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Canada: Nova Scotia’s New Vaping Regulations


In May, Nova Scotia approved the 20mg/ml nicotine cap on vaping products, making it the first Canadian province to adopt such a restriction. The move followed an amendment banning all kinds of flavoured e-cigarettes and juices, gone into effect on April 1st.

“This is about reducing the rates,” said Health Minister Randy Delorey about the ban. “What we’ve seen in the last couple of years since e-cigarettes have become widely available in Canada and indeed throughout much of North America is a rapidly growing rate, in particular youth vaping.”

Vape tax

Additionally, the province is to introduce a tax on vaping products, this will go into effect on September 15th. “We need to do everything we can to make sure vaping products do not appeal to younger Nova Scotians, particularly in light of concerning health consequences,” said Finance and Treasury Board Minister Karen Casey in a news release. “We have been concerned about growing vaping rates among our youth and we are responding to keep our youth safe. We continue to be a leader in this area.”

Moreover, Nova Scotia will be among the first in the country to require sales permits. However, the regulatory process to introduce these permits has been delayed due to COVID-19, and not all permits will be in place by July 1, as previously expected. To this effect, the province is planning to use this delay to continue educating retailers and wholesalers and is targeting August 1st for permits to be in place.

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