Netherlands’ Protests Highlighting The Importance of Vape Flavours

Earlier this year, a public consultation about the proposal to ban flavours was meant to close on the 19th of January, but had been extended to the 2nd of February. A statement published on the Netherlands’ Government website, had revealed that the consultation was extended “due to popular demand.”

An overwhelming majority of the responses, 98.54%, opposed the ban.

In line with this, a press release by the WVA had highlighted that the country had witnessed the largest number of responses ever collected in a public consultation on health matters. More importantly, an overwhelming majority of the responses, 98.54%, had opposed the ban. This equated to 746 responses out of the total 757 submissions recorded on the official website.

The WVA had already organized two light installations to protest the ban. The Covid-friendly light shows were projected onto landmark buildings in the Hague, starting at 18.00 and ending before curfew.

The importance of flavours

Subsequently, on the morning that members of the Health Committee met to discuss the ban last Summer, the WVA held another protest outside the House of Representatives. Vapers and vape shop owners handed out samples of disgusting tasting ice creams, in a bid to remind MPs and the public the importance of flavours and how they are vital in encouraging smokers to switch.

“When this proposal was put to public consultation it received one of the biggest ever responses, with 98% of respondents opposing the ban. The message to the State Secretary was clear – vaping flavours help smokers quit, and there is huge opposition to his ridiculous plan. Vapers are outraged that a caretaker Government would continue pushing for this proposed ban after such a loud and clear message,” said Director of the World Vapers’ Alliance, Michael Landl.

“A flavour ban for vaping would be a public health disaster for the Netherlands. It is incredible that a caretaker government would try to introduce such deeply controversial legislation, that would have such negative consequences for so many, before a new Government is formed,” WVA Director Michael Landl concluded.

Study indicates that flavour bans increase smoking rates

Reflecting Landl’s comments, a recent study looking into the flavour ban set in the US city of San Francisco, reported alarming findings. Titled, “The Impact of a Comprehensive Tobacco Flavour Ban in San Francisco Among Young Adults,” the current study was conducted with the aim of determining the impact of the ban on tobacco use behavior. A sample of 247 San Francisco residents were surveyed about their e-cigarette and tobacco use, before and after the flavour ban.

The study found that while the ban did lead to a decline in e-cigarettes and cigars sales, it sadly also caused a spike in smoking rates. Additionally, the researchers found that the measure was not enforced properly and 65% of participants reported being able to obtain flavoured products in multiple ways.

“These findings suggest that comprehensive local flavor bans, by themselves, cannot sharply reduce the availability or use of flavored tobacco products among residents. Nevertheless, local bans can still significantly reduce overall e-cigarette use and cigar smoking but may increase cigarette smoking,” concluded the study.

FDA Revokes Marketing Denial Orders for Humble’s Flavoured E-liquids

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Sakerz Master Tank by horizonTech review – Dirtycheck NO.164

Box mod has been in the vape industry for a long time for its rich smoke and active community.
It’s more comfortable when vaping than MTL or nicotine salt devices, and brings a better experience to vapers.
Today, we bring you a TANK, a core accessory of the box mod, from horizonTech,
Sakerz Master Tank. let’s take a look.
horizonTech Sakerz Master Tank review

horizonTech brand self-introduction

Horizon Technology Co., Ltd. is a specialized high-tech enterprise which engages in the R&D, Production, and Marketing of Electronic Cigarettes with many years of experience. We can offer you products such as the Electronic Cigarette, Mini E-Cigarette, E-Cigar, E-Pipe, & E-Cigarette Accessories. The company adheres to the principle of “allowing the market to guide the product & developing the enterprise through science and technology.”

  1. R&D Team:

Horizon has a good Research and Development Team.
The company invests a lot of research and development funds to support the development of new products and we regard our consumer experience as the basis for our product development.Our engineers always say NO to imperfection.

  1. Production Team:

Horizon has a group of skillful workers. The company applies a scientific and humanized management mode to each link of production. We provide all kinds of benefits for each employee to make them feel the company is like a family so that we can make a concentrated effort and be a united group.

