Thursday, May 30, 2024

CCOBATO HNB products is with healthy and legal design


CCOBATO has some breakthroughs in health pursuits of herbal non-tobacco vapes

Mr. Xu said that CCOBATO takes care of public health as its responsibility. Its products are made of herbs and natural spices. Its design and production process strictly prohibit the introduction of any possible toxic and harmful ingredients including nicotine. From raw materials to vape body, CCOBATO has passed the certification of a third-party authoritative testing agency. There is absolutely no tobacco and nicotine in raw materials. Raw materials, accessories and packaging materials have reached the United States. FDA standards for food contact grade; more importantly, its smoke does not contain harmful ingredients such as formaldehyde and binoleic aldehyde.

By heat not burn way of smoking, the tar production is basically avoided, so it is natural, safe, healthy and colorful cigarette dedicated to consumers, giving people the enjoyment of beauty, as well as health care.

CCOBATO’s products, from formulation to product, from production process to equipment, are original, they do not violate the national tobacco monopoly law, do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of peers, regardless of production, distribution or consumption, there is no legal and patent infringement concerns.

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