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CEE2020 Beijing Electronic Cigarette Exhibition: Grow the world stage of “decisive” at home and abroad


She is a window for Chinese and foreign e-cigarette industry to show and exchange. Here, foreigners “travel far and wide” to understand China, and Chinese “stay indoors” to see the world. She officially scheduled to hold the sixth e-cigarette feast in Beijing from June 30 to July 2, 2020.

Looking back on June 28-30, 2019, the Fifth Beijing International e-cigarette Expo, which was founded by Senzhan International Exhibition Co., Ltd., arrived as promised and was held in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center. Zhang Baozhou, general manager of senzhan International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Li Ming, director of Electronic Standards Institute of Ministry of industry and information technology, Sun Rong, former deputy director of Policy Research Office of China Securities Regulatory Commission, chairman of China Chamber of private economy international cooperation, Wang Di, chairman of navigation branch of China Information Association, Wang Jiancheng, President of world blockchain alliance, expert of blockchain Committee of China Electronics Association, and low level of China Communications Industry Association Chen Xinyan, Deputy Secretary General of power consumption wireless communication committee, Liu Yufang, director of Cooperation Department of Digital Technology Working Committee of China Electronic Quality Management Association, attended the opening ceremony and toured the exhibition.

CEE2020 Beijing Electronic Cigarette Exhibition

“Electronic cigarette feast” of five years

Li Ming, director of the Electronic Standards Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said in his speech at the opening ceremony of CEE Beijing Electronic Cigarette exhibition that after five years of accumulation, Beijing International Electronic Cigarette exhibition has developed into one of the largest trading platforms in China’s electronic cigarette industry. As an important platform to promote the production and marketing of e-cigarettes nationwide, it has the important functions of displaying the development achievements of the industry, promoting trade and expanding consumption.

As the wind vane of China’s e-cigarette exhibition, the 5th Beijing International E-cigarette Exhibition (2019 CEE) attracted 20 + tobacco companies and 300 + brands from all over the world to participate. Both the exhibition scale and the number of buyers have reached a new record, attracting internationally renowned exhibitors such as zhuolineng, grapefruit technology, Dora technology brand Snowplus, Aixiango, Meihe technology, baotianxiang technology, Hejun technology, Famous enterprises such as kostar, China youzan, China aerospace, Zhuhai Gree, qiankeduo, Langtong, aibaowo, Kirin intelligence, Majie technology, etc. presented a professional and participatory industry exchange feast for exhibitors and professional audiences.


“Competition” of electronic cigarette brands in Beijing

In this Beijing e-cigarette, Yooz shows the representative products of the whole line, and at the same time brings you the taste experience of the new disposable e-cigarette blueberry and the old popsicle in advance. Among them, the taste of the old popsicle is widely praised.

Another highlight of this Beijing e-cigarette is that Yooz shows a disposable e-cigarette product – Yooz one focuses on the concept of “one choice, then change”, which brings us a consistent product experience.

This series of products can be really achieved: one time open and use, one time fast addictive solution, one time satisfying and one time enjoying high quality. At the same time, a disposable Yooz one product can be used for 300 or so after test. Three popular flavors (blueberry flavor, old popsicle flavor and mung bean flavor) were also well fed back on the spot. Everyone said that no matter from the taste or smoking experience, or even the details of the touch, it was amazing! Agents and dealers at home and abroad gathered around Yooz staff for consultation.

This time Beijing electronic cigarette. As the fifth stop of ALD’s global atomization tour, ALD, together with the atomization technology brand Silmo ™, debuted in Beijing for the first time, becoming the focus of CEE’s scene and receiving high attention from various media. The self-developed electronic atomization black technology Silmo. Series of products on this exhibition has become a hot spot in the whole exhibition. The audience is bustling, and the experiencer is well received. ALD also set up a popular science feast for the audience in Kyoto, warmly answering questions and solving doubts for the audience on site, and won praise from the audience on site.