  1. Quality Assurance:

Horizon regards “product quality” as enterprise life! The company has passed GMP, ISO9001, and a series of international quality system certifications. From the SQA incoming inspection, PQC process controlling and testing, simulating customers testing, to the final OQC shipment verification.We strictly execute ISO9001 quality management standards to ensure product quality & our products have passed CE, ROHS, & FCC certifications.

  1. Procurement Experts:

We have outstanding Procurement Experts who have a large supply of information about raw materials & this guarantees that we can provide our customers any material they need.

  1. Customer Commissioners:

Our Customer Commissioners knowledge about different customer requirements in various regions allows us to provide the most professional services to meet our clients requirements.

  1. Market Experts:

Our Market Experts have many years of related experience. Their professional knowledge and macro-control of market supply and demand enables us to purchase the raw materials with optimal timing so that we can provide our customers competitive pricing for their required products.
At Horizon, our company vision is “to be a respected industrial leader who provides customers with healthy and high quality products”. We would like to find partners all over the world, and sincerely hope to conclude transactions with you on the basis of equality and mutual benefits by both meeting & exceeding your expectations.

Horizon Sakerz Master Tank Short Description:

Sakerz Master Tank Atomizer of 5ml e-juice capacity features easy top filling system to prevent leakage effectively. It also has the adjustable airflow system to better satisfy your personal needs. With the sub ohm structure, it is convenient to change coil. The new 0.4ohm mesh Coil can produce huge voluminous cloud. Working with Horizon Sakers Coil, Sakerz Master Tank can bring you excellent vaping experience.

Sakerz Master Tank specifications

Filling Type: Top filling
Airflow: Adjustable airflow
Compatible With:Horizon Sakerz Coil(0.16ohm/0.17ohm/0.4ohm)
Color: SS, Carbon Black, Gunmetal, Blue, Rainbow
horizonTech Sakerz Master Tank review
horizonTech Sakerz Master Tank review
horizonTech Sakerz Master Tank review

Sakerz Master Tank highlights

  1. Sub ohm structure, convenient to change coil
  2. New 0.4ohm mesh Coil for huge voluminous cloud
  3. Top filling system, easy and leak-proof
  4. 5ml e-juice capacity, top adjustable airflow
  5. Working With Sakerz Coil for better vaping

horizonTech Sakerz Master Tank review

The package of HorizonTech Sakerz Master Sub Ohm Tank Comes With:

1* Horizon Sakerz Master Tank Atomizer
1* 0.16Ohm Mesh Coil(Pre-installed coil)
1* 0.17Ohm Mesh Coil(Spare coil)
1* Tool Kit (Spare o-rings, coil taking tool-wrench, screwdriver)
1* User Manual
1* Extra Glass Tube
horizonTech Sakerz Master Tank review
horizonTech Sakerz Master Tank review
horizonTech Sakerz Master Tank review
horizonTech Sakerz Master Tank review
horizonTech Sakerz Master Tank review
Sakerz Master Tank downsides:
1. The airway design is not elegant enough, and the feeling of condensation in the mouth increases after some puffs
2. The nozzle is equipped with other calibers and needs to be equipped by the customer.
horizonTech Sakerz Master Tank review
horizonTech Sakerz Master Tank review

Sakerz Master Tank Latest Special Edition

For the upcoming Christmas
horizonTech also launched a limited edition Sakerz Master Tank
Although there is no upgrade and improvement in parameters and process, the snowflake design of the glass tank body is worthy of the finishing touch.
This overall appearance looks better, Captain personally strongly recommend it

