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DIY Smoking Devices You Can Make with Household Items


Nothing can be compared to the frustration you get when you want to smoke and realize that you have nothing to smoke out of. This is a problem that every stoner runs into at least once in their lifetime.
Although buying smoking devices can be helpful, some are very expensive while others are too complicated to use and difficult to clean. For instance, most people don’t know how to use a bubbler and consider one-hitters very high-maintenance.
One of the many reasons for creating a DIY smoking device is the convenience it offers.
You can utilize several household items to make a smoking device with relatively little effort to achieve a quick and easy smoking experience. However, you can’t go scrounging for just any object to smoke out of; you need to know what items you can and can’t use.

What Precautions Should You Take When Making a DIY Smoking Device


1. Do Not Use Flimsy Materials

In general, flimsy materials can cause a hazard. Instead, you should use sturdy materials since they don’t fall apart easily or run the risk of your hot herb spreading a flame onto other surfaces.

2. Be Cautious of the Food You Use

Although a few food items are great for crafting a smoking device, it would be best to be a little cautious. Make sure you use food that’s ripe or hard. It is not recommended to use rotten or soft food since they often turn to mush and can easily fall apart.

3. Avoid Using Plastic Items as a Bowl Piece

When lit, plastic items melt and can be extremely toxic if inhaled. Although plastic items can be used to contain smoke, you should ensure that it has a non-plastic or metal bowl pack. If you can’t combine both, it would be best if you forgo plastic items altogether.

What Are Some of the Best DIY Smoking Devices That Are Made From Household Items

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1. Apple Pipe

An Apple pipe is one of the most basic homemade smoking devices and is easy to make. To create it:

  • Make a top downhole that reaches the middle of the apple; be careful not to go all the way through and use this hole for the marijuana or tobacco


  • Create a hole on one side of the apple that’s perpendicular to the first hole, and be sure to puncture the hole through the length of the apple


  • After ensuring all the holes have created a pathway, use one of the horizontal holes as a mouthpiece while the other acts as your carburetor

This smoking device is the fastest to create, making it the best option for when you are pressed for time.

2. Double Apple Dabber

The double apple dabber is a unique DIY smoking device because instead of using weed, you use dabs which guarantees a more potent high with every hit. To make a double apple dabber:

  • Get two apples


  • Cut out a small piece of the top part of one apple using a knife and dig down halfway through it without coring into the entire fruit


  • Repeat the same on the other apple so that both excavations meet in the middle


  • Top it off with your dab rig banger, heat it and add some wax

This is a purely incredible DIY smoking device that offers a high unlike any other.

3. TeePee Steamroller

Although toilet paper rolls are often considered clutter, they create the best DIY smoking devices with little to no effort. All you need to do is:
Poke a small hole into one side of the roll
Use a punctured aluminum foil to create a bowl and fit it into the hole
Fix the carburetor on the opposite side and voilà, a steamroller made out of mundane household items.

4. Gravity Bong

A gravity bong is a handy smoking device. You can make it by:

  • Cutting the top half off a plastic water bottle


  • Putting an aluminum foil over the cap with a small hole for airflow and using it as a bowl for your marijuana


  • Taking a basin of water and keeping the half bottle pressed into the water


  • Lighting it up while slowly lifting the half bottle out of the basin of water to allow gravity to propel the smoke through the top

You can also use a socket or small bowl piece instead of aluminum foil.

5. Glass Jar Vaporizer

Although making a glass jar vaporizer might be a little intimidating, the finished product is unlike anything you’ve ever smoked. You will need:

  • A glass jar with a tin lid


  • A set of screws


  • Two nuts


  • A shot glass


  • A wire cloth hanger that you should take apart


  • A small candle

To make a glass jar vaporizer:

  • Slice two holes into the top of the tin lid then fit one with the shot glass and the other with a screw


  • Encircle the life with your cloth hanger twice to serve as a stand


  • Connect the tubing to the screw


  • Fill the shot glass with weed and replace the lid then take it for a spin


Try Making a DIY Smoking Device Out of Household Items Today

Now that you have a little inspiration from the craft ideas listed above, it’s time to make yourself a household smoking device. If you take your time and exercise caution, you are bound to have an enjoyable smoking experience.

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