Monday, July 22, 2024

Time to use BLE to protect the minors from vaping


There is a problem in front of the industry currently. It is more important than questioning the impact of electronic cigarettes on human health, but how to prevent the further spread of electronic cigarettes among young people. It is not only a problem to be considered in the American market, but also a problem to be considered worldwide.

However, most of the enterprising teams do not pay special attention to this issue. but only wish to distinguish themselves from other brand products by their appearance structure and flavor. And few breakthroughs in the innovation of control technology have emerged.

As a result, the idea of the common control scheme is to set up a whole control board by using traditional MCU motor, LED indicator light, OLED screen, middlehead, heating rod, heating wire and other peripheral circuits according to different product requirements, which doesn’t work well.

The rest startups expect to enhance the operational capacity of the sales channel through the founder’s star background or capital boost. Furthermore, there is not much technical investment on the social issues of restricting teenagers’use of electronic cigarettes, which are deeply concerned by the government.

TTCIOTSDK(Shengrun Technology) believes that only by adding low-power Bluetooth(Bluetooth Low Energy technology) function to electronic cigarette products and cooperating with mobile app or online identity authentication, can the device be unlocked and used properly, which will be a minor vaping control solution and business opportunity. On the one hand, it will create a healthier market for vapes, on the other hand, it can also effectively meet the need for supervision of the government.

Bluetooth BLE technology will break through the bottleneck of the vape control, and help the upgrading of the electronic cigarette industry, which will be the next trend of vape development. JUUL, the vape giant in the United States, and Japan Tobacco have invested heavily in BLE technology to solve the social problem concerned by the government.

The traditional electronic cigarette industry has a very mature supporting industry, and its development threshold is not high. With only a small amount of capital, people can build an electronic cigarette product with the help of the mature supporting industry.  It means that the product will be related to the mobile phone and form a system for Bluetooth vapes. Besides the structure of the product itself, there are many tedious links such as mobile phone APP, interactive logic, UI design, hardware RF debugging and production test match, etc. What is more difficult is the control board. Without the application experience of Bluetooth protocol stack, it is impossible to do this, and many conditions restrict it. Under the premise of a limited budget, the startups are holding back from the development of electronic cigarette products with Bluetooth.

TTCIOTSDK(Shengrun Technology) is optimistic about the BLE development prospects. It has taken the lead in the development of BLE, and launched a Bluetooth single-chip electronic cigarette scheme, hoping to help more factories and brands who want to try Bluetooth electronic cigarettes at lowest cost This scheme has obvious volume advantage, which is not only suitable for HNB products, but also is suitable for the pod system products.

In addition, free open source hardware layout, schematic design and BOM list will also be provided to cooperating manufacturers. Manufacturers with manufacturing capabilities can produce their own products completely, while those without manufacturing capabilities can provide PCBA boards to OEM factories for assembly.

Meanwhile, TTCIOTSDK also provides a complete power consumption testing and temperature calibration production testing process. In terms of material cost, the price of PCBA is lowest by using Bluetooth chip made in China, which is over 50% lower than the cost of imported Bluetooth on the market. It is one of the important reasons for TTCIOTSDK to open source for more manufacturers to save the cost of trial and reduce the duplicate investment of resources.

Electronic cigarettes and Bluetooth will filter out the youth consumer groups to a significant degree, which seems to be unfavorable to enterprises. But in the long run, it is undoubtedly a necessary measure to regulate the market, which is more conducive to guiding the healthy development of the market. Isn’t this the common appeal of e-cigarette practitioners who want the long-term development of the e-cigarette industry? In today’s society, an enterprise with a sense of social responsibility will become the leader of the industry!

Electronic cigarettes are flooding in the American market, which sets an alarm to us. It is better to actively regulate market strategy by incorporating innovative technologies into products, improve operation level, increase user cohesion, collect consumer demand and respond to market feedback quickly, instead of passively regulated by the government supervises, thus winning users and not having to accept moral torture.

The electronic cigarette has been questioned for a long time because it belongs to the industry zone lacking policy. With the regulation of the industry standards and the guidance of policy, supported by Internet of Things innovation technology, I believe that the development of electronic cigarette industry will be better and better. And It will be an irresistible trend in the future to link offline products online like applying the BLE into vapes.

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