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Langyantianxia launched ColorBar, a multi-purpose vaping device

One vaping device for different cartridges from different brands


After the ANN disposable electronic cigarettes became popular in China, Langyantianxia has not made major moves in the industry for a while.

Recently, Langyantianxia has launched a big move, launching a multi-purpose vaping device called ColorBar magic stick.

langyantianxia multi function vaping device

The multi-purpose refers to the ColorBar magic stick device, which can be adapted to the cartridges of multiple mainstream brand electronic cigarettes.

We know that different brands of e-cigarette devices have different flute dimensions and cartridge sizes. How can they be used for different brands of e-cigarette cartridges?

The solution given by Langyantianxia is: adapter.

langyantianxia multi function vaping device

In the era of EGO electronic cigarettes, when the VIVI Nova atomizer was popular, in order to make the VIVI Nova atomizer screw on the EGO battery more beautiful, some companies specially designed an adapter. Because the Vivi Nova atomizer has a T-shaped base and has no adapter, it is ugly to screw it directly on the EGO battery.

This ColorBar magic stick is the same as this idea, and this idea is used to adapt to different cartridges. Different brands of electronic cigarette cartridges are equipped with different adapters.

It is understood that Langyantianxia has designed four different types of adapters to fit four different mainstream brands of electronic cigarette cartridges.

langyantianxia multi function vaping device

“There will be more adapters of different types to be designed later.” Langyantianxia said.

Speaking of the R&D concept of ColorBar, Langyantianxia said that nowadays, the electronic cigarette market is full of flowers and thousands of businessmen are contending, and each has its own cartridge, which leads to different brands and different cartridge shapes.

“We have done market research, and most users often choose more than one brand. If you want to try another new flavored cartridge, you need to buy a new device. ”

“The original intention of our research and development is to solve this pain point and reduce the trouble of users buying devices. We developed this ColorBar, which can be adapted to the mainstream electronic cigarette cartridges in the market, so that users can spend less money. Have more choices and experience different brands of cartridges!” said Langyantianxia.

n order to adapt to different electronic cigarette cartridges, ColorBar uses AN Vulcan smart chip. According to reports, it can automatically identify the internal resistance of mainstream brand cartridges, and then give the corresponding output power, analyze the e-liquid, and restore the taste.

langyantianxia multi function vaping device

For users, with the ColorBar, it is convenient to use; but it also raises another question: For the brand that adapts the cartridge, does such an operation violate the brand’s major interest? Is there any infringement?

Since this product was launched by Langyantianxia, the e-cigarette official account interviewed Yang Rongxin, the head of operations for Langyantianxia. Want to know what he thinks of this issue.

During the communication process, Yang Rongxin repeatedly emphasized that we are making “lighters”, not “cigarettes”, which is equivalent to equipping cigarettes with lighters.

langyantianxia multi function vaping device

And explained: “Now in the market, for the refillable electronic cigarettes, the profit is mainly based on the cartridges, not the devices. We do not make branded cartridges, but only make devices, which is equivalent to potentially serving the brand. Promote the brand’s pods. Therefore, we do not compete with the brand. We have also talked with some brands. They are very supportive and hope that we can cooperate with them. In terms of intellectual property rights, we applied for a practical application in 2018. The new model patent has now obtained the patent certificate.”

“After the ColorBar went popular, more brands may want us to match their cartridges.” Yang Rongxin predicted.

langyantianxia multi function vaping device

From different angles, there are different views. What do you think of the ColorBar one machine with multiple uses?

Where to buy ColorBar – Contact on Langyantianxia Official site

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