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FIBIE OS open refillable pod vape is launched


On November 6, FIBIE OS China Fashion open refillable pod vape was officially launched.

After considerable development in the Chinese e-cigarette market, there are still a group of loyal customers of open pods; with the rapid progress of closed refillable pods, the favorite products of open pod loyal customers are gradually decreasing. FIBIE OS is precisely the diversified development needs of industry-oriented products and the needs of customers.

FIBIE stated that, adhering to the pious original intention and taking “good products” as the starting point of R&D and innovation, FIBIE OS has gone through 467 days and nights of R&D and design, from appearance and experience to inner core technology, in order to fully satisfy customers’ demand for open cigarettes. It meets the ideal requirements to design and configuration.

The surface of FIBIE OS uses stable and durable thermal transfer technology. According to reports, this can ensure that the color of the device illustration is brighter, clearer and more beautiful; the device is more durable and not easy to wear and corrosion.

FIBIE OS open refillable pod vape is launched

Different from the traditional box mod design, the overall FIBIE OS body is small and exquisite, with smooth lines, comfortable grip and easy to carry.

The design of the 650mAh large battery is the biggest feature of FIBIE OS that distinguishes it from ordinary small cigarettes on the market. Another major feature is the mesh structure of the atomized heating coil.

FIBIE OS open refillable pod vape is launched

Traditional atomized heating coils are mostly cylindrical winding patterns. FIBIE introduced that MESH mesh structure atomizing hot coil has more advantages and stability, and the atomization is more delicate, and the amount of smoke is larger and cooler. The most important thing is that the mesh structure heating coil can restore the taste of e-liquid to the greatest extent.

In terms of user experience, FIBIE OS has been refined. In the R&D and design of the cartridge, the capacity of the adapted cartridge is increased to a large capacity of 2ML, which satisfies the user’s longer-term use experience.

In addition, the FIBIE OS package contains a dual cartridge configuration, and the dual cartridges are equipped with different resistance options; the dry black cartridge is equipped with a 0.8ohm resistance value, and the amount of smoke is larger and more comfortable; the moist white cartridge is equipped with 1.2ohm resistance value, greater suction resistance, more durable vape juice capacity. The double pod design gives users more choices and experience.

FIBIE OS open refillable pod vape is launched

For the connection between the cartridge and the device, FIBIE OS continues the previous high-strength magnet connection technology to ensure the tightness of the connection and easy use.

In the design of changing the cart, FIBIE OS uses a little thought. The user needs to gently rotate the cart to the left and right to gently pull out the pod. After the empty pod is filled with oil, it is connected by a high-strength magnet. Plug it in and use it easily.

FIBIE OS open refillable pod vape is launched

This careful design is to ensure the stability of the cartridge after it is connected to the device and the more stable and delicate atomization process.

In addition, FIBIE OS enables 3.2V constant voltage output design, which makes the device more compatible with nicotine salt, and the atomization is thick and mellow. The mouthpiece adopts a fish-lip mouth design to achieve a more lip-fitting experience.

FIBIE OS open refillable pod vape is launched

In general, FIBIE OS is a simple and powerful vape device. In terms of appearance and use design, FIBIE OS integrates the advantages of most of the existing closed pods and open pods on the market.

FIBIE said that the design of 650mAh large battery capacity, MESH mesh structure atomized heating coil, double pods and double resistance value, 2ML e-liquid capacity, and thermal transfer surface processing are all based on user needs and experience. Sincerely designed.

In terms of flavors, FIBIE OS first released as many as 19 flavors, including fruit, energy drink, tea, milk and fruit mix and match. 19 flavors have undergone continuous debugging and testing, and are highly compatible with FIBIE OS atomizers.

FIBIE OS open refillable pod vape is launched

Since its establishment in 2018, the FIBIE brand has launched the closed atomization series and the FIBIE OS open series; the launch of each series of products, FIBIE said, has spent a lot of time and energy on R&D and design.

Learn more about FIBIE vape here

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