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Celebrities Who Endorse Disposable Vapes


The popularity of vaping has skyrocketed recently, but not among the target population. The most recent vaping craze involves disposable vapes. They can be used straight from the packet and are less expensive than a pack of cigarettes. They are discarded once they are finished. Nowadays, a record number of young individuals who have never touched a cigarette are vaping, compared to adults who are attempting to quit. The vaping industry is creating new products for users every year and the latest Elf bar flavors are added.

In vapes, you usually inhale nicotine(extracts from tobacco), flavorings, and other substances. In regular tobacco cigarettes, there are harsh chemicals that one inhales, which are more harmful and dangerous to health. Research has found that vaping is less harmful and toxic than normal cigarettes.

Let’s take a look at some of the celebrities who endorse vaping.

Celebrities Who Endorse Vapes 


It shouldn’t be surprising to hear that many celebrities vape as the practice is popular with more people than just everyday people. How many celebrities smoke vape? The precise number is difficult to come up with because some people want to keep their habits a secret from the general public. 

In today’s society, vaping has advanced to the point that it is viewed as an aesthetic. There are currently roughly 40 million vapers worldwide, some of them are well-known figures in Hollywood who have been seen using vapes.

Vaping is very common among celebrities, from A-list actresses to athletes to the point where some have even launched their brands. As a result, we’ll mention a few stars and influencers who have been observed vaping in this post. Nowadays, so many celebrities vape that you’re practically sure to recognize one of them!

Here is a list of famous people who aren’t ashamed to flaunt their love for vaping can be found below, including actors, musicians, television individuals, models, and other celebrities.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most well-known vaping fans and one of Hollywood’s top stars. He hardly ever gets away with anything unnoticed because of his long acting career. 

The Wolf of Wall Street has been a vaper for a very long time; the first time he was observed vaping was back in 2009. Since then, Leo has changed his favorite vaping arrangement and is frequently spotted blowing huge puffs at public and A-list events.

Katy Perry

We now move on to Katy Perry. The singer gained fame in 2008 with her debut track, “I Kissed a Girl,” and has since gone on to enjoy an extraordinary career, one big hit after another. The Harleys in Hawaii singer has been vaping for many years, just like Leonardo DiCaprio. 

She frequently appears in public and at events like the Golden Globes with an easy vape pen setup. Another celebrity using vaping to aid in quitting smoking is this, which is something all singers ought to try to keep their vocals.

Johnny Depp

It is not surprising that Johnny Depp uses a vape pen which has given him a reputation as a semi-rockstar superstar. In the 2010 film The Tourist, the Pirates of the Caribbean star was shown puffing on a vape. 

Depp has always broken the rules, so the Willy Wonka actor making history as one of the first celebrities to vape on screen makes perfect sense. His vaping interest started to lessen his excessive cigarette smoking habit.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is another well-known vape aficionado who is a celebrity singer, joining Katy Perry in this regard. She switched to vaping to break her severe smoking habit. 

The performer asserted that she was able to readily smoke up to 40 cigarettes every day. It seems like Gaga’s favorite setup is a more elegant vape pen.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy comes second when it comes to vaping from Hollywood after Leonardo DiCaprio. He is almost always connected to his gadget, the celebrity has been spotted vaping in public, during interviews, at functions, and even on the sets of blockbuster films. 

Hardy has been spotted using a variety of gadgets. He’s even been spotted accessorizing his vape with a bullet drip tip, which is a fairly suitable look for the tough guy of Hollywood.

Robert Pattison

Even Batman is an enthusiastic vaper. British actor Robert Pattinson has appeared in a variety of films in practically every imaginable genre. Pattinson most recently appeared as Batman in the 2022 adaptation. He is another actor who has been vaping for a long time; his first sighting was in 2012. 

According to what we can learn, Pattinson decided to switch from his cigarette habit to vaping years ago. It’s unclear what kind of device he prefers, but he frequently uses a sleek black vape pen.

Bruno Mars

The vaping for Bruno Mars’ story is quite touching. Bruno became extra mindful to stop smoking after his mother died and then converted to electronic cigarettes and vapes. He has been very outspoken about his vaping habit and is frequently seen using a vape pen in restaurants, singing studios, and movie premieres.

Willie Nelson

Another passionate fan of vaping is 83-year-old famous singer Willie Nelson. He has been vaping for a very long time and is a serious marijuana fan. He frequently uses a vaporizer nearby some of the greatest vape shops and even brings one with him to rehearsals and award ceremonies. His anti-vaping campaign is so sincere that he even launched his own vape brand.

Jimmy White 

The snooker player Jimmy White has been seen spending a lot of time in snooker rooms with his stylish vape pen. Jimmy has also been observed frequently vaping in between games at the majority of today’s vape stores, which are located behind sports venues.

Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne, a fashion model and actress better known by her millions of admirers as Cara D, vapes frequently. When she was 20 years old and lived in France, she got fascinated with vaping.


There is no denying that vaping has become more and more popular over time, neglecting the controversy. So, these are a few of the names of celebrities who have frequently been caught vaping. However, new names are being added to this list every day. Today, vaping has permeated every aspect of life and is even popular among A-list celebrities.

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