Thursday, May 23, 2024

BAT Japan to Lower Lucky Strikepod Prices and Raise Kent Neostiks Prices


On September 4th, British American Tobacco (BAT) Japan announced that it will be reducing the prices of six Lucky Strikepod products from its heat-not-burn product, Glo Hyper, starting from October 1st.

Each product will consist of 20 pods, with the price dropping from 450 yen to 400 yen.

Previously, the company had only reduced the prices of 19 Glo Hyper products by 40 to 50 yen on August 1. Observers interpreted this as a reflection of the company’s urgency to expand its market share in the heated tobacco market in Japan.

In addition, the company will be raising the prices of its Kent Neostiks series pods for its Glo Pro device by 20 yen starting from October, bringing the price to 550 yen.

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