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In the past two years, ASVAPE has indeed made a lot of changes under the new reshuffle and brand positioning. It has abandoned some conventional designs and inherits some afterimages of ancient times. Now it’s called the SUPREME in the vaping circle and becomes popular. Today I bring you another masterpiece of ASVAPE, HiTA MECH REINVENT.

Brand Introduction

ASVAPE is an international fashion brand, founded in 2016, dedicated to the development of healthy, high-end, and stylish electronic cigarettes and peripheral products, providing the world’s fashion lovers with the most personalized electronic cigarette products and collocations. As the first pioneer fashion brand in the China e-cigarette industry, ASVAPE inherits the “uncompromising” VAPE gene. With the throughout brand attitude of “ANTI SOCIAL WAY”, its five major product lines of ALLIANCE, SPACE, KNIGHT, GUARDIAN and COLOSSEUM outline a huge VAPE layout and create a variety of distinctive electronic cigarette products.

Product Introduction

Product Packaging

This time the packaging of ASVAPE is not easy to say, not visually stunning, nor cheap. It’s a cover box standard packaging. Its overall style is simple and low-key, calm, less eye-catching, not like the previous shining Vulcan pod kit.


Open the cover.

On the first layer, we can see the dude HiTA, together with an atomizer, and a hanging ring, warranty card and something like this.

The second layer, accessories package (small diameter drip nozzle, 2 * atomizing core with different resistance, lanyard …)

It is worth mentioning that this atomizer is equipped with two 510 drip nozzles of different calibers, one Mouth-to-Lung and one Direct-to-Lung, which is also friendly to friends who like to match their mouthpieces.

The quality of the lanyard accessory is a bit… It’s not dazzling, not shining, and it does not meet the ASVAPE’s fashion identity.


Value-added accessories, RBA kit and 510 interface adapter

Captain Dirty’s favorite settings, everything can be DIYed. It takes care of players while taking beginners into account.

The 510 interface adapter is also better compatible with the atomizers you like.


Device Introduction


“Revival is an affirmation of the past, innovation is a denial of the past,
The integration of the two requires us to be more rational and calm. “


The size of 25mm is consistent with some new products at present, and it is better to use the 510 interface to adapt to more atomizers.

In terms of power, I will not tell you anything about the data. Charge it once a day. The low-resistance and high-power atomizing core need yourself to maintain balance. The operation is simple and you don’t need to consult the instruction manual.

The bottom of the device is a TYPE-C interface, fast charging makes it convenient.



“Compatible in all aspects, making comfort different”

The atomizer is a PEI material, of course, the 510 drip nozzle can also be selected according to your own preferences.

The replacement of the atomizing core needs to open the independent sealing ring at the bottom. It’s a buckle rotation design.

Pay attention to the position when inserting the atomizer. After entering, pay attention to rotating the air hole, do not close it completely, otherwise it will choke you, common sense tells me not to say it, because I am afraid of being criticized by you, so I wrote it.

These are actually not important, I know you are too lazy to read, and I am too lazy to write.

“It’s show time!”

RBA kit, RBA kit is the kit that requires us to DIY. Like cooking, we need salt, sugar and soy sauce. When the shredded meat changes color, we need to stir-fry it… Use heating coil and cotton and theoretical data to maximize the functionality of HiTA. Friendly reminder, there is a separate electrode under the original atomizing core, don’t throw it, cause RBA will also use it.

You can optimize the taste according to your own requirements and standard of specific e-liquid.

510 atomizer interface

The 510 interface is actually a tool. It is equipped to be compatible with more atomizers. It can be arbitrarily matched. Your e-liquid stored for a long time, and the RDTA that you cannot put down, all can be used on it.

The maximization of functionality is point Captain Dirty feels that HiTA is doing good.


Captain Dirty Experience

Let’s talk about the original core first. The low-resistance core is suitable for 3mg box mod vape juice, and the high-resistance core is suitable for vaping 3-9mg taste-type e-liquid or 25mg-35mg nic salt. Just my two cents.

In fact, the taste aspect has already performed well. Previous elf atomizer did not appear on HiTA, and it’s very good.

The key point is coming, RBA

RBA’s coil installation is also more foolproof, and the cotton hole position is more reasonable. Although it is RRA, everyone should not adjust it to lower the resistance. It is recommended to be between 0.7-1.4ohm. Captain Dirty’s favorite data is around 1.0. The first reason is that Captain Dirty likes to vape on 6mg e-liquid, and the second is because such data are good in MTL and DTL vaping.


When there is no independent electrode, it can be used with the 510 atomizer conversion interface to perform a coil burning action. This is also an advantage of ASVAPE, because some manufacturers have not thought about the coil burning action when doing RBA. This key action creates fun, stability, DIY, it’s really NICE.


The 510 atomizer interface is actually not easy to say. It can be adapted to the atomizer that does not match well. Of course, there are some differences among very few atomizers. Some serious situation may destroy the interface of the atomizer we like, or even burn the whole accessory and kick us out of vaping.

There is a Chinese old saying, “The original is the best.”


Captain Dirty Conclusion

HiTA is another masterpiece after the ASVAPE elf. There is no problem in daily use. It’s more suitable for novices. But with the RBA blessing, some old players will also consider such a device. However, in some small details, ASVAPE has not done enough, it is not perfect enough, and the design needs some improvement.

The size and caliber of the mouthpiece is actually not very big when it is such a small size, because the air outflow distance leads to such an experience. The setting of the 510 interface is certainly good for its wide tolerance, but under real daily use, such an accessory is optional. The most important point is not that the so-called tolerance cannot be adapted to other atomizers, but after being fitted with an adaptable atomizer, there is an overall imbalance, such as: top-heavy, or beautiful and harmonious. In fact, these can be considered by ASVAPE. Are we top-heavy? We have to balance with the external power supply of the device without affecting the good-looking appearance. Whether the aesthetic coordination can increase the beauty of 510 interface when matching, this question should not be attributed to the player’s ability to play, but should be based on the manufacturer’s ability to design.


After talking about so many self-righteous questions, then reflecting on it, HiTA’s performance in all aspects is good. In fact, its taste performance outraces its competitors way too far.

Finally, looking forward to HiTA PRO, I don’t know if there is, but I really hope that HiTA can be a long-term good device.

Okay, I’m Captain Dirty. See you next time.


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