LostVape Orion DNA GO pod kits and LOSTVAPE ORION Q review

LostVape released the Orion DNA GO pod mod kits recently,which come with DNA chips. Host luxury and high-end price has always been the style of LostVape, but LostVape have no choice but to follow the market, that is why the Orion Q)was unveiled.

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LostVape abandoned the DNA GO CHIPSET chip made by Evolv and switched to a self-developed chip. Abandoning the inherent characteristics attribute to its price at about 70% of Orion DNA GO.

Almost exactly the same appearance with different chips, how exactly? here we go

Introduction to LOSTVAPE ORION Q

LostVape released Orion DNA GO in 2018,which carries the “DNA GO CHIPSET” chip produced by American EVOLV for pod kits. Almost all of LostVape’s products come with DNA imprints, and so does the pod kits.

When it comes to LostVape, he is a pretty competitive manufacturer, performing well ranging from design, quality to performance. Their style is also destined to spread their products for advanced vapers. Orion Q is a cheap version of Orion DNA GO.

The body design is not much different from Orion DNA GO. The difference is that the internal chip is replaced by DNA for the self-developed chip.

Like the previous DNA chip, DNA GO can be set up to perform various functions by connecting to a personal computer using “EScribe” software, so it is troublesome for those who do not need these functions.

The configuration of the pod kits is simple and easy to use, so the Orion Q can’t be connected to the computer, and there is no extra settings to ensure it is easy to use.

What buyecigkits.com want to say is that the charm of Orion Q lies in the design and quality. We are very pleased that LostVape has given up some unnecessary insistence for pod kits. Since only the chip was replaced, the appearance of the mainframe and the cartridge and Orion DNA GO are almost identical. Like the DNA version, it’s easy to use, and it’s basically free of eliquid leakage because of the top air intake design.

Looking at the picture alone, you may also think that the body is a bit large, because the host has a built-in high-capacity battery of 950 mAh!

The weight we actually measured was 84.6g, which is not very light as a pod system. You will definitely think that he is a good partner, and the texture and weight of holding it will definitely exceed your expectations.

Compared to Orion DNA GO, Orion Q is just come with the appearance of a carbon fiber panel. The colors are silver, black, gold and blue.

ORION Q specifications and packaging
Product specifications
Dimensions: H 93×W 37×D 13.5 mm
Weight: 68.6g (smoke: 16.0g, a total of 84.6g)
Output mode: Bypass mode
Capacity 2.0ml
Ejuice filling method:top filling
Intake: adjustable top intake
Coils: built-in 1.6Ω
Charging interface: microUSB
Battery: 950mAh
Protection function: multiple protection functions (details not announced)
Product packaging

The Orion Q mainframe and the cartridge are separately packaged, although they areindividually packaged,  they are bundled. T

packing list:
LostVape Orion Q host battery
Lanyard, silicone adapter
microUSB charging cable
User manual, warranty card, warning card (English)

You can use a silicone adapter to connect the main unit and the lanyard for easy carrying.

Carbon fiber panels (non-true carbon fiber, high quality plaque) and metal frames look great.

The “ORION Q” and “LOST VAPE” logos on the fuselage body are gold. The two logos are symmetrical to each other, the texture is very good and the details are excellent.

The frame section has four colors, the side is the cartridge lock button, the ignition button and the microUSB charging port.

In the DNA version, here is a key to opening, and the charging interface at the bottom corner comes with a decorative cover. ORION Q is simplified here because of the chip.

Since the computer cannot be connected, the microUSB interface is only responsible for the charging function. The LED above also acts as a power indicator.

Light blue is: 100 – 64%
Purple is: 64 – 18%
Red is: 17 – 0%
In the DNA version, the indicator light has 5 segments, which is more detailed than the 3 segments. But the 3-segment display is also very simple and straightforward.

For safety reasons, the pressure relief vent is placed at the bottom of the main unit.

Detail of the part of the cartridge

Although it is also a cartridge, it is a locking structure that is not a common magnetic type. You can toggle the switch down and exit the cartridge at the same time.

On the contrary, if you want to install a cartridge, first grab the buckle on the side of the cartridge and press the cartridge to the other side until it clicks.

As a cartridge, its size is a bit large, but the tank capacity is still 2ml. The material of the cartridge is food grade PC-110 (polycarbonate).

The coils is built into the cartridge, and you cannot replace the coils because of the one-off design. The built-in cartridge is a heating wire of Contax 1.0 Ω.

In the DNA version, the cartridge uses the SS316L heating wire (resistance is 0.25 Ω / 0.5 Ω), and the Orion Q uses different heating wires and resistance values. The word “KTR” on the back of the cartridge indicates the material of the heating wire. Of course, you can also install the cartridge on the DNA version, but you cannot use the temperature control function.

It can be seen from the figure that a large amount of cotton is placed inside the cartridge.

The cartridge is filled to the top and can be filled even if it is mounted on the main unit. Just unscrew the top ejuice cap and the cap has a non-slip groove that can be unscrewed by hand, which is convenient.

In such a top intake structure, it is a very conventional design to provide an adjustment ring at the lower portion of the drip tip, and the intake air can be infinitely adjusted.

If the intake is fully open, it can support small lungs. If it is completely closed, the resistance will be particularly tight. It will not be completely closed when you suck it. The suction resistance is still very good.

In addition,  the bottom of the cartridge is bonded, and it is basically impossible to disassemble it to rebuild it. Because of the top air intake, the manufacturer’s adhesion to the bottom also helps prevent ejuice from leaking.

So let’s use it next.

How to use ORION Q

After installing the cartridge to the main unit, unscrew the cap and inject the fumes.

According to the instructions, it should be best to place it for about 5 minutes after the first ejuice filling. It must be waited until the vape juice penetrates completely into the cotton to be used. Because the cartridge is translucent, the you can check out how much the liquid left clearly.

You can only use the ignition switch for vaping, which is very simple.

Turn the power on/off: press the ignition key 5 times
Ignition suction: press ignition when vaping
Impression of ORION Q
Excellent appearance, excellent design, and excellent finish. Even in the high-end e-cigarette player group, it is a hot topic. It is very different from other pod kits system, and we even call it “the walkie-talkie pod kits.”

Just like hold compact Walkie talkie thanks to its thickness of 13.5mm, what a good job he does!

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