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CBD may be the most promising Alzheimer’s disease drug


Symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease:

1. Memory loss

2. Gradually confuse time, place or character relationship

3. Language barrier

4. Decreased understanding and judgment

5. Emotional and behavioral change

6. Loss of interest and will

Symptoms of Alzheimer's disease:

Can CBD stop Alzheimer’s disease?

Cannabinoid CBD is beneficial to Alzheimer’s disease. CBD has the characteristics of neuroprotection, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation, which can protect nerve cells, slow down or even inhibit the cognitive and functional damage caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

As early as 2001, the official scientists of the United States applied for the patent of cannabinoid as antioxidant and neuroprotective agent, and explained the prospect of cannabinoid in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases, and showed that the cannabinoid CBD has clear neuroprotection in recent experiments.

Can CBD stop Alzheimer's disease?

Several studies have found that CBD is beneficial to Alzheimer’s disease (AD):

Study 1: (2014)

A study of transgenic mice with Alzheimer’s disease has found that long-term CBD treatment can prevent further deterioration of cognition and memory in mice.

The transgenic mice took CBD (20 mg / kg) orally every day for 8 months from the age of 2.5 months. This study is the first to show that CBD can prevent the development of cognitive impairment in AD transgenic mice, and it is also the first to show that CBD may have the potential to prevent ad, especially related to the symptoms of avoiding social and facial recognition difficulties. ” Source

Study 2: (2017)

The 2017 study looked for evidence of CBD treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. This study “demonstrates the ability of CBD to reduce reactive gliosis and neuroinflammation, as well as to promote neurogenesis. Importantly, CBD can also reverse and prevent the development of cognitive impairment in AD rodents used in experiments. Source

Study 3: (2017)

Another study in 2017 assessed the effect of CBD on the expression of AD related genes in stem cells. “CBD pretreatment in GMSC (pulp mesenchymal stem cells) regulates the transcription profile of these cells by reducing gene expression related to the etiology of AD. In conclusion, this preliminary in vitro study shows that compared with ctr-gmscs cells, CBD pretreated gmscs have better therapeutic potential. We believe that early transplantation in Alzheimer’s disease may play a role in preventing or alleviating disease onset. ” Source

Study 4: (2018)

A 2018 study showed for the first time: “cannabis bisphenol (CBD) plays a role in protecting synaptic plasticity in an in vitro model of Alzheimer’s disease Our data suggest that the main components of marijuana that lack mental activity may have therapeutic potential for Alzheimer’s disease. ” Source


Several studies listed above have found the role of CBD in preventing cognitive disorders, reducing neuroinflammatory response and protecting synaptic plasticity, which is very promising for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. We also look forward to more clinical research on CBD for Alzheimer’s disease as soon as possible, so as to reduce pain for patients and their families as soon as possible.


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