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CBD skin care is a gimmick or innovation?


In 2018, the first golden year of CBD skin care was opened abroad.

With the various effects of hemp leaf extract CBD (cannabinol) extracted and discovered by many medical experts, this high-end skin care ingredient, which was born in foreign countries, has become popular in European and American fashion circles with its amazing effects of anti-aging repair, whitening and firming, anti-inflammatory and acne removing, and has become the love of many celebrities and famous artists.

Some foreign skin care products that take the lead in adding CBD ingredients sell out as soon as they are on the market with the help of the magical effect of CBD skin care. However, due to its high extraction cost, CBD skin care products are mainly concentrated in some foreign brands.

Is there a record of skin care products in CBD of China?

In 2015, the former China food and drug administration included “Cannabis sativa leaf extract” in the “catalogue of used cosmetics raw materials in China”, which allowed the use of cannabis leaf extract in cosmetics.

In 2014, a survey released by American social and clinical research institutions showed that cannabinol CBD extracted from hemp plant is an extremely effective skin care ingredient, which can fill the cracks in skin cells, moisturize and lubricate skin, and is healthy and harmless.

In 2017, the World Health Organization also made it clear that there was no health risk or abuse problem in CBD. Therefore, in front of the screen, you can rest assured to use CBD skin care products.

What effect can CBD skin care have?

Anti inflammation

CBD has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and can be used to solve skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, eczema and acne,

Acne occurs when the hair follicles of the skin epidermis are blocked by excessive oil production, which is a manifestation of skin inflammation. Most of the acne drugs have side effects. CBD has been proved by many experiments. After continuous use of CBD skin care products, its negative is almost no, so it is particularly popular among skin disease patients.

Sensitive skin

Another benefit of CBD is that it has been found to have a significant soothing effect, helping to solve problems related to skin sensitivity while nourishing the skin. As a natural plant ingredient, it is mild enough and even suitable for baby’s delicate skin. It can repair skin barrier, reduce sensitivity, and improve skin redness and skin allergy.

Antioxidant and anti-aging

Free radicals are the main cause of aging in the elderly. They destroy a large number of cells by stealing electrons from other proteins. Sometimes, it may even damage DNA. With age, the body’s own antioxidant substances decrease, free radicals are not restrained, and cause immeasurable damage to the body.

Relevant studies have shown that CBD is 30% – 50% stronger than the traditional antioxidant vitamin C, which can more effectively reduce the damage of free radicals on the skin and keep the skin young, bright and lustrous.

Repair skin damage

CBD can repair deep basal cells, stimulate the immune system and help cells regenerate.

Recently, “silver in water”, an international well-known Biotechnology Co., Ltd., made an experiment with a group of small fish, and found that CBD repair function is extremely significant. It can not only be used in daily chemical products, but also especially suitable for light medicine and beauty (micro needles), which can promote wound healing after surgery, and can be widely used in medical art post-care.


When we don’t get enough sleep, the skin will show fatigue the next day. Adequate sleep is the key to anti-aging skin.

CBD can regulate mood and improve sleep quality. According to the New England Journal of medicine, subjects’ sleep quality was significantly improved after using CBD products. In some cases, insomnia may also be caused by anxiety. Studies have shown that it can help treat anxiety disorders and reduce the discomfort during sleep.

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