Flash Heart disposable vape review – Maximum 1500 puffs one-off pod – DirtyCheck No.81

How could Flash Heart’s new product be missed since Captain’s an old friend of Flash Heart?
Flash Heart’s products are loved by many consumers and it received unanimous praise from the industry,
And today let’s take a look at the magic of the new disposable vape from Flash Heart launched at the vape show.

Flash Heart disposable vape review

Flash Heart disposable vape introduction

Real 1500 puffs,
Compared to the traditional disposable vape battery life, this one is longer.
In turn, it is more environmentally friendly and more scientific.
It not only meets vapers’ daily needs, but also very convenient for travelers.

Flash Heart disposable vape review

A reasonable diameter of 19mm,
It’s OK even if you have a mobile phone in your hand when vaping,
Disposable sanitary packaging,
With reusable dust cover.

Flash Heart disposable vape review

Adjustable air intake,
Suitable for MTL and DTL vaping methods
Metal air intake ring adjustment at the bottom.
Large and small smoke as you like,
Nicotine salt content of 19MG/ML,
Scientific ratio, intuitive taste

Flash Heart disposable vape review

6 flavors in total,
Lychee blackcurrant, ice spring, watermelon, sweet and sour kiwi, white peach oolong, iced cola.

Flash Heart disposable vape review

Flash Heart disposable vape taste

This is a ordinary taste ,
The combination of lychee and blackcurrant is a bit strange
Reasonable coolness,
Relatively sweet.

Ice spring flavor is one of the best,
The coolness is proper,
The sweetness of the spring water is very good,
Sweetness is at a middle level, very good degree.
Simple and uncomplicated

Watermelon with ice, a common flavor among pod vapes,
But the treatment of this vape seems to be more hydrated,
It makes the unique water sweetness of watermelon be in place,
The cool feeling gives you the satisfaction of relieving heat in summer.

Flash Heart disposable vape review

This is the best taste of the whole series,
The fruit acidity and fruit sweetness taste brilliant.
Flash Heart should make a brand a new e-liquid for this flavor itself.
The unique scent of kiwi fruit is shown very well,
I feel a bite of fresh fruit in my mouth,
Everyday essential flavors.

White Peach Oolong
White peach with oolong tea,
It is a classic match.
Not supurised, just good.
Suitable for daily taste change
It would be good if the tea flavor is heavier

This iced Coke is different from other pod vape flavors of “syrups”,
The unique formula will make people feel carbonated,
It’s just what the cola needs, but also the soul of cola,
With proper cooling,
It’s really the top restore of real cola drink,
It makes you urge to drink unlimited.

Flash Heart disposable vape review


Regardless of whether you have a habit of smoking disposable e-cigarettes,
You should try this Flash Heart disposable vape,
It gives me a very good feeling in terms of flavor restoration and taste.
No burnt smell until using it up.
It’s one of the most noteworthy products of the vape show a few days ago.
The dirty team also consulted its manager and asked some small questions
There will be new flavor updates in the later period, and 3 models are currently planned.
Later new flavors will continue to impress vapers.
Are you looking forward to it?
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy FLASH HEART disposable vape

Flash Heart disposable vape review Flash Heart disposable vape review Flash Heart disposable vape review

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