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$50 million publicized investment, why MOTI got this remarkable financial support?


Vaping has lately been linked with unexplained lung illness, and as if that weren’t alarming enough, a few deaths have been associated with vaping, the swift ban on e-cigarettes, coupled with the increasingly stringent global policies, making life tough for e-cigarette manufacturers.

While you’d expect an e-cigarette manufacturing company to incur losses with investors turning their backs on them, MOTI managed to acquire the biggest investment of $50 million from SIG Asia, the biggest publicized financial support. The burning question on everyone’s mind would be how did MOTI manage to get the investment, particularly when the industry is already facing government scrutiny. This noteworthy trust from the investor can be attributed to their brand strategy, team and the product.

Based in Las Vegas, MOTI aimed at providing the best cigarette alternatives for smokers, On the concerning juvenile addicting problem, MOTI employs various action to prohibit youngsters from buying vape products.The non-smokers are also warned to stay away from vape products, MOTI also launched several campaigns to publicize the idea that stays away from a vape is better than using Vape.

$50 million publicized investment, why MOTI got this remarkable financial support?

There’s no dearth of similar devices on the market today; however, MOTI surpasses them all in terms of quality. As part of its harsh quality control process, the company cooperated with Vaporesso and built seventeen major categories of smoke oil quality safety testing projects, which encompasses 54 specific indicators.

Each batch of vape juice makes a traceability mechanism, and all samples are kept safely in the sample room for two years. MOTI’s corporate standards coincide with the more stringent HPHCs requirements of the US PMTA, as well as the relevant standards of the EU countries. Aside from that, the company has assigned about 30 national standards related to food safety as far as safety component limits and testing methods are concerned.

As a player who has always followed the regulations and has many years of experience, we hope relevant departments can issue corresponding regulatory policies and national standards and use a clear and unified set of rules to standardize the development of the industry. This will truly protect vapers, and we always strictly adhere to higher standards.    -M.G, the CEO of MOTI

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