Thursday, June 20, 2024

Chicago City Council passes e-cigarette flavoring ban mint and tobacco flavor exemption


According to foreign reports, on Wednesday, the Chicago City Council added another example to the bill restricting the sale and use of e-cigarettes. After a heated debate, the city council passed a ban on Flavoring by 46 votes to 4. The regulation banned the sale of flavored electronic cigarette products favored by teenagers, but exempted flavored tobacco products including menthol cigarettes.

It is reported that for decades, Chicago has been a pioneer in protecting adults, especially young people, from the public health hazards of smoking and tobacco related products.

Emanuel, the former mayor of Chicago, launched a comprehensive anti smoking program aimed at reducing the smoking rate of teenagers to 10.7%. These include: raising the smoking age to 21; imposing the highest cigarette tax in the United States; banning e-cigarettes where smoking is prohibited; moving them behind the counter of retail stores; banning the sale of flavored tobacco products within 500 feet of schools; and taxing e-cigarettes.

Ademat O’Shea, a city council ally, initially advocated a citywide ban on all flavored tobacco products, but was later opposed by gas station, convenience store and tobacco shop owners, who accused the Council’s health and interpersonal relations committee of harming their interests during the outbreak.

Tobacco retailers say the last thing they need is “excessive legislation,” which will cost them more business, with tobacco products accounting for 40% of Chicago’s gas station revenue, while 52% of tobacco revenue comes from flavored tobacco products.

Members of Parliament, adnick sposato and Napolitano, who opposed the ban, said the ban would affect the city’s revenue.

“When we see a deficit between $1.2 billion and $1.5 billion, we should do everything possible to maintain as much revenue as possible in Chicago,” Napolitano said

Sposato added: “we’re just killing business in this city. We are making things harder and harder. “

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