What are the product standard of e-Cigarette

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1.Safety standard

1). Body safety:

Unqualified batteries may cause e-cigarette explosion accidents, and must ensure that the battery performance is stable, and the heat dissipation performance of the body material is good to ensure personal safety during use.

2). Ejuice safety

Food grade PG, VG and flavors must be used, no heavy metals and radioactive materials are detected, ensuring that the vape juice packaging is sealed from contamination and deterioration, and the nicotine dose is controlled within a safe range.

2. Quality standards

1). Body shape:

Although the shape of electronic cigarettes on the market is ever-changing and there is no uniform standard, the shape is excellent in materials, small and portable, and ergonomic design.

2). Operational use:

It is better to operate easily. Including the one-piece design without buttons, that is, easy to replace, quickly replace the cartridge, low-cost cleaning and maintenance.

3). Performance standards:

It is better to have stable performance. Includes leak-proof ejuice tank design, constant power stable output, proper suction resistance, stable and long-lasting power supply.

4). E-liquid standard:

It is better to make the throat feel realistic, the sweet and sour balance, the delicate and supple, and the high flavor reduction.

5). Atomizer standard:

It is preferred that the coil is durable, the tank is highly sealed, and the heating is constant.

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