Sunday, July 21, 2024

COVID 19 did not have a bad effect on US e-cigarette sales


Headset, a Seattle-based data analysis company, found that the four markets it tracks (California, Colorado, Nevada, and Washington) all experienced a decline in market share after the panic of lung injury last year. The downward trend stabilized from the end of September to the beginning of October last year.

However, since the outbreak of COVID-19, some companies that manufacture and sell e-cigarettes said that even if COVID-19 is a respiratory-related disease, it may cause a decline in sales, but consumers have not reduced e-cigarette purchase.

Akerna is a technology company headquartered in Denver that tracks data in the e-cigarette field. Akerna CEO Jessica Billingsley said, “At present we have not seen a significant decline.”

According to Billingsley, the company found that since August 2019, in terms of total sales, the market share of e-cigarette sales has increased from 31% to 34%.

She said, “Overall, since October 2019, sales have continued to grow slowly by two percentage points per month.” The outbreak of novel coronavirus has not had a significant impact on the market, even in the early days of the pandemic, the sales volume of vaping products still increased by more than 9%.

Platinum is a company based in San Diego that sells e-cigarette products in Michigan and Oklahoma. Faced with the recent outbreak of coronavirus, its co-founder George Sadler said that sales have increased in recent weeks, especially disposable electronic cigarette products.

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