How to choose a heat-not-burn electronic cigarette heating element

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How to judge the quality of a heat-not-burn e-cigarette largely depends on the stability of the performance of the three major components: heating sheet + e-cigarette solution board + battery. What kind of battery and what kind of electronic cigarette solution board is entirely up to the customer.

Today we mainly talk about the heating element. The heating element uses the principle of electric heating to transmit a high temperature of 300°C to the special heat-not-burn e-cigarette cartridge through the heating element.

Heat-not-burn e-cigarettes mainly use heat sticks(cartridges), shredded tobacco or tobacco paste, which are baked at low temperature to produce a flavor so as to achieve a smoking effect close to real smoke.

According to the shape of the heating element, the heating element can be divided into a central heating element, including heating sheet (similar to IQOS, MC, Kung Fu), heating needle (similar to LiL, Bodie) and surrounding heating cups, heating barrels, heating pots (similar to GLO, IUOC).

One: Ceramic heating element (advantages, fast heating speed, large heat transfer area, uniform heating, good taste.)

Zirconia ceramic substrate + precious metal heating paste, small size, lightweight, high power density, high thermal efficiency; excellent thermal characteristics, fast heating speed, can obtain arbitrary temperature distribution; high reliability, long life, The heating element material will not be oxidized and has excellent acid and alkali resistance; corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, uniform temperature, good thermal conductivity, and fast thermal compensation. At present, there are alternative products on the market, and the cost is much lower than before.

Alumina ceramics + heating slurry, a new form of replacing heating sheets. The heating efficiency can be compared with the heating sheet.

Regardless of whether it is a heating sheet or a heating needle, a problem of the central heating is that the temperature distribution of the entire heating body is uneven. The temperature difference between the top and the bottom reaches about 100 degrees Celsius, which results in insufficient curing of the tobacco and even a burnt smell.

2: Cylindrical heating rod (fast heating speed, good uniformity, high reliability for long-term use)

Rod structure, high strength, will not be broken. The high temperature co-fired ceramic heating element has good compactness, and the heating wire is completely wrapped in the ceramic. High reliability for long-term use. The heating speed is fast and the uniformity is good. The solder joint adopts 1000℃ silver brazing process, the solder joint is stable and can withstand 350℃ high temperature for a long time.

Three: ceramic heating cupheating tubeheating pot (advantages, fast heating, high reliability, long life)

Heating cupheating tubeheating pan is a typical representative of surrounding heat. Ring heating is divided into section heating and precise temperature control. The biggest problem with this method is the low heat utilization rate. Part of the heat is absorbed by the tobacco and the other part of the heat is dissipated. If the heat insulation is not done well, the smoking utensil will be hot.

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