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ASVAPE POWER PUNK e-juice review- try Miss Berry flavor – DirtyCheck No. 39



ASVAPE needn’t more introduction here, it’s our super old friend. After Hita, ASVAPE introduced nicotine salt e-liquid used with Hita. Although Hita’s product is badly criticized by Captain Dirty, Captain Dirty still think it’s reasonable to be there. And today we will take a look at this new PowerPunk nicotine salt e-juice.

Product Overview

This time the product positioning is in line with ASVAPE’s current overall trend, and it still focuses on fashion. And added many backstories to this e-liquid.

“In 3030, the universe entered the anti-epoch era, the chaos of time and space. ASV AGENCY noticed that the space station model, the infamous BAD BALANCE, tried to occupy the earth,

Faced with these uninvited guests, ASV AGENCY urgently assembled superheroes from all walks of life, set up Power Punk to go out, and the homeland defense battle broke out immediately.”


Captain Dirty Interpretation

Let ’s not talk about whether this story is really good or not first, as far as this background story is concerned, it is undoubtedly a very advanced concept for China products. It can even be extended to various fields to form a very unique culture circle. While within the VAPE circle, it is separated from the VAPE circle. ASVAPE’s current product positioning is really trendy.

Product Packaging

On the packaging side, it is one of the best manufacturers. It is different from the standard e-liquid bottle on the market, it’s a more refined cylindrical vape juice injection bottle.

The cover of the package uses the illustrations designed by the brand itself, which are very classy, and each taste comes with a superhero corresponding to its taste, which is dazzling.

From the perspective of packaging, it is still relatively high-end.


Taste & vape juice experience

There are three flavors in this product
All are in 30ML bottles
20mg / mL nicotine salt content


Busy Mango
Official description:
The ripe mango dances in the shaved ice, the richness of the whole mango is scattered in the mouth, the soft glutinous and the icy echoes, neither too cold nor too greasy, the vape ration that is indispensable in summer is really “mango”.

Captain Dirty experience

The overall vaping experience is ordinary, similar to the “666” mango smoothie we vaped before, but the sweetness is appropriate. Mouthfeel and the coolness are good. The overall user experience is average.


Miss Berry
Official description:
Strawberry-flavored lactic acid fermentation, sweet and sour milk aroma like first love will make you full of vitality, like a playful elf dancing on the tip of the tongue, satisfying the taste buds, and it’s the perfect interpretation of taste.

Captain Dirty experience:
The taste of yogurt is very good. The combination of sweetness and acidity is perfect. The coolness is suitable. It is very suitable for summer vaping. It does not irritate the throat and does not get tired. The overall feeling is very good, relatively silky, recommended by Captain Dirty.


Jungle Boom
Official description:
Tasteful tropical jungle adventure, the air is covered with the smell of berries
The taste buds brought by the sweet and sour factor are amusing, and the slight cool feeling is unexpected. Full of flavor and taste, mellow taste

Captain Dirty experience:
Combined with the unique aroma of berries, it smells very good. There will be a little confusion when vaping. The taste of berries is actually not much out, or the performance is too simple, the proportion of sweetness is still slightly higher than the above two, but it’s not enough.



The performance of POWER PUNK this time is not amazing, nor is it a failure. The overall performance is around the acceptable edge. Or Captain Dirty’s expectation for this vape juice is too high. First of all, the quality of the e-liquid has not reached a high standard. I hope that it will be adjusted later. The overall ratio is relatively good, but I personally think its tastes need improvement, some things are not just to restore, but to a fine ratio, a level of fragrance. A ratio of 20mg / mL is the one that I think is the most scientific point. ASVAPE is doing on this part well. It grasps the preference of vapers. The overall level of this juice is relatively good in the industry. If you like it, you can still take a try, I recommend Miss Berry flavor.

Ok, I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time.


Contact TrueToy Vape Studio below to buy ASVAPE POWER PUNK e-juice

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The quality of the PowerPunk e-liquid has not reached a high level. Miss Berry flavor is relatively good.ASVAPE POWER PUNK e-juice review- try Miss Berry flavor - DirtyCheck No. 39