Final words

Overall, this Sakerz Master Tank produced by horizonTech brings surprises.
Both the taste or the satisfaction of the vapor are excellent.
In particular, the core of 0.4ohm Mesh in the three cores currently available is the best performer.
horizonTech Sakerz Master Tank review
horizonTech Sakerz Master Tank review
This 0.4ohm Mesh used with asmodus unicorn e-liquid didn’t bring me a greasy feel, which is a suprise to me.
It’s a very friendly point for box mod vapers.
horizonTech Sakerz Master Tank review
This atomizer is in the upper-middle level regardless of its appearance and workmanship, and Captain gives it an A score.
Okay, that’s all for this atomizer
I’m Captain Dirty, see you next time
horizonTech Sakerz Master Tank review

Where to buy Sakerz Master Tank @$37.08

China’s Tobacco Monopoly Will Control the Vaping Industry

China has amended its laws so that vaping manufacturers and sellers fall under the authority of the country’s State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (STMA). The industry will now be tightly controlled by the authoritarian government’s regulators.

The change was ordered by the State Council (cabinet) and signed off by Premier Li Keqian. It was announced last Friday, according to Reuters. The new policy has been expected since the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released draft rules in March. It takes effect immediately.

The STMA completely controls the tobacco industry in China—both regulating the product and selling it. The monopoly administration is actually housed in the same building as the China National Tobacco Corporation (usually called China Tobacco), which is the largest cigarette manufacturer in the world. Both are run by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

More than half of Chinese men smoke cigarettes (and 26.6 percent of all adults), according to the World Health Organization. Nearly as many people in China smoke as the entire U.S. population—more than 300 million. In 2018, cigarettes brought in 5.45 percent of all Chinese tax revenue. The government of China may view growth of the Chinese vaping market as a threat to dependable tobacco tax revenues.

China banned online sales of vaping products in 2019, and regulation by the STMA will likely bring more restrictions. The regulatory agency strictly controls which products can compete in the Chinese tobacco marketplace, and the new rules will allow the STMA to micromanage vaping manufacturers the same way. What has been announced is essentially the Chinese equivalent of FDA’s Deeming Rule: it sets the stage for the detailed regulations that will follow.

The domestic Chinese vaping product market is valued at 8.38 billion yuan (about $1.3 billion U.S.), according to the Global Times. The newspaper says the Chinese market grew at a rate of over 70 percent each year between 2013 and 2020. According to Shanghai Daily, the vaping industry provides three million jobs in the country, and vaping exports are valued at $15.6 billion (U.S.). Chinese research firm iiMedia says there are more than 170,000 e-cigarette businesses in the country, which produce almost all the vaping hardware sold around the world.

The news caused Chinese manufacturer RELX’ stock to fall 15 percent on the New York Stock Exchange (it later rebounded somewhat). RELX is the best known Chinese vape company with aspirations to dominate the domestic Chinese market. The company’s stock is currently trading at less than 20 percent of its high mark soon after its January 2021 initial public offering.

How the new government authority will impact Chinese manufacturers that primarily produce products for export isn’t yet clear. In 2019, the country issued draft regulations that would control every aspect of vaping product and e-liquid manufacturing, but those rules have yet to take effect.

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FCTC COP9: WHO Reported Dropping Tobacco Use But Data Show Otherwise

While the Climate-related COP26 allowed the attendance of 2,360 NGOs, the FCTC COP9 just allowed 21 handpicked NGOs.

“As the WHO publishes its latest Global tobacco trends report, it trumpets falling tobacco use. But the global health institution is celebrating failure. To see numbers reduce from 1.32 billion to 1.30 billion tobacco users over five years cannot be argued as evidence of a successful strategy. Eight million lives are lost every year due to smoking-related disease. What we are seeing is evidence of a dereliction of public health duty,” said Professor Gerry Stimson, Emeritus Professor Imperial College London and Project Director for the Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction.

The COP9 virtual conference was (as in previous years) closed off to the public and only accessible to a handful of selected media representatives. While the Climate-related COP26 allowed the attendance of 2,360 NGOs, the FCTC COP9 just allowed 21 handpicked NGOs. Sadly, none of these represented populations who will be affected by the decisions taken at the conference.

