E-liquid can be imported into China normally again

On January 1, 2022, China’s import and export tariffs were revised. The customs code of e-liquid containing nicotine was changed from 3824999999 to 2404120000. At the same time, the regulation conditions added an automatic import license. So the e-liquid can’t be imported to China anymore. While the import tax rate remained unchanged.
As soon as the news came out, the e-cigarette industry got into deep despair and all were wailing.
E-liquid can be imported into China normally again
Because some Chinese buyers’ goods have been shipped from abroad and are still on the way, they cannot be imported in compliance without applying for an automatic import license. Some of them could not be imported to Shenzhen when they arrived at Hong Kong Airport or the mainland cargo terminal, and had no choice but to return the goods. Leave alone the losses such as freight, warehouse rental, etc., Chinese vaping factories start to lack core raw materials, which greatly affects the production and export of electronic cigarette-related products.
For more than a month since then, vapers and manufacturers have been waiting for the news of the latest policy, and finally survived to the moment today when e-liquid can be imported normally.

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