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Buddy builds its advantages with heat not burn vapes


As the first HNB vape manufacturer in China to introduce needle-type low temperature HNB products, Buddy New Material Co., Ltd. was strategically established several years ago, and began to focus on the research and development of low temperature HNB core components.

After several years of hard work, Buddy engineers broke the technical conventions of ceramic thick film, and innovatively developed the use of metal + ceramic composite heating elements. Its composite metal heating elements are designed and developed by more than 100 professional engineers, and many national and international patents have been obtained by Buddy.

buddy hnb vape iqos

Buddy’s most popular product: iBuddy se

This innovative technology completely breaks through Philip Morris International Inc.‘s patent barrier to core heating elements! This high tech has been applied in many products since the first product Ibuddy-i1 and won the favor of many customers.

Following are the 5 merits of Buddy’s high tech Composite Metal Heaters:

  1. No more broken core

The inner metal core supports the ceramic shell. The heater doubles its strength and toughness. It can be used continuously, and it will not deform or crack. It is a complete farewell to the history of broken core.

2. Rapid heating up

A new type of metal composite heating element, which adopts the physical vapor deposition (PVD) process of stainless steel shell, can realize rapid heat conduction and heating of the heating element to achieve rapid heating.

3. Accurate temperature control

Various forms, TCR temperature control or thermocouple temperature control can be used to provide a variety of choices and high precision temperature control to ensure a high degree of consistency of product vaping experience.

4. No residue after use of the heater

The surface is smoothed and coated with a special black coating, which enables the heating element to remain pure and flawless in use.

5. Atomic level special technology

Ceramic composite metal heating element, cast by atomic technology, is the most robust heating element so far. It is a new style of appearance design, and presents as the authentic and deep black color.

buddy hnb vape iqos


Buddy Metal Composite Heating Components, with mature technology, a number of modern professional production lines, perfect after-sales service platform, fully closed and high-standard dust-free workshop, won the trust of plenty of customers. At the same time, with excellent quality, reasonable price, punctual delivery, high quality service, it has established a good reputation among customers.


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