The GSTHR report

The WHO organizes the conference, and is renowned for remaining staunchly opposed to the use of safer nicotine products, despite the significant independent and international scientific evidence indicating their efficacy for smoking cessation. In its most recent report, “Fighting The Last War: The WHO and International Tobacco Control”, the Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction argues that tragically, the WHO’s tobacco control policy is frozen in time, costing millions their lives.

“As the WHO publishes its latest Global tobacco trends report, it trumpets falling tobacco use. But the global health institution is celebrating failure. To see numbers reduce from 1.32 billion to 1.30 billion tobacco users over five years cannot be argued as evidence of a successful strategy. Eight million lives are lost every year due to smoking-related disease. What we are seeing is evidence of a dereliction of public health duty,” says the report.

“With modern safer nicotine products, these technological disruptors such as vaping devices, nicotine pouches, heated tobacco products, we have the means at our disposal to end smoking and to end it soon. Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction estimates put the number of users of harm reduction products at 100 million worldwide. Many smokers are put off from switching though, as a direct consequence of the distortion of public health messaging from the WHO and other tobacco control organisations funded by US philanthropic interests that seem to care little for the health of current smokers.”

Harm reduction is the third pillar of the tobacco control strategy named in the FCTC (1), along with supply and demand reduction. We urge the WHO to integrate harm reduction into its approach to tobacco control, as it already does for drug use and HIV/AIDS prevention, and to address current deficits in the WHO’s MPOWER strategy by enabling it to become EMPOWERED – adding ‘Engage with affected communities’, ‘Encourage smokers to switch to safer nicotine products’ and ‘Deliver accurate information about safer alternatives.’”(2)

New GSTHR Report: Fighting The Last War: The WHO and International Tobacco Control

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Vapejoy 5% disposable vape review: premium 1500 puff vaping experience

Vapejoy 5% disposable vape is a small, light and beautiful disposable pod rolled out by Youme Group recently. Compared to other disposable vapes like Air Bar, HQD, Kangvape, etc, Vapejoy disposable looks best in appearance with the metallic luster and glass-like pod shell, taste and smell better with the compounded vegetable glycerin e-liquid base, and is more durable with a 1000mAh battery and 5.5ml pod volume.
Vapejoy 5% disposable vape review: 1500 puff premium vaping experience

Vapejoy 5% disposable vape specifications

Battery: 1000mAh
Capacity: 5.5ml
Puffs: 1500
Vape juice ingredient: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine, Natural & Artificial Flavor

How to use Vapejoy 5% disposable vape

Take out the Vapejoy pod from the transparent box, remove the lid on the top, and another lid under the bottom. The lid under the bottom is very tiny. However, there won’t be any vapor when drawing if you forget to take it out.
Then start vaping with the mouthpiece. Not like box mod vapes, it’s fool-proof, convenient, and extremely easy to use.

Vapejoy 5% disposable vape highlights

What we got is the Vapejoy energy drink flavored disposable, and according to the 1-week use of this delicate disposable, we summarized the following highlights from outside to inside.

  1. Cool appearance. The shining and glittering pod shell is absolutely attractive in the eyes of most people. This beautiful look is splendid and glamorous.
  2. Ergonomics mouthpiece design. Comparing the Vapejoy mouthpiece with the traditional Yooz, RELX pod system mouthpiece, Vapejoy is smaller and it reduces the contact surface between your lips and the pod, which is more sanitary, and more like smoking the conventional cigarette.

3. Strong throat hit with smooth and comfortable vaping experience. As we know VG base vape juice produces thicker and richer vapor, while PG base e-juice generates more throat hits and buzz feeling when the nicotine content level is constant. Vapejoy combines the merits of both kinds of vape juices to realize a perfect balance in taste and satisfaction, bring an optimal vaping experience.
4. Smaller vaping resistance and good smell. The vaping resistance of Vapejoy is small while the vapor is large, suitable for both direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung vaping, making it a versatile disposable. Meanwhile, it comes with a natural, pleasant and vivid smell of Red Bull energy drink when opening the box, leaving the vapers a very good first impression.


