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Why do massive vape brands choose FEELM inside atomizing core? The reason amazed us


As we all know, CPU greatly affects the operation of mobile phones. For pod vapes, the atomization core determines the flavor of the vape juice to a certain extent. In order to make the vapor feel silkier and smoother, and restore the flavor of the vape juice to the extreme, the research and development of atomization core have never stopped. One of the best representative among them is Smoore’s FEELM ceramic core.

Smoore has been devoting himself to the research and development of ceramic cores since its establishment. And its research and development of ceramic cores almost leads the vape industry. The FEELM inside black pottery film-covered atomization technology is developed in 2016, and through continuous upgrading in recent years, it represents the current top level of atomization technology, and has reached the peak of the industry now. Meanwhile, it won the “Golden Leaf Award” awarded in London in September 2018 (the only Chinese technology brand that won this award).

Today I received the package from Smoore, the FEELM vape. When I opened it, I was shocked. Besides the brand new FEELM pods, device and a disposable e-cig, there was also a ceramic core from FEELM inside. It also writes,”Feel every purely smooth moment” inside the box.

This ceramic core is the protagonist that we will focus on today. By the way, according to staff from FEELM brand, FEELM is a technical brand that only produces black pottery film-coated atomizing core, and does not produce any self-brand electronic cigarettes.

The picture above shows the real shape of FEELM inside. Compared with the previous coil ceramic cores, FEELM inside is dark gray in color. And this two kinds of materials are quite different.

It is known that FEELM inside black pottery film-coated atomizing core is made of rare diatom material of environmental protection grade, which is finally fired at ultra-high temperature, so it maintains its natural characteristics. At the same time, it ensures the safety of the vape juice conducting medium, because the ultra-high temperature firing can burn up many harmful substances in the atomizing core.

There are also obvious differences in structure between the two. The coil ceramic core is in the form of coil-enclosed ceramics, while the FEELM inside black pottery film-coated atomizing core has no coil inside, but relies on the metal film at the bottom as the heating source, looking like the form of an electromagnetic cooker.

The atomizing core using film-coating technology apparently has 2 merits: first, there won’t be vape juice exploding problem; second, evaporating ceramic body by the bottom heating sheet can ensure the sufficiency of atomization, so its flavor will be finer and smoother than coil ceramics.

In order to ensure the perfect flavor, the top of FEELM inside black ceramic coated atomizing core has bowl shaped structure. The advantage is that it is more efficient to the acceptance of vape juice while increasing the heating area. The key is the bowl shaped structure which can catch every drip of the vape juice to be atomized, so that every drip of the essence is fully atomized and not wasted. It has the effect of boosting flavors, and the principle resembles an electromagnetic cooker pot.

In fact, the bowl structure has another function, that is, to be leak-proof. Because the pod is used under pressure, that is, if there is no action of suction, the e juice cannot reach the atomization core to achieve heating atomization. Thus it reduces the possibility of vape juice leakage from the source. After all, e-liquids leakage is a nasty problem.

We can see that FEELM inside black pottery film-coated atomizing core is spongy shaped, with honeycomb holes inside and outside. It is reported that in order to promote the uniform foaming of honeycomb holes, manufacturers have added a special material which belongs to commercial secrets, because the uniformity of the aperture will affect the e-liquid conduction and flavor.

In addition, the porosity of FEELM inside black pottery film-coated atomizing core is 60%, and the solid only accounts for 40%. It is reported that the proportion of porosity is obtained through repeated tests by R&D personnel, with the aim of optimizing atomization rate and smooth degree.

That is to say, large porosity or small porosity is not the criterion to measure the suction experience. But the suction experience is determined by the high matching of the porosity and the vape juice consistency.

As for the aperture of honeycomb, in fact, every product has stressed it. Brands often emphasize that the aperture of their ceramic core used in honeycomb has reached sub-micron level, and so on. It’s easy to see that, the size of the aperture also determines the fine degree of e-liquid atomization in a certain extent. The aperture of FEELM inside black pottery film-coated atomizing core is 20 microns.

As far as I’m concerned, if the pore size is 10 microns or even smaller, will the ceramic body be blocked by particulate matter in the vape juice due to the small pore size? Or will the vape juice with high viscosity be heated unevenly due to the poor fluidity of the e juice, resulting in the problem of tar and burnt odor? After verification with the manufacturer, the manufacturer said that it was for the above considerations that the final determination was set as 20 microns.

As can be seen clearly in the picture, the two solder joints used to fix the electrode wire are very clear. By the way, the two electrode wires welded on the bottom metal coating are very firm. This is very important, because in case of loosening or even detachment in transportation, especially in the process of assembly, the direct consequence is that it can not work right anymore, and the device purchased has basically become a waste product.

Above is my personal superficial understanding of FEELM inside black pottery film atomization core. As to the effect of the ceramic core atomization, I needn’t to say much, because the FEELM inside black pottery film atomization core, has been used by many well-known pod vapes, such as RELX, YOOZ, VFOLK, bink, VANGO and so on, which are also the best brand in the industry.

However, some people will say at this moment, isn’t RELX’s burnt odor famous? In fact, apart from the game between brands, the burnt odor is mainly related to the consistency of vape juice.

For example, when you fry food in a pot, where does the burnt odor come from? A pot or the food? Naturally, it is the food. The food here is vape juice. The main reason is that the vape juice does not match the ceramic core. In addition, when we rebuild the vape device, if there is a burnt odor, it may be due to the mismatch of the juice and atomizing core.

As for many manufacturers choose FEELM inside black pottery film-coated atomizing core, besides the full atomization and smooth flavor, it also relates to the characteristics of FEELM’s faster atomization speed and lower energy consumption.

Because, in contrast, the product with FEELM inside black pottery film-coated atomizing core, in the case of cold start, it takes only 0.3 seconds for the first suction to reach the 220℃ temperature and proper atomizing amount, which enables users to experience the purely smooth vaping experience very quickly.

Only 6.5W constant power is needed to generate 9.5W vapor amount from other atomizing cores. Reducing power by 1/3, the actual energy consumption can be reduced by 30-50%, which effectively improves the device battery endurance.


Because of the above advantages, FEELM inside black pottery film-coated atomization core can win the “Golden Leaf Award” and be widely concerned the public, which has also demonstrated the strength of Chinese science and technology in the field of atomization technology to the world.

Besides, ALD also has the same tech named Silmo 3.0. Check below for more information about Silmo:

ALD Silmo 3.0 vape pod is launched on 28th March 2019 in China – Recruiting dealers worldwide


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