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Declassify the background of major electronic cigarette brands in the vape war



Founder: Kate Wang

RELX team comes from OPPO, Huawei, Chinese Academy of Sciences, L’Oreal, P&G and Youbu. On June 25, 2018, it announced the completion of the first round of RMB 38 million financing. At present, it is developing rapidly and plans to open factories abroad. Husband of Kate Wang, is an IDG investor, has turned IDG to abandon the investment to Shanlan Laan then to invest RELX. The biggest problem in the process of development is the cart leakage and the unreasonable price. The agent also made an incident and wrote, “Why I quit to be a RELX agent? “During this period, because of false propaganda of the puffs of electronic cigarette, it was surrounded and intercepted by a number of domestic self-media. At present, it is the first brand in domestic market.



Founder: Cai Yuedong

Founded the constellation blog and IP of “Uncle Tongdao”. At present, the products are welcomed by the agents, and the vape juice leakage rate is low. It develops rapidly and is expected to be in the top ten in the industry. In the process of development, the biggest problem is the runaway incident of partner Hechang (former CEO of Huang Taiji). It is understood that Hechang has registered the brand of electronic cigarettes independently as early as the beginning of joining YOZ, and intentionally set up a self-supporting brand.


3. Shanlan Laan

In 2014, Zhu Yaxuan, an industrial designer at Tencent Wechat, received an electronic cigarette from a friend. This accidental intrusion into life caused Zhu Yaxuan’s strong curiosity, and let him see a new way of life. After two years of exploration and research on electronic cigarette products, Zhu Yaxuan boldly left the Internet giant and founded Shenzhen Shanlan Technology Co., Ltd..He’s doing well, but there is no idea of development, in the face of the 100-vape-brand war, its development is a little slow with few big actions.


4. SnowPlus

Block chain company iost’s new masterpiece, pursuing the stormeye all the time. CEO Wang Hao, former head of the overseas market of iost. At present, she is in charge of the SnowPlus e-cigarette project together with the former OFO marketing director. The development time is short, but the magic is full. The CEO of SnowPlus attended the Relx ‘s new product launch and was “invited” out. It launched e-coffee and smokeless series of electronic cigarettes (DTL), which is the world first.


5. Moti

The founding team of MOTI mostly has the background of studying abroad in the United States and France. It has been engaged in the electronic cigarette industry in the United States for nine years. It has founded or co-founded some famous electronic cigarette brands such as GEEKVAPE and VAPORESSO. It has participated in the establishment and operation of half of the top ten brands in the American electronic cigarette industry, and has rich industry experience and resources. It’s famous across the border with movies, but sells very little. It takes nearly 100 million to promote the “Wandering Earth” joint edition. Everything is good, but the product is too ugly. According to the news, most of the sales go abroad, and domestic activities such as music festivals and art salons have been adhered to, and giveaway activities have continued for long.


6. BTM

After 5,000 million of investment from Japan, it doesn’t have any voice anymore. Even the instructions are exactly the same as RELX, let alone. The use experience is just so so.



Zhu Xiaomu’s pioneering brand, Lao Luo supported it at the beginning, according to the news, because the uneven distribution of interests, they broke up. At present, FLOW is a good brand, FLOW show and ice cream cross-border, etc., but the sales are plain, all committed to doing a TO VC electronic cigarette enterprise. According to the news, the internal strife went to explosion and the civil war was fierce. But we have to admire the ability of industrial design and product material. One-off products are good.


8. GR

At the end of 2017, GR is the sole authorized company of American VMR in China. VMR is an American electronic cigarette giant with more than 10 years of product experience. Brand spokesman: Uncle Pan (I don’t know who it is). The investor is an electronic cigarette accessories factory in Suzhou, which mainly produces carts accessories for JUUL electronic cigarette brand in the United States. Then, GR and Juul have been hyped closely!


9. vvild

Luo Yonghao’s project, 1500W to ask for Edition Chen’s endorsement, the product is plain, shipment is very fast. The market action was almost zero and there was no movement. It is understood that Lao Luo’s new Smartisan mobile phone is coming out soon, maybe the electronic cigarette is a blood renewal project.


10. LINX

Five major brands of self-media’s association. It’s located at Wemedia headquarters, with no permanent working team. Market action is less, originally intended to rely on its own media to sell goods, the result is not so easy. The data are miserable, the conversion is poor, and the risk is high, so I dare not recommend it to fans.


11. VPO

Founded in 2018, founder Hao Xiaomeng is a continuous entrepreneur with 10 years of online retail and brand operation experience. At this stage, the core of the electronic cigarette track is the competition at the marketing level. In this situation, whether the team has marketing ability and traffic ability becomes the key to core differentiation. VPO core team members from Alibaba, Jingdong e-commerce, YOHO! Guomei Electrical Appliances, Hongtu Triple and other fields, with brand, hardware, e-commerce, new retail and other fields of management experience; the core founder of the entrepreneurship project has been invested by Saifu Asia and other funds, and successfully withdrawn. At present, its voice is not very loud, but it’s a down-to-earth player.


12. Wel

In January 2019, Qiu Yiwu was financed by Pre-A rounds of tens of millions of dollars. The company is located in Hangzhou. Qiu Yiwu had previously started his own business in the field of electric vehicles. He has received tens of millions of dollars from Shunwei, Qualcomm, Foxconn, Zhengge and other front-line institutions with a background of industrial design. It also belongs to the block chain battle group, before he had been selling the mining machines. The best product now should be disposable products, but once the competition becomes fierce, its advantage is not obvious.


13. Esun

Its investors are the well-known angel investment organization Plum Venture Capital and the world tobacco tycoon royal factory JWEI. If you do not understand plum venture capital, first scold not to do electronic cigarettes, switch hands to operate their own investment. The original name is “YISTAR Yishuang”, renamed “ESUN “. During the period of development, it was exposed that the marketing company was deceived into planning the market for investors. Can’t even plan the market themselves?


14. LAMI

Hechang led the team to create a new brand, some people from YOOZ, shooting the new TVC that goes virus, Chinese brand applies the concept of Japanese brand. World Order, a Japanese mechanical dance company endorsed LAMI. And it’s officially released on the 26th.


15. Vitavp

Viavp is the only brand of electronic cigarettes invested by Wang Sicong. It has been financed by 10 million yuan and invested by Puth Capital. After this round of financing, vitavp will increase its investment in product development and domestic and foreign market channels. With Wang Sicong’s express, the company also launched a joint model with the electronic cigarette competition team IG. The founder and CEO is Liu Dongyuan. Liu Dongyuan is a continuous entrepreneur. He began to enter the electronic cigarette industry in 2012. Vitavp was founded in 2015. In the early stage, the main business of Vitavp was the research and development of fume products. At the end of 2016, Vitavp began to enter the market of pod vape products. It seems that they are not very competent. Before the team, there were some members of the block chain, such as the director of marketing.


And more than 1000 other electronic cigarettes,

We don’t enough time to write and so they are ignored…

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