Vapejoy 5% 1500 puff disposable vape is a decent and durable device for a premium vaping experience. It’s produced by Youme Group, which is the owner of the famous and popular Air Bar brand under Suorin’s flag, so the quality and taste of the new device would be an improved edition based on the prestigious old model. The price $12.99 for retail and $8.99 for wholesale, are twice of the classic model, while the performance and service life are three times of the classic model, which is absolutely more cost-effective. Obviously, I would choose Vapejoy if I were the buyer. Forget about other disposables with Vapejoy in hand.

Vapejoy 5% disposable vape review: premium 1500 puff vaping experience
Vapejoy 5% disposable vape review: premium 1500 puff vaping experience

Here comes good news at the same time, Vapejoy under Youme Group is holding Cyber Monday sales from November 29th to December 3th. Free shipping, $50 off coupons, buy 2 and get 1 free, etc. In a word, it’s the best time to grab it at the lowest price of the year.

Tap this link to view and buy Vapejoy disposable at a discounted price:

Vapejoy 5% disposable vape review: premium 1500 puff vaping experiencevapejoy cyber monday sales

5 Best Vapes For Nicotine Salts

Nicotine salts are becoming increasingly popular among vapers today. Most people consider nic salts an efficient way of consuming nicotine and kicking the smoking habit for good. However, you must select the best device that will help you transition smoothly to vaping. A quality vape pod will help you enjoy nicotine salts vape juice.
There are plenty of nicotine salt vapes on the market with outstanding features. Today, the nicotine salt brands like the hyde disposable 50mg kit are the hottest vaping trend. However, you cannot use every vape device to take nic salts. This article examines the best nic salt vapes on the market based on their quality, features, and performance.

1. SMOK Nord Vape Pod System

The vape device from SMOK comes with a larger battery and better coils for maximum experience. The 1500mAh battery will get you through an entire day of heavy vaping. It is an excellent option for nicotine salts with a sleek and stylish design. The pod is leak-resistant and easy to fill.
SMOK has been producing quality vape devices over the years with amazing flavors and throat hits. The brand doesn’t go wrong with the style and design of the vapes. The Nord Vape is everything you could get from a nic salt vape. It is compact and feels comfortable to hold in hand and use anywhere.
It has an 800 mAh rechargeable battery that can produce maximum wattage output of up to 25w for all-day use. Another impressive feature is the LED display that allows the user to monitor the vape settings. This portable pod system comes with an ergonomic mouthpiece with a 2ml pod capacity. The 0.8-ohm coil is perfect for nicotine salts. Choose from an impressive variety of color shades.

2. Aspire Breeze 2 All-in-One Vape

Aspire vape mods are some of the best nic salt vapes on the market if you desire an amazing vape experience. The modern design of Aspire Breeze vape pod provides an excellent factor for buying this device. It has a 1.0-ohm coil designed to make the most of salt-based vape juice. These coils are expertly engineered to maximize the flavor and treat your taste buds to a new taste level.

You will love this vape’s features that make it perfect for nic salts. The compact and lightweight design allows you to use it anywhere. For a small size, this device has a large battery that functions with draw-activated firing.
Choose between a button-operated or draw-activated device. Its airflow is customized and accessible through a removable mouthpiece. The ability to adjust the airflow to a preferred level is an impressive feature of this device. You can adjust the airflow ring to get a tighter MTL draw. Another unique feature of this device is its multi-use top cap that provides convenient access to the coil.

3. Vaporesso Renova Zero All-in-One Vape Pod System

The Renova Zero vape pod from Vaporesso ticks every box in terms of features. The device has the most desirable aspects of any nic salt vape. It has a 0.8-ohm coil that is the perfect resistance for vaping nicotine salts.
Vaporesso makes great vaping devices, including the nicotine salt vapes. Their Renova Zero pod system is a compact device with replaceable coils. It comes with ceramic heating elements that deliver pure flavor during vaping.

