Tuesday, April 16, 2024

E-cigarette advocacy groups hold a rally to save e-cigarettes in Washington


According to foreign reports, e-cigarette users from all over the United States took the opportunity in Washington on Saturday to express their support for small steam enterprises and to inform trump that these votes may change the upcoming election.

E-cigarette advocates are calling on trump to push the food and Drug Administration (FDA) to reform the pre market tobacco application (PMTA) process, or to extend the deadline to the imminent September 9 deadline.

With 14000 small businesses in danger of disappearing overnight, the FDA is still sticking to the September 9 deadline, requiring them to submit expensive and onerous pmtas to keep their products on sale.

Advocates organized by the United e-cigarette union peacefully protested and showed the world the “we vape, we vate” campaign, whose influence lies in disrupting the upcoming election with millions of potential votes. Negative advocates vowed to continue to urge elected officials to reject prohibitive policies that threaten access to life-saving steam products.

Dimitris agrafiotis, executive director of the Tennessee smokeless Association, said that if President trump did not make real changes to the food and drug administration, he would not only risk destroying American industry, but would also create a situation in which thousands of adult smokers could return to deadly flammable cigarettes. Alex Azar, HHS secretary, has promised to implement PMTA reform, but he has failed to deliver. Now, it’s up to President trump to stop the FDA from destroying 99 percent of the industry and leaving 160000 Americans unemployed during the covid-19 pandemic.

Despite the panic of special interest groups, steam product manufacturers are not big tobacco companies, and their technical products are not subject to the same regulation. Studies have repeatedly shown that steam products expose users to a small fraction of harmful chemicals in cigarettes. Thousands of adults across the United States have successfully quit smoking due to the use of electronic cigarette products.

More than 20 e-cigarette consumer advocates shared life changing stories and how they have had a positive impact on their friends and family since the switch to a smoke-free lifestyle.

Dimitris agrafiotis, executive director of the Tennessee smoke free association, as well as industry-renowned speakers and leaders, also attended the meeting, including Amanda Wheeler, chairman of the Rocky Mountain smoke free association, and Gregory Conley, President of the American electronic cigarette Association.

This is the second annual e-cigarette rescue rally held by the group, and they continue to ask e-cigarette advocates across the country to call the White House switchboard and say, “we vape, we vote.”.

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