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A Complete Guide For Choosing High-Quality CBD Flowers


CBD flowers or cannabidiol flowers are slowly getting more and more popular for their medicinal use. Many people consume them for safe & recreational use. So more and more companies are now willing to sell legal cannabidiol flowers, most commonly cannabis.

But just because a company or an organization is selling cannabis does not mean that cannabis is of high quality. High-quality cannabis gives you a stronger sense of euphoria and does not have many health risks.

How To Identify High-Quality CBD Flowers?

How do you differentiate between average cannabis and a high-quality CBD flower? This generally is not a problem for regular cannabis consumers.

However, if you are new to this, you might not be able to separate good and bad cannabis flowers. Luckily, this article will help you with just that.

1. Flowers Will Have Very Strong Aroma

High-quality cannabis flowers will always have a strong aroma. So when you are out to find the right cannabis, take a sniff. If you feel that the plant has a strong and distinct smell, you can be assured that the cannabis is of superior quality.

The reason for this strong smell in the plant is terpenes. Regular consumers can identify terpenes almost instantly.

But since you are new, you need to take some sniffs of the flower to check if it has a good amount of terpenes. A strong smell also indicates the better quality of the cannabis flower.

2. The Color Should Be Rich

We all know that a plant’s health can be determined by the color of its leaves. The greener, the better. The same goes for cannabis. If you want high-quality cannabis, you should always select the greener one. There can be a lot of shades of green, such as light green or dark green.

Although this does not impact the quality of cannabis to a great extent, you should still choose the ones that have a brighter color.

But the color that you must absolutely avoid is dark brown or yellow. If the cannabis flower has dark brown or yellow-ish colors, that means the plant is not of good quality, and you gain benefit from it.

3. How Does The Flowers Feel When Touched?

The flower should have a smooth texture when you touch it. It will neither be too dry nor will it be too wet.

If the flower is too dry, it will crumble and become like dust when you touch it. So dry cannabis is an absolute no. The same goes for wet cannabis. If the cannabis feels moist to the touch, it will develop mold when you dry or burn them. This is not how high-quality cannabis should act.

So what is the right one? If the plant feels somewhat sticky but crunchy, that means it is of the right quality. If the flower is sticky, that indicates it has the right amount of THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol.

4. The Flower Buds Should Be Bright

This is a great way to separate a high-quality cannabis flower from a low-quality one just by looking at it. A low-quality cannabis flower will have buds that do not stand out. They will seem lumpy and are not that bright in color.

In contrast,  high-quality cannabis will always have bright-colored buds. These buds will also stand out more as if they are calling you to pick them. The buds will be green in color and also have a strong aroma.

Experienced cannabis consumers can spot the difference from far away. If you are new to this, you need closer inspection to distinguish the good cannabis from the bad ones.

5. Good Cannabis Will Rarely Have Any Stems

Stems are the bane of a good quality puff. Stems are absolutely useless and do not have THC, the material that gives you a euphoric feeling. So if you buy 10 grams worth of cannabis only to find it full of stems, you will sure be grumpy.

So before buying, take a good look at the cannabis plant. If you see it has a lot of stems in it, it is of low-quality. A high-quality one will always have a very low amount of stems.

6. Should Have A High Number Of Trichome

This is something you will have difficulty checking with the naked eye. So, get yourself a magnifying glass to check the trichomes of your cannabis plant.

You must check for trichomes because these trichomes hold terpenes, the material responsible for a distinguishable aroma and flavor. So, normally the higher the trichome count, the better the cannabis quality. They are also connected to the buds of the plant.

If the buds are green and bright, they will contain more trichomes. So get a good magnifying glass and take a look at these green buds. The trichomes are milky white in color. So if you spot a large number of them, then that is good quality cannabis.

7. Good- Quality Cannabis Should Be Expensive

This should come to you as no surprise that high-quality CBD flowers will definitely be much more expensive than your average or low-quality ones.

You need to understand that cannabis is a luxury item. And what do you do with luxury items? You buy the one that has the best quality. In the United States, the price of an ounce of high-quality cannabis can range from $250 to $600.

The price varies from country to country, from state to state. But no matter what the cost, you should always buy high-quality cannabis if you want to feel the taste.

8. It Will Have Small Orange Hairs

We did mention that good quality cannabis will be green in color, but there is one thing that is not green, and that is absolutely fine. And that is some orange-colored hair.

Where do these hairs come from? Well, when a cannabis plant is well-pollinated, it grows small orange hairs. But this is not a bad thing because it means the cannabis plant was well-pollinated and will have stronger and healthier buds.

So if you see your green cannabis plant has some orange hair, there is no need to worry.

The Benefits Of High-Quality Cannabis

Now, why should you be consuming cannabis? Here are some of the benefits-

1. Can Help Reduce Inflammation

Many people suffer from inflammatory diseases. Luckily, some of them can be cured if you consume CBD flowers. These diseases include Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, etc.

2. Can Help Reduce Mental Disorders

This is by far the biggest benefit of CBD flowers and the main reason people consume them. They help reduce stress and anxiety.

The THC in cannabis creates a euphoric feeling that helps a person forget about the stress, giving them a feeling of happiness and pleasure.

Not only anxiety and stress, but CBD flowers can also cure Parkinson’s disease and post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.

3. Helps Remove Insomnia

This is another great benefit of CBD flowers. Many people consume CBD when they suffer from insomnia. This is primarily because the THC in CBD flowers helps create a relaxing sensation within the consumer’s mind.

This allows them to be at ease. As they feel much more comforted and relaxed, they can fall asleep quickly.

The Risks Of Consuming CBD Flowers

We know that nothing in this world is perfect. If there are pros to one thing, there will be cons as well. CBD flowers also share some cons if consumed too frequently. These cons include-

1. They Might Cause Depression

Consuming too much CBD will have some adverse effects. Having too much of it might cause depression and hopelessness in a person.

2. High Blood Pressure

The high amount of THC is also responsible for creating high blood pressure.

3. Hallucination

If you consume too much cannabis, you will start to hallucinate instead of having a euphoric feeling. These hallucinations might even make you feel nauseous.

Final Thoughts

CBD flowers such as cannabis and marijuana can have a lot of benefits if used properly. However, too much of anything is bad. So, if you want to have a controlled consumption, always go for high-quality CBD flowers. It would be best to take advice from a professional medical health care worker before consuming it.

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