Vaporesso Renova is a durable nic salt vape pod that can withstand regular use. It is a simple device with an ergonomic design to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. They intentionally crafted its shape with ergonomics in mind to make it portable. Get a starter kit that includes an e-juice refilling bottle for a relaxed vaping experience.
It has a big battery that will get you a full day of vaping, depending on the coil and wattage. Its 650-mAh battery sets the stage for a satisfying vaping experience. The versatility of its airflow is another outstanding feature.

4. SnowWolf Wocket Vape Pod System

If you want to add nicotine salts to your vaping repertoire, using a SnowWolf Wocket device will give you the ultimate joy. This top-rated nic salt vape will suit your style and budget. The whole design of this vape device considers the user’s comfort and overall vaping experience.

This vape device is lightweight, compact, and aesthetically pleasing, making it perfect for an amazing vaping experience. It has become popular among many nic salt portable pod devices. The pod system combines the usability and innovative features for users who love the value and rapid response rate.
It is one of the Standard devices on the market, combining innovative features and exceptional usability. You will love the fast power delivery, powerful battery, and adjustable airflow. The built-in screen on the device makes it easy to monitor all the vape settings and adjust for an ideal web experience.

5. Suorin Air Plus Vape Pod System

Suorin nic salt vape differs from all the other pods on the market. Its distinctive shape is attractively unique from any other vape device on the market. The manufacturer specifically designed this vaping device to make nicotine salt vaping easier. You will appreciate the convenience of less-frequent fill-ups

This is one of the popular nic salt vapes that lives up to every user’s expectations. It has a draw-activated firing that allows you to jump directly into an excellent vape session. Also, this vape device comes with a magnetic replaceable e-liquid pod comprising a 2ml juice capacity. It also comes with a 930-mAh battery that provides plenty of power for a standout performance.
Suorin vape pod system makes nicotine salt vaping easier with an array of elements. For example, you can pick from a variety of color shades. The best feature of this device is a leak-proof design to make it durable. A handy bottom-fill system and battery life indicator light to let you know when to recharge.

The Bottom Line

Salt nic vape has become more common in the vaping world, thanks to the success of the JUUL. Today, you are likely to find open pod systems for taking nicotine salt. This article has described some of the best nicotine salt vapes to help you stop smoking. Find a vape device that creates excellent flavors and a vape experience while remaining simple. If you want to enjoy nicotine salt, you can find an extensive selection of the best Nic vapes providing an enjoyable experience. The best vapes for nicotine salts are open, compact, and lightweight, focusing on simplicity and flexibility.

FDA Revokes Marketing Denial Orders for Humble’s Flavoured E-liquids

The MDOs for Humble Juice Co., were issued on September 15th, for the brands flavoured e-liquids with pending PMTAs. In response to this, Humble had filed a petition with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, with the aim of having the MDOs revoked. Meanwhile, Humble received an MDO rescission letter from the FDA, stating that upon further review it identified information contained in Humble’s PMTA that requires additional evaluation such as “randomized controlled trials comparing tobacco-flavored ENDS to flavored ENDS as well as several cross-sectional surveys evaluating intentions to use or likelihood of use in current smokers, current ENDS users, former tobacco users, and never users.”

The FDA’s rescission put Humble’s products back into the PMTA process

To this effect, Humble withdrew its court petition, and the FDA’s rescission automatically places the brand’s products back into the PMTA review process and provides Humble with a pathway to market its products. “FDA’s decision to rescind the MDO re-instills our faith in this challenging but science-based regulatory process,” said Humble CEO Daniel Clark. “We remain confident in and proud of our extensive PMTA submission. We are committed to working with the FDA to obtain marketing orders for the products submitted in our initial PMTAs in order to provide Humble’s adult consumers with flavor-filled and affordable e-juice long into the future.”

Recent uncovered documents revealed that PMTA reviewers have created a method to get through a backlog of millions of PMTAs, enabling them to quickly dismiss many of them without reviewing their submitted documents. A recent blog on Competitive Enterprise Institute’s website highlighted that the FDA was not expecting such a high volume of PMTA submissions. “Perhaps that explains why the FDA now seems intent on coming up with excuses to issue sweeping denials and whittle that number down to a size it can handle,” reads the blog.

