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US health authorities are investigating 215 cases of severe lung disease possibly caused by electronic cigarette smoking


In a statement, the two agencies said it was not clear whether these cases were associated with an electronic cigarette product or e-cigarette, but many patients added cannabis substances such as tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabinol(CBD) to electronic cigarettes.

CDC recommends that e-cigarette users not buy e juice or DIY substances from abnormal sales channels; adolescents, pregnant women and non-smoking adults should not use e-cigarettes; current e-cigarette users should monitor whether they have symptoms of cough, shortness of breath, chest tightness and so on, and report it within 90 days.

A recent patient in Illinois who used electronic cigarettes was hospitalized with severe lung disease on July 29 and died on August 20, the CDC said. It is reported that this is the first death case related to electronic cigarettes in the United States.

215 lung damage patient for using vape

The U.S. Department of Health has repeatedly warned about the possible health risks of e-cigarettes. On August 7, the US Drug Administration said it had received 127 reports of epileptic seizures following the use of electronic cigarettes and was investigating whether electronic cigarettes were a direct cause.

Electronic cigarette is mainly composed of batteries, heating core and evaporating devices and a pod with e-liquid. It can be used to vaporize the vape juice containing nicotine for users to inhale. The World Health Organization has published a report that there is no sufficient evidence that vaporizers can help quit smoking. Smokers can only benefit most when they quit nicotine intake altogether.


Related: People were vaping illicit cannabis carts last year without ending up in the hospital. So it makes sense to ask: What has changed?


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4 years ago

The horrible death accident was not caused by electronic cigarette with e-juice as we used to know and consume for a past decade. That person bought a cartridge with some substance (probably fake THC containing oil) from the seller on the street. All oils should be purchased in certified dispensaries. The entrance there is guarded and you should provide an ID that you are legal age. The products in those shops are tested and controlled. Buying outside, on the street, from black market sellers – definitely can lead to such sad and horrible consequences. No reason to blame electronic cigarettes in that death . At all.

4 years ago
Reply to  Igor

This is the most insightful comment that reveals the real facts causing lung problems. Thanks for sharing the truth, Igor. E-cig cannot stand smear anymore when it improves the health of millions of lives.

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