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FLONQ and KIWI Unveiled New Products at Dortmund Exhibition


At the tobacco exhibition in Dortmund that commenced on September 14th, prominent e-cigarette brands such as FLONQ and KIWI unveiled new products, attracting significant attention. In fact, an increasing number of e-cigarette manufacturers are targeting the German market.

FLONQ has recently introduced their new product series, FLONQ Max E, which is smaller in size compared to the previous Max 8000/10000 models, yet still delivers exceptional performance.

A new series called FLONQ Max E Plus has been launched, featuring more environmentally friendly and intelligent characteristics. The series has been specially designed for the European market and meets the strict standards set by European regulations. Germany, in particular, has very stringent regulatory requirements for product information. However, due to its large market, FLONQ successfully entered the European market at the 2022 exhibition and is now planning to expand into the German market this year.

FLONQ has expressed to 2FIRSTS that their new series features environmentally friendly and intelligent characteristics. The shift in market preference from the Alpha series to the Plus series reflects consumers’ pursuit of more sustainable and intelligent e-cigarette products.

FLONQ、KIWI等发布新品 多家厂商盯上德国市场

Flonq Max E | Source: 2FIRSTS

KIWI has launched a new series of products called KIWI 2 Smart, which incorporates vibrational technology and rechargeable capabilities. This series aims to differentiate itself from other brands by offering high quality and a higher price point. However, KIWI has struggled to achieve satisfactory sales performance in the German market, partly due to strict market regulations and potential competition from local monopolies and regional brands.

Kiwi2|Source: 2FIRSTS

Overall, the e-cigarette market in Germany is an attractive market, both in terms of its size and stability. However, compared to other countries, the regulatory environment in Germany is stricter, leading to the closure of some small e-cigarette retailers within less than three months of the imposition of taxes. Additionally, stringent requirements regarding product packaging and compliance information have also increased manufacturing costs for manufacturers.

Some brands have also launched new product lines, such as Beco. The newly launched Beco-First Union Osens M series mesh coil aerosol products are favored by consumers due to their gender-neutral design, despite the fact that it takes six months of research and development for each series and flavor. However, this has brought about more opportunities.

FLONQ and KIWI also offer professional installation of wooden display racks for distributors and retail stores, providing a more attractive way to showcase their products and enhancing their brand image. Additionally, their application for WEEE battery recycling certification demonstrates their commitment to sustainable development and environmental protection.

Meanwhile, although both brands are planning to launch more refillable cartridge products, they are currently not allowed to display them due to packaging issues. However, industry experts generally believe that pod system products may become a future trend in the German market, which would change the competitive landscape of the e-cigarette industry.

It is worth noting that the German government has now banned e-cigarette advertisements, intensifying competition among brands in the market. This necessitates the reliance on innovation and reputation to attract consumers.

Some exhibitors believe that, despite the challenges in the German market, the e-cigarette industry still sees it as one of the markets with tremendous potential. The innovation and environmentally friendly features of some brands will continue to attract German consumers and provide them with more options.

The regulatory nature of the German market may have an impact on prices and packaging, but brands are already prepared to meet market demands.

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