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FEIXI vape new product is launched


For the e-cigarette industry in 2019, the market has experienced rapid online-to-offline transfers, and strict control of product quality is bound to become a bargaining chip for the brand. Recently, Feixi, a new brand in the electronic cigarette industry, announced its low-key official launch and proposed a new concept of “natural”. The main selling point “natural raw materials from Grasse” has attracted the attention of the industry. So what are the advantages of such a new brand?

FEIXI new product is launched

Meet natural taste from Grasse

It is understood that the brand side has been debugging product tastes since the beginning of 2019. The team members focus on research and development, screening and testing of raw materials from all over the world, and finally determining the “world perfume capital”-Grasse, France, as Feixi Collection of raw materials and establishment of “Feixi Glass Flavor Research Center”. By referring to the production methods of well-known perfumes, and using the human body’s sensory experience rhythm, it has opened up the research and development road of “head incense, body incense and tail incense” and redefines the e-cigarette experience. After tens of thousands of years of debugging and development by the team’s scientific researchers, six flavors have been selected from hundreds of flavors as the first batch of online products. The product flavors are unique and will definitely set off a new taste storm in the entire industry!

FEIXI new product is launched

Original naturalistic philosophy

In Grasse, the flavor expert will spend several month or even years to experience hundreds of fragrances in various essential oils, and finally test out the most pleasant match. With the pursuit of more natural raw materials, Grasse, the “Perfume Capital of the World”, has become the perfect choice for Feixi Labs. Here, the Feixi team picked natural fragrances to create an abstract and mysterious romantic atmosphere. Through rigorous design research and development, we hope to bring consumers freedom and comfort. Each taste presented at last shows the pursuit of quality of Feixi brand. The debut of the main flavor “Tiger Blood” is an scent legend created by Feixi Grasse Taste Research Center, which transforms the abstract sense of smell. The Feixi brand explores the perfect expression of Grasse’s natural secrets.

Speaking of the concept of nature, FeiXi’s person in charge Yang Wenqing said, “spare no effort to find and use natural raw materials to extract natural fragrances. This is a philosophy of naturalism belonging to the FeiXi brand, and it is also the firm conviction of the entire team during research and development!”

Tens of thousands of commissionings

The Feixi team brings the pure and natural fragrance to all consumers through the use of craftsmanship. The vapor of the artisans originated from Feixi’s brand spirit and also from the mysterious perfumer of Grasse.

The insistence on natural quality has always been the driving force for Feixi’s unremitting efforts. Every raw material of its product manufacturing process comes from Grass’s natural spices. As we all know, luxury, nobleness and elegance are the labels of Grasse’s French romance, and Feixi’s team of researchers have debugged and developed tens of thousands of times in the past year, and finally found materials that match French romance. This unique fragrance comes to Grasse with romantic attributes.

FEIXI new product is launched

The term “natural” of Feixi brand proposes that it is committed to persistently improving the current sluggish market environment. It is believed that while shaping brand specificity, Feixi also re-educates and defines the health issues of electronic cigarettes to a certain extent. In addition, Feixi Electronic Cigarettes combined with Grasse’s well-known flavor experts and refined several natural fine-tuning to maximize the spirit of craftsmanship. This olfactory revolution initiated by the new brand will definitely make the vapor more pure, More romantic and natural!

[About FeiXi]

The e-cigarette brand, established in 2019, officially launched the brand in early 2020. It takes “Glass’s natural flavor! Be natural, choose FeiXi” as the core tone of the brand, and is committed to integrating natural fragrance innovation into the product. The senses of the human body make the body rhythm. Fall in love with French romance and create a noble and healthy lifestyle. they hope that through natural extraction of raw materials, it will give each consumer a pleasant feeling of body and mind, and show the concept of health, environmental protection and green life.

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