On the day of the exhibition, the ALD team representative Julian was interviewed by many well-known media. He mentioned that e-cigarettes are developing rapidly in the world and have broad market prospects. In 2018, with the valuation of Juul, the leading brand of e-cigarette, reaching US $38 billion, the e-cigarette market is more and more recognized by the capital market, and the domestic capital market is also on the rise.

But it should be pointed out that the e-cigarette enterprises in China have different advantages and disadvantages, among which there are many companies with insufficient technical strength and producing inferior products.

In contrast, ALD is a road based on independent research and development, rooted in the forefront of innovation. It has been steady all the way, winning the recognition of customers and partners with its ingenuity, and has become a benchmark enterprise in the industry. ALD has more than 200 professional R & D engineers, and has established cooperative relations with well-known universities and experts in China. At present, the company has more than 200 core intellectual property rights, national high-tech enterprises, UL certification, ISO9001 and other qualifications. Only the strong can survive. ALD will rely on the continuous innovation ability, focus on the craftsmanship spirit of products, actively contribute to the development of the industry, and create greater value for smokers, society, country and the world.

This CEE, ALD, the leading e-cigarette enterprise, showed the charm of China’s e-cigarette industry and technology to audiences from all over the world, leaving a deep impression on the audience. We believe that under the new era, ALD will continue to provide each user with a higher quality product experience through continuous innovation and creation. According to the brand team of SnowPlus, another star exhibitor of CEE, whether the taste of a space is reassuring and whether the taste of a person is clean and clear are more and more valued by people in today’s pursuit of higher quality of life. Smell has become a more important factor in people’s judgment of good feeling. Therefore, there is still a huge research and development space and huge commercial potential for the taste of e-cigarettes. Since its establishment, Dora technology has been committed to changing the traditional industry through the power of technology and the Internet and enabling more people to enjoy the new lifestyle brought by technology. Up to now, Dora technology has several millions of users’ Internet products at home and abroad, and has an offline intelligent device network radiating 280 million users in China. Dora team members not only come from Google, Microsoft, Uber Uber, meituan, Moby and other domestic and foreign technology giants, but also have hardware experts from Huawei and Xiaomi, and FMCG experts from Unilever and Koch. They have a lot of experience and international vision in the fields of brand, operation, R & D and sales.

In this CEE, SnowPlus attracted many visitors to stop. Snowplus pod vape adopts the most advanced truefeel honeycomb ceramic atomization technology, aeroair intake technology, food grade fruit and vegetable glycerin, high-purity organic nicotine salt, medical grade plastic material cigarette holder conforming to the FDA and EU standards. At the same time of reducing the real smoke feeling, there is no tar, benzene and carbon monoxide in traditional cigarettes, saying goodbye to the impact of second-hand smoke on the surrounding people. At present, SnowPlus pod vape is an electronic cigarette 2.0 solution developed by reverie lab on the basis of small cigarette devices that have been popular in Europe and the United States for many years. It has been praised by many consumers since it was sold in many overseas countries in 2017, and has successfully helped more than 100000 Americans quit traditional cigarettes. In 2016 and 2017, China’s e-cigarette production reached 1.205 billion cigarettes and 1.651 billion cigarettes. It is preliminarily estimated that China’s e-cigarette production will reach 2.229 billion cigarettes in 2018. The market forecasts that China’s e-cigarette production will reach 2.898 billion cigarettes in 2019 and 4.753 billion cigarettes in 2022.

High end theme creates “smart life, global platform”

CEE will take building a “global platform for Smart Life” as its long-term goal, introduce leading brands of domestic e-cigarettes, establish new channels for publicity and promotion, explore new models for investment promotion, cover new groups of visitors, support theme concept exhibitions, set up high standards for on-site service, and build CEE into a famous brand exhibition of domestic e-cigarettes industry through high-end and forward-looking exhibition positioning and scientific theme layout. CEE will take the first-class exhibition quality, high-end customer groups and complete supporting services to a new level every year, and steadily move forward to “dream of CEE – to build the world’s first exhibition of e-cigarette industry”, bringing more, better and newer business opportunities to China and even the world’s e-cigarette industry!

From June 30 to July 2, 2020, Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center, please look forward!

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