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What are five resolve details on RDA with bottom filling ejuice


The rebuildable drip atomizer is a part of the backbone of e-cigarettes. It is not an exaggeration to describe the type of device run with the best VAPE experience. However, some vapers switch to RTA, the designer have struggled to design a new RDA with bottom filling e-juice,then will explain what the five resolve details on RDA with bottom filling e-juice.

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Since the beginning of the bottom filling, a variety of RDAs have been flooding on the market,some of which come with screw for bottom filling in the original factory package so that the traditional RDAs could fill e-juice at bottom.The traditional RDA uses a direct drip method to add the e-liquid to the cotton at the most savage and fastest speed. Thanks to the full storage of the cotton, the vapers could enjoy the pure vaping experience. The bottom filling RDA is equivalent to changing the traditional top drip to the bottom fil. The e-liquid contacts the cotton foot after the base oozes to reach the vicinity of the coil, which includes the length of the e-liquid guiding line,

1, how long should i set the e-liquid guiding line

how long the e-liquid guiding line is based on how long the cotton foot caused by the reasonable height of the RDA coil, and the length of the cotton foot is also attributed to the original structural design of the RDA, which is a relationship of mutual constraints. For example, COILART’s DPRO RDA, the e-liquid guiding line is shorter, but please do not overfill, because its deck is also shallow due to the structure.

2. Is the cotton foot covered with the bottom of the deck?

This problem is similar to the traditional top-drip method. Although the bottom of deck is covered with cotton, it can store more e-juice in a single time so that vapers do not need to fill the e-liquid frequently. However, it may cause the e-juice returning to the bottom if the cotton is not handled loosely. On the contrary,as long as the cotton foot is reserved with an appropriate length, the e-liquid which is oozing out from the bottom deck can be smoothly guided to the vicinity of the coil under non-strict conditions.

3. Can an ordinary RDA turn into a bottom filling?

In fact, many of the RDA currently being introduced will be delivered with the bottom filling replacement screws for the user to modify. Even if the RDA does not come with the original primer screw, you can purchase the corresponding under-the-counter screws from the accessory shop to DIY. The most common type of retrofit is the double-column side-intake RDA, which has been selected for use by many of the original bottom-filled RDAs.

4. What is the difference between RDA and RTA?

We often say that the rebuildabe tank atomizer (RTA) is mostly a sealed atomization tank, and the e-liquid is stored outside the tank and is closely attached. It is inevitable that it will be affected by the heat of the atomized tank, which will result in a discount on the experience of the e-liquid. It is often said that the flavor is always faded after half of the e-juice left,for those vapor kits with the bottom filling RDA, you could enjoy the purer flavor of the e-liquid stored in the storage bottle in box mod and isolated from the tank.

5. What is the difference between the bottom filling and the traditional RDA?

To a lesser extent, the atomization effect between the two is the same. However, the rate of direct dripping the e-liquid onto the cotton will inevitably be faster than that of the absorption of cotton from the bottom. The base filling rda is enjoying a great popularity because of the extremely portable and convenient carrying,it would be the perfect option to you taking out.

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