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The total number of IQOS users has exceeded 10 million in the first quarter of 2019



by Martin Smith got the report that  IQOS users exceeded 10 million and sales of heating non-burning devices increased by 20.2% In the first quarter of 2019.In order to promote the sales of IQOS, the company also launched the slogan “No smoking for one year” to encourage smokers to quit smoking. At the same time, smokers who want to quit smoking and can’t quit can try to use IQOS electronic cigarette instead of cigarettes.

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IQOS is a heat not burn electronic cigarette product. Unlike electronic cigarettes that use vape juice, IQOS uses heat stick that are heated by low-temperature heating for users to smoke. Since there is no combustion reaction, this method greatly reduces the harm caused by smoking, and also ensures that the user has the experience of real smoke.

IQOS is a product of Philip Morris. In recent years, more and more smokers have begun to consider quitting smoking, which has led to a certain decline in cigarette sales. However, the sales of IQOS e-cigarettes are gradually rising. CNN said that  the long-term impact of the e-cigar on health is still unclear although Philip Morris has taken note of the IQOS e-cigarette.

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