Monday, July 22, 2024

Flavored vapes are back on the shelves in Washington


February 7, 2020, flavored vape products are back on the shelves in Washington. Washington State lawmakers amended the ban on vaping this week. During the four-month period, it was banned, local vape shops were hurt financially. And now they are recovering soon.

According to Washington Post, Mr. Trump reversed course banning flavored vapes after conservative activists and industry representatives complained — and as political advisers warned him not to anger a passionate vaping community. The FDA revealed last month that it would continue to allow tobacco- and menthol-flavored pods to be sold. More concerning, whole classes of vaping products would be exempt. Vape shops could continue to sell e-liquids for refillable e-cigarettes in any flavor. Disposable e-cigarette manufacturers, too, would have wide latitude.

The emergency flavor ban will no longer be extended in 2020, despite the weeks-long gap between the end of the ban and the implementation of any potential legislation, flavored products are back on store shelves. Vape industry is ushering a new spring in USA.

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