Thursday, May 30, 2024

Only A Good Reputation Can Build a Brand Image In 2019


However, up to now, the number of e-cigarette users chasing the current situation, really fundamentally solve the needs of e-cigarette users?

How long can a manufacturer last without innovation, user experience and profit?

Therefore, in order to make profits, more small manufacturers will inevitably make articles on cost, using some materials and ingredients which are inexpensive or even not up to the standard. On the contrary, how can the safety and health of electronic cigarette users be guaranteed? What about the user’s sense of experience?

Imagine that smokers bought an electronic cigarette, the first taste was very bad, even oil spill, etc. At this time, he will try again, which may also advise friends not to try to smoke electronic cigarettes.

According to the survey, in the case of 500 e-cigarette users, most of the small partners said they were more concerned about the first taste of e-cigarettes, and they were reluctant to try e-cigarettes with poor experience many times. However, at this time, the number of e-cigarettes is no longer enough.

In addition, we need to use inferior batteries, low cost flavors, spices and even industrial flavors for some manufacturers in order to reduce costs.

Looking at the balance car, which was popular for a while, some companies used defective batteries or even empty packs of ammunition (cement filled batteries) for profit. There were one after another fires in foreign countries. Just because these profit-seeking enterprises brought “disaster of extinction” to the industry. Is it surprisingly similar to look back on the current situation of the electronic cigarette industry?

The healthy development of electronic cigarette industry should take health and safety as the premise, innovation as the basis, user experience as the core, taste rather than number of mouths, user experience rather than price.

2019 must be the year of quality, good reputation can establish brand image. The brand of electronic cigarettes with good taste and genuine consideration for users can meet the experience and needs of users of electronic cigarettes.

Supporting authentic products, supporting originality, the development of the electronic cigarette industry can not be separated from everyone. In 2019, we hope that all enterprises that make serious products can get the desired results, and also hope that all users of electronic cigarettes can enjoy great health!

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