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Chinese will Redefine Vape by Mixed-mode E-cigarettes- ELFT


With the advent of mixed-mode e-cigarettes, the Chinese may redefine e-cigarettes again!

Recently, Dali Technology announced that it has successfully developed the world’s first “mixed-state e-cigarette” after 16 months of unremitting efforts. This news caused an uproar in the e-cigarette circle of the technical bottleneck period.

It is understood that the mixed-mode e-cigarette is a new type of e-cigarette product jointly developed by Hangzhou Dali Technology Co., Ltd. and the technical team of China Tobacco Group. And it has applied for more than ten domestic and international patents.

Mixed-mode e-cigarettes are still in the stage of automated assembly line transformation and have not been on the market, but the industry insiders who have tasted the products have fully recognized them.

The taster from the Hangzhou Cigarette Factory said that Dali Technology once again defined e-cigarettes, which are likely to become the most mainstream alternatives for the next decade.

Why is it called a mixed-mode e-cigarette?

It is called mixed-mode e-cigarette, which is relative to liquid e-cigarettes and solid-state new products.

In 2003, Chinese pharmacist Han Li invented the first generation of “e-cigarettes” in the modern sense for his own health needs. In the following years, this “liquid e-cigarette” swept the world with unstoppable momentum. With the advantages of low barriers to entry, low education costs, and wide price range, liquid e-cigarettes have quickly become the first choice for smokers, and it has even derived a variety of fancy gameplays such as “mechanical poles” and “big smoke rings”. However, as a result of the objective factors such as the smoking principle, liquid e-cigarettes can never achieve the simulation of real cigarette taste, it’s not easy to share, and there are major health hazards and environmental pollution.

In 2014, Philip Morris International, the world’s largest tobacco company, launched a heating and non-burning tobacco product called IQOS, known as the “solid-state” product. This new type of low-temperature heating tobacco has created a myth of sales in the history of tobacco with its taste closer to traditional tobacco and lower harm. Long-term out-of-stock has become synonymous with hot sales of IQOS. However, while many countries and regions around the world are releasing liquid e-cigarette control, they have issued a “blocking order” for IQOS.

Up to now, the global annual sales of e-cigarettes has exceeded 50 billion yuan, more than 90% of liquid e-cigarettes are produced in China, most of which are low-margin export OEM products, while the high-margin solid-state products are almost monopolized by foreign countries because of patent technology and other reasons.

Since March 2017, Dali Technology has de veloped a new type of “mixed-mode e-cigarette” that is different from liquid and solid. Its products not only have the advantages of both liquid and solid e-cigarettes, but also make up for their shortcomings in health, environment and sharing. So that it has achieved the third technological breakthrough in the history of e-cigarette development.

elft dalitech

“Elephant” brand

It is reported that the first mixed-mode e-cigarette will be launched in the 32-year-old “Elephant” brand image. The most amazing thing is that I saw the introduction that the new “elephant” does not contain tobacco and its extracts, produce no harmful substances such as tar, tastes very close to traditional cigarettes, and can achieve 100% natural degradation.

Dali Technology hopes that the “elephant”, a 112-year-old national brand, will bring “Chinese brand” and “Made with Wisdom” to a larger overseas market with its patent protection and technological advantages while bringing health to its citizens. So that it can change the stereotype of China as “world factory.”

Note: There are changes during the release!

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