The first batch of rejections came in early August 2021, when the FDA announced that it would not even review the 4.5 million applications from the same company, JD Nova, on grounds that they did not include an adequate Environmental Assessment. At the end of the same month, the agency issued marketing denial orders, or MDOs, for applications related to flavoured vaping products (55,000 from one company and 800 from another), based on the excuse that these failed to provide “product-specific scientific evidence to demonstrate enough of a benefit to adult smokers that would overcome the risk posed to youth.”

The agency added that such evidence, “would likely be in the form of a randomized controlled trial or longitudinal cohort study,” though it leaves room for other types of evidence “if sufficiently robust and reliable.”

A bias against flavoured products

And now, documents obtained by Filter sadly seem to confirm the above, whilst also indicating a bias towards flavoured products. The FDA had previously indicated that the threshold to be met would largely involve a balancing act between the products facilitating smoking cessation for adults whilst not being attractive to minors. The agency had also made it clear that it would likely require at least one of in order to prove the above.

However, on September 9th Mitch Zeller had stated in an update to the agency’s PMTA process, that the FDA “does not foreclose the possibility that other types of evidence could be adequate if sufficiently robust and reliable.” The agency never really expanded on what kind of other evidence that would be.

The FDA’s strategy to deal with the high volume of submitted PMTAs

Meanwhile, the uncovered memos reveal how the FDA planned to deal with the heavy volume of applications. “Office of Science has been tasked with developing a new plan to effectively manage the remaining non-tobacco flavored ENDS PMTAs not in Phase III, substantive scientific review,” reads a memorandum signed on July 9 by Matthew Holman, the director of CTP’s Office of Science.

“This task has been assigned by the Acting Commissioner given the likely impact on the marketplace on September 10, 2021 (the end of the enforcement discretion period for deemed tobacco products) and in order to take final action on as many applications as possible by September 10, 2021.”

Read Further: PR Newswire

FDA Approves PMTA Of Discontinued Altria Product

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China revises tobacco law to include vape regulation

On November 27, the Chinese government website reported that the State Council issued a decision on amending the “Regulations for the Implementation of the Tobacco Monopoly Law of the People’s Republic of China” (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”). Such new tobacco products shall be implemented with reference to the relevant regulations on cigarettes in these Regulations.”
This means that the entire e-cigarette industry in China is officially included in the tobacco regulatory system, and there will be laws to follow for the future development of the industry. For companies engaged in e-cigarettes and related industries. For a long time, “the sword hanging over their head has finally landed aside.” The legal status of e-cigarettes has allowed the companies in the industry to clarify their future development direction.
As far as VAPE HK is concerned, it’s time to say goodbye to the vape industry if the new tobacco products including vapes and heat-not-burn products follow the relevant regulations on cigarettes strictly in China. Luckily, the revised law says referring to the cigarette law, not according to. So there will be a large space for the vape industry to survive until some fatal regulation or law is rolled out. Not this time.

Voopoo Drag Nano 2 – Ecigclick

Painstaking Efforts Behind Drag Nano 2 Parallel To Sublime Work Of Art

The story behind the creation of the Voopoo Drag Nano 2 from the team behind it.

22, 31, 571, 8, 1.

This confusing string of cold numbers makes up the most vivid images of the Drag Nano 2 R&D team, and these numbers give us a glimpse into the birth of Drag Nano 2.

drag nano 2 story

A team of 22 members makes collisions of inspirations as well as clashes of ideas possible.

Drag Nano 2 was initially positioned as a strategic product of VOOPOO in 2021, whose development drew the majority of the company’s resources before its development.

To create an amazing Pod parallel to sublime work of art, the development of this product has brought together the top talents from the VOOPOO R&D team, bringing together a team of 22 members from their respective fields involving initial market research, product strategy, CMF, technology development, preference adjustment, packaging design and so on.

Undoubtedly, the “strongest team