, a total of 79 tweets related to this topic were posted on Twitter, with over a hundred overseas netizens commenting on it. Following an investigation conducted by 2FIRSTS, it was found that half of the netizens in the comment section expressed their opposition to this ban.

Overseas netizens who support the idea primarily consider the appeal of the flavors of disposable e-cigarettes to underage individuals and the pollution caused by discarded disposable e-cigarettes to the environment.

Some overseas internet users with opposing views argue that disposable e-cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes, alcohol, and marijuana. Some believe that disposable e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking traditional cigarettes.

Main arguments in favor:

Ireland should also follow the example of France as I constantly witness people littering the streets with discarded disposable e-cigarettes, which is truly disheartening.

Disposable e-cigarettes should be banned, but refillable e-cigarettes should be regulated.

Many underage individuals in the UK are drawn to the sweet flavor of disposable e-cigarettes, a temptation that proves fatal for them and should be banned.

The main arguments against are:

The disposable e-cigarette aided me in successfully quitting smoking.

If the objective is to prevent people from smoking, the ban should be on traditional cigarettes rather than e-cigarettes.

Why not alcohol or marijuana, which present greater risks?

People work and pay taxes, and the government doesn’t want to interfere with other choices, such as using disposable e-cigarettes.

Why? The profits from this disposable e-cigarette are tremendous.

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