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E-cigarettes are far less harmful than cigarettes – the unprecedented conviction of the British health expert


According to the Sun on October 30, Professor John Newton, an official of the British Ministry of public health, said that the UK was always convinced of the harm reduction of e-cigarettes. The main culprit of the U.S. epidemic was the illegal products containing THC.

Professor Newton mentioned two figures: 220 people die from cigarettes every day in the UK, while only 200 health problems have been caused by e-cigarettes in the past five years. There is no doubt about the harm reduction of regular e-cigarettes. At present, the real risk of the industry is due to the misunderstanding that people begin to return from e-cigarettes to traditional cigarettes.

The culprit of the electronic atomization epidemic in the United States is gradually becoming clear. According to the latest report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (FDA), at least 84% of the 19 deaths from lung disease have used THC containing products. Dr Anne shuhart, FDA’s chief deputy director, told the media that the data clearly point to products containing THC, not nicotine.

John Newton
Professor John Newton

John Newton is the head of the central and southern region of the Department of public health and a professor at University of Manchester. He pointed out that the outbreak of lung disease in the United States has nothing to do with nicotine e-cigarettes, which have existed in the United States for more than ten years. For regular e-cigarettes, the Department of public health in England has been communicating to the public the results of the study that “e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking”. Professor Newton said that the UK’s Ministry of public health has always adhered to the concept of “as certain as ever”.

Professor Newton also stressed the importance of buying e-cigarettes through regular channels. Regular e-cigarette products are subject to relevant standards and regulations, and their quality and safety are more guaranteed. Unlike black market products, which cannot be reached due to supervision, they are added at will. For example, the US FDA has issued PMTA certification for new tobacco products, while the UK follows the European Union’s tobacco products directive and is supervised by relevant departments. In countries that have not yet promulgated regulations, there are also top enterprises that independently formulate enterprise standards.

Based on the harm reduction of regular products, Professor Newton suggested that smokers should turn to e-cigarettes completely, and users of e-cigarettes should stop smoking completely. “What we really worry about is that what happened in the United States and other countries made people misunderstand the relative safety of e-cigarettes, and then forced to stop switching to e-cigarettes, or even switch back to traditional cigarettes from using e-cigarettes,” he said. “This is the real risk, because the harm of traditional cigarettes to life is beyond doubt.”.

At present, the UK is the country with the most perfect electronic cigarette control in the world. Health officials in the UK regard e-cigarettes as a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes, an effective way to quit smoking, and set stricter rules. According to the latest report of the Ministry of public health, e-cigarettes help more than 50000 Britons quit smoking every year, and at least 1.3 million people have quit smoking completely due to e-cigarettes.

E-cig report

The UK’s support for e-cigarettes is based on an in-depth study of the harm reduction of e-cigarettes. According to the report of the Ministry of public health, due to the reduction of more than 70 known carcinogenic ingredients in traditional cigarettes, the risk of cancer among vapes is far lower – the potential risk of cancer among vapers is less than 0.5% of that of traditional smokers.

There is a global consensus on the harm reduction of e-cigarettes. The American Cancer Society (ACS) made it clear that scientists are still studying the possible health hazards caused by the long-term use of electronic cigarettes, but it is important that the content of carcinogenic chemicals in the electronic cigarette is far lower than that in the cigarette smoke.

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