Thursday, February 22, 2024

E-cigarettes Contain Narcotic Drugs, Drug Suspects Arrested by the Cop


Recently, police station of Shenzhen Futian branch cracked a drug trafficking case by using e-cigarettes according to the clues reported by the masses.

The public reported that the e-cigarettes sold by an e-cigarette physical store contained drug ingredients, and the police of Tian’an police station immediately went to the store for investigation. After the police took the team members to the store, they asked the store owner about the e-cigarette sales license and sales methods and did he know that there were drug ingredients in the e-cigarettes.

It turned out that the suspect hid the drug in the e-cigarette and then sold it to the e-cigarette physical store, and the store owner did not know. After being aware of the situation, the police conducted in-depth investigation, research and judgment, and targeted the drug suspect Tang. After several days of investigation, Tang was finally arrested in a parking lot of a residential building, and a box of 5,000 electronic cigarettes containing drug ingredients was seized in his home. After interrogation, drug suspect Tang confessed to the fact of his drug trafficking. At present, Tang has been arrested by the procuratorate according to law, and the case is under further investigation.

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