Thursday, February 22, 2024

Beco Scales up the Buying Opportunities & Presents a Special Christmas Offer!


Press Release

Every day we develop and introduce new products to make your shopping experience more diverse.

However, this time we decided to improve your shopping experience and update our website by adding new shopping options and now you can purchase goods per piece with “one click”!

The feature has been scaled for all buyers, including different countries and continents, and you can enjoy Beco products wherever you are. We can ship the goods anywhere in the world, unless prohibited by law.

Have you perhaps noticed that the changes have affected not only the purchase function, but also the Christmas design of our website?

And there is a reason for that, because we have introduced a pre-Christmas offer especially for you, which is valid until 10th January 2023.

With a $10+ purchase, you will receive a free Mystery Gift (limited to the first 200 customers)
With a purchase of $40+ you will receive a free Beco Pro-0 mg (limited to the first 120 customers)
With a purchase of $80+ you will receive a free Christmas hat+ Beco Pro-0 mg + Mystery Gift (limited to the first 20 customers)
And finally, our grand prize: with a purchase of $200+ you will receive a free Beco Christmas Gift Box (limited to the first 4 customers)

*Please also note that shipping costs are not included in the purchase amount.

Besides, we also have some daily benefits for each of our friends that are not limited by time!

If you make a purchase for $120 or more, the delivery will be totally free for you.

And if you buy more, you could save more: Let us say that if you buy 2 products you will get a 3% discount, if you buy 5 products you will get a 10% discount and if you buy 10 products you will get a 20% discount on each product.

We wish all participants good luck and also invite you to our social networks, where you can find more contests and sweepstakes.

Visit the Beco Website for more details


We hop you have a great Christmas,
Beco Team

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