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COVID19 E-cigarette Ban? Plus More Vape News


vaping news COVID19 e-cigarette ban

Call To Ban All E-cigarettes Because Of Covid-19

If you thought the politicians over in the USA couldn’t get any crazier now they’re demanding a COVID19 e-cigarette ban…

Yes really…

india vape ban black market

Not a word – of course – about lit tobacco which kills more people daily than the coronavirus could only dream of…

The call comes after an extremely dubious [putting it mildly] ‘study’ suggests kids that vape are all probably going to die from the ‘disease’ killing everyone else in the process.

OK…and breathe…pun intended…

In a letter to the FDA, Democrat Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, says teens that vape are probably infecting the whole nation with the virus…yeah really lol…

He says the study proves vapers of all ages are more likely to contract COVID-19 adding:

This is true in vapers as young as 13, which is particularly concerning, given that young people are increasingly driving the spread of COVID-19, threatening the health and safety of Americans of all ages.

Forget the science showing young people are way less likely to pass on the covids and you can see he’s talking out of his ignorant arse – that’s ass for our American readers.

This new study, titled Association Between Youth Smoking, Electronic Cigarette Use, and Coronavirus Disease 2019 – makes some quite shocking claims.

Researchers reckon kids that vape or smoke could be up to 7 times more likely to get the virus.

Lead ‘scientist’ Professor Bonnie Halpern-Felsher from Stanford University no less says:

We thought that we’d see some relationship.

We did not expect to see a five to seven times more likely relationship.

That’s huge.

About half of the sample was sheltering in place — because we did ask that — but that doesn’t mean they’re not in the backyard with a friend sharing their vaping product.

Sounds scary huh?

Until of course you look at the methods used to gather this ‘evidence’.

The study was held online and those that responded were anonymous – meaning I’d hedge a bet the vast majority of the participants were anti-vaping soccer moms called Karen…

Hush my mouth 😉

Even the professor agreed:

These are hypotheses.

In otherwords – they don’t know lol.

But again don’t let the true facts get in the way of yet another shock story about vaping.

As always the voice of reason comes from Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos:

…the findings are in disagreement with a large number of studies showing that smokers are less likely to be diagnosed or be hospitalized for COVID-19.

A recent UK study of 8 million participants, with 19,000 of them being diagnosed with COVID-19, found that smokers were 50-60% less likely to be diagnosed with COVID-19 and 80-90% less likely to be admitted to the ICU for COVID-19, and these findings provide further support for the potential protective role of nicotine in COVID-19, a hypothesis that has been presented since early April.

No word from the FDA yet on if it’s planning to pull all vape products from sale…

Pain Killers Refused For Nicotine Users

If you’re a vaper and in need of pain medication in Kentucky you’d better just suck it up buttercup…

The same goes for smokers and even those patients trying to quit smoking using nicotine patches, gums and sprays.

nicotine no pain killers

Yup – it’s back to the good old land of the free where one hospital appears to prefer its patients in agony.

The hospital in question is the Orthopaedic Institute Pain Management Centre of Western Kentucky (OIPMC).

In a letter to its patients, Dr John T Ruxer wrote:

We at the Orthopaedic Institute Pain Management Centre of Western Kentucky have a no-nicotine policy.

If you are currently a smoker or using any nicotine products (chewing tobacco, nicotine gum, and nicotine patches, etc..) and we are treating you with opioid medication, you will be given 6 months to be completely nicotine free or we will no longer prescribe your opioid medication.

This policy is based on our stance that the use of nicotine products greatly affects you overall pain status. In addition, nicotine disrupts your pain cycle and limits the effectiveness of medication.

Nicotine bad and opioids good..?

Wait what..?

You rarely hear about it and no one really seems to care, but there’s been an opioid addiction epidemic sweeping across America this past few years.

Current statistics show over 130 American’s die each day from opioids and it’s growing.

Now just imagine you’re being treated by this lot and have your meds stopped.

The pain doesn’t simply go away – leaving patients to get their prescription drugs from dodgy dealers and we know how that ends.


UK and Canada Study Into Teen Vaping

Scientists from Nottingham University are teaming up with colleagues from Canada for a detailed study into teen vaping.

The difference between this one and the hundreds of others is teens are placed front and centre and it’s their opinions that will matter.

teen vaping ban mods and pods

The $100,000 study comes at a time when the Canadian Government is eying teen vaping very closely indeed.

Dr Dr Gilliland from Canada’s Western University said:

…revalence of vape use among Canadian youth has doubled in the past couple years, with nearly 1 in 12 secondary school students now vaping daily or almost daily.

Creative solutions are urgently needed to produce the kind of evidence required to help combat what is rapidly becoming a public health crisis in Canada and many other nations.

Ummm…I’d take that with a pinch of salt and hope it won’t cloud the teams judgement.

Dr Stephanie Coen from Nottingham University said:

There is currently little to no research that engages youth perspectives; and we have very limited knowledge about young people’s first hand experiences with vaping – how they come to vape, why they vape, and the social contexts surrounding their vaping.

The history of failed tobacco cessation and substance use campaigns targeted at teenagers has taught us that effective health promotion begins with evidence that centers young people’s experiences in meaningful ways.

Sounds interesting and one I’ll keep an eye out for the results.

NHS Vape Vouchers Bad Says ASH

Anti smoking group ASH says it wants VPZ to stub out its discount vouchers for front line workers.

Not only that, Action On Smoking and Health say they will be reporting the UK based vape shop chain to the ‘authorities’.

vpz frontline workers giveaway

VPZ came up with the idea at the height of the lockdown as a way to thank frontline workers such as NHS staff.

However ASH chief executive, Deborah Arnott isn’t happy and says the company’s ‘links’ to Big Tobacco is reason enough to get the scheme banned adding:

VPZ has been lent millions by Philip Morris.

We’ll be reporting this to the authorities.

Oooooooooo…”I’m telling on you”…

For goodness sake…

Maybe Ms Arnott missed the news back in May that NHS workers in their droves were quitting smoking to the safer e-cigarette?

Indeed as the COVID-19 pandemic reached its peak VPZ reported that over 1,000 NHS workers had taken advantage of the vouchers to make the switch.

Doug Mutter – VPZ director of manufacturing and compliance said at the time:

We initially launched the NHS discount scheme as a way to thank and support the NHS staff who are working under immensely difficult circumstances.

We do a lot work with NHS organisations and have partnerships across the country with local trusts in helping patients quit smoking by making the switch.

We never fully appreciated how successful the scheme would be in building a growing community of NHS staff who are all looking to quit together.

Having more than 1,100 NHS staff members coming together to quit smoking is incredible and the feedback has been great.

I’ve just had a look on the VPZ website and I can’t seem to find the vouchers which is sad…

However they are running a Frontline Workers FREE Device Giveaway – hit the link for more info 😉

No doubt she’ll grass them up on that one too lol.


More vape news on Sunday 🙂

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