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Baoshan Industrial Hemp Industry Park Officially Established in Hanqiang, Yunnan Province


October 15, 2020 is another milestone for the development of Yunnan Hanqiang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. After “Kunming International Industrial Hemp Industry Park” was founded in Kunming Economic Development Zone on September 14 and caused a sensation in the domestic hemp circle, Baoshan industrial hemp Industry Park has also been established in the location of Yunnan Hanqiang in Wayao Town, Longyang District, Baoshan City, and Yunnan Hanqiang will become a model for the construction of the hemp park.

Zhao Deguang, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Yang Jun, Mayor and deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Han Kaizhu, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and secretary of Longyang District Party Committee, and Yang Dongwei, vice mayor, attended the establishing ceremony of the park. And the heads of urban development and reform, industry and information technology, science and technology departments, Dalian University of Technology, China Textile Construction Planning Institute, China Textile Industry Association, etc. attended the opening ceremony of the park.

Duan Shengrong, head of Longyang District, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He said that Longyang District would earnestly implement the measures of “Industrial Agglomeration” of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, give full play to Longyang district’s regional and industrial advantages, and build an industrial hemp industry park with Yunnan Hanqiang as the foundation.

The head of Yunnan Hanqiang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. introduced at the ceremony that Hanqiang’s first industrial hemp extraction project “Hemp CBD” has been put into production and the annual output of CBD can be 35 tons with an output value of 6 billion yuan. In the future, the company will seize the opportunity of the construction of Baoshan industrial hemp Industry Park to extend the industrial chain, promote the production of hemp fiber, extraction of natural pigment of walnut green skin, textile printing and dyeing and other projects as soon as possible, and make positive contributions to the high-quality leap-forward development of Baoshan’s economy and society.

It is reported that Western Yunnan is very suitable for the growth of hemp due to the soil, climate, light, rainfall. “Industrial Hemp” industry includes hemp cultivation and processing, hemp fiber production, hemp compound extraction, and other projects. Among them, hemp compounds such as CBN, CBD, CBG and CBC are the main projects of industrial hemp. These compounds are widely used in the fields of medical treatment and daily necessities, which are the important industries of “Green Energy” and “Green Food” in the forefront of the province.

The development of the industrial hemp industry and the construction of industrial hemp Industry Park in Baoshan City are not a “whim” to follow the trend, but has been planned very earlier. 

In August, Zhao Deguang, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, pointed out that during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, Baoshan should support the economic development with hemp industry, cultivate the biotechnology into a large industry with a production value of 100 billion yuan, build the hydropower and silicon material integration into a large industry with a production value of 100 billion yuan (i.e., create two 100 billion industries), and make every effort to build an important industrial town and radiation center in Western Yunnan. Among them, industrial hemp is one of the most critical components of the biotechnology industry.

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