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Buddy launches ceramic BCORE

New buried-in-ceramic heating core design for pod systems


Another new type of heating element BCORE in the electronic cigarette industry was officially released by Buddy recently.

After more than a year of small-scale testing in the market, through many adjustments and verifications, it was finally officially listed.

This heating element is made with the “composite embedding” (buried-in-ceramic design) technology of Buddy’s independent intellectual property rights. Compared with the existing heating core elements on the market, there is a big difference.

BCORE heating element is hidden and buried in the ceramic, so as to achieve a higher heating efficiency. BCORE uses a cotton-free structure and a cup-shaped heating design, which enables faster and more uniform atomization and more fine vapor.

Buddy launches ceramic BCORE
Heating state

It is not difficult to find that the existing ceramic heating elements and heating elements on the market are basically made by thick film printing technology. The advent of thick film printing technology has promoted the heating body atomization technology to a high level. The advanced ceramic substrate comes with the characteristics of high temperature resistance, fast e-liquid transfer, large heating area and uniform heat distribution, which greatly improves the taste of the vapor.

The BCORE heating element uses the “composite embedding” firing technology. It is made by placing a metal sheet in a mold, pouring ceramic slurry, and sterilizing and sintering at 800 ° C without any risk of falling off.

In addition to the advantages of the ordinary rear-film ceramic heating element, the resistance value is more stable and accurately controllable; the heating element does not directly contact the e-liquid, and the user experience of the e-liquid taste of the e-liquid is further improved.

Buddy launches ceramic BCORE

Composite embedding buried-in-ceramic technology re-gives a new definition of ceramic atomizing core; it is not only technological innovation, but also has its own advantages in product characteristics and user experience.

Advantage 1: Suitable for e-liquid of different concentrations

BCORE uses new technology, the heating element does not directly contact the e-liquid; the e-liquid storage is completed by the formula of the ceramic substrate, which effectively controls the speed of e-liquid flowing. It is suitable for e-liquid with different concentrations.

Under the same conditions, after 4 hours of test of ordinary thick film printing heating elements on the market, some bottoms show vape juice leakage. BCORE “composite embedding” technology is the only one that prevents leakage.

Advantage 2: Fuller atomization, richer taste

BCORE uses nickel-chromium coil “composite embedding” technology, which is easy to control stability and better temperature control function; with direct combination of heating elements and ceramics, it’s embedded on both sides and bottom of the ceramic substrate; the heating area is distributed more uniformly, larger heating area, faster heating speed, so that the atomization effect is more sufficient, which provides a strong guarantee for the reduction of the flavor of the e-liquid, and the taste is more mellow.

Advantage 3: Long service life

The BCORE atomizing core is made with “composite embedding” technology, which effectively overcomes the shortcomings of the rapid thermal decay caused by the thermal expansion and contraction physical properties of the heating element, thereby extending the service life of the heating element.

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