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How to deal with the e-liquid leaking from sub ohm tank



by Martin Smith

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1. Inspection of external factors

Please check out the overall damage of the atomizer, such as the damage of the glass bin.

The metal joints of an intact coil come with sealing rubber rings which will be completely placed in the designed slot to ensure the overall sealing performance of the atomizer and ensure that the e-liquid will not escape from the connection point leaks.

Please check out whether the sealing rubber ring on the coils have fallen off when the e-liquid leaking from the sub-ohm tank. Check out whether the rubber ring at the connection point on the atomizer is damaged, generally, the atomizer comes with spare replacement parts, and replace it decisively.Hellvape Fat Rabbit Review - Am I A Happy Vaping Bunny? | Ecigclick

2. Inspection of  coils

First, remove the sub-tank and remove the coils, if there is too much e-liquid in the coils, you can use a small paper towel to reach into the coils to absorb some of the excess e-liquid to dry the excessive vape juice or condensed liquid on the electrode, which is to keep the coils dry.

For the coils with the anti-squeezing net, try to control the amount of paper towels and try not to damage the integrity of the coils. You can also put the core back on the base and ignite it to evaporate some of the excess e-juice in the coils.

Usually, no matter whether it is condensed or leaked liquid, it will eventually gather in the base, and then it will leak from the air intake. Cleaning the liquid on the base is also essential.

NOTE: Please do not refill more than 2/3 e-juice in the sub-tank, please clean the flue and base of the atomizer, and often check out the sealing rubber ring at the connection between the coils and the sub-tank.

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