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Snowplus vape pod cartridge review


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Snowplus vape pod cartridge comes with 12 flavors, and today buyecigkits will test the flavor,here we go

The 12 flavors are divided into 4 series-the original flavor series of original tobacco includes iceberg mint, green bean smoothie; refreshing Soda series of lemon coke includes orange soda, grapefruit bubbles; fresh natural series includes mellow Longjing, Osmanthus fragrans Dragon, pillow-side rose;fruit basket series includes ice basket litchi, lemon smoothie, pineapple coconut milk .

We tried each flavor. In addition to the more common classic flavor series, we personally like the four flavors including pillow-side rose, orange soda, pineapple coconut milk, and mellow Longjing.

Iceberg Mint (3%):

The coolness of the entrance is very direct.In the hot summer, when you puff the iceberg mint into the mouth, even at a high temperature of 40 degrees, you can still temporarily forget the hot weather. If it is a cold winter, just one or two mouthfuls can definitely make the body shaking.

Lemon Coke (3%):

Whether you are an otaku or an office worker, Coke, as a drink that everyone is familiar with, can be described as suitable for all ages. It is full of cola flavor once you enjoy the first puff. You can clearly feel the familiar carbonated beverage taste. When you spit out the smoke, the smell of lemon has always made you aftertaste.

Pineapple coconut milk (3%):

Thesweet but not greasy coconut milk and the sweetness pineapple flavor is fresh. The pineapple flavor is full of sweetness in the mouth. If you have tried coconut milk dessert in the dessert shop, the flavor of the second half puff will definitely surprise you.

Pillow rose (3%):

Once the pod cartridge was taken out, the soft rose scent is radiating as if the scent of rose petals surrounds you while lying on the bed for SPA.

These four known flavors have their own characteristics in the test, thanks to the technology of the third generation of TrueFeel honeycomb ceramic coils used by Snowplus. The e-juice-guiding speed is very fast, and the vape juice gives a very smooth feeling.The sealing performance of the re-filled pod cartridge is still quite satisfactory after being used for nearly 3 days. It is worth mentioning that the content of 3% does not have a strong sense of superiority.

In terms of flavor, thepod refilling design with flat ellipse is more ergonomic, and the simulation reduces the real suction resistance. For the heavy smokers, they will be very familiar with this feeling of being close to reality, and the little whites who are getting started for the first time will quickly adapt to the strength of this breath. 400mAh battery life, each 1.5ml reload can be used for about 3-5 days.

Smok volume: the smok volume is sufficient, and the fidelity is high

Refill sealing: the connection between the main battery device and the refill pod is still very clean after being used for three days

Flavor reduction: 95% similarity to smoking, delicate and smooth

Highlights of reloading: The third-generation of TrueFeel honeycomb ceramic coils technology, the speed of oil conduction is very fast

Throat sensation: simple and direct

According to the classic flavor, new flavor and fruit flavor, the snowplus official has made 17 flavors in these three large series, so that each vaper can easily find their own flavor. As a product that pays attention to details, although Snowplus comes a little late, we believe that it will be a very quick pod vape to become the darling of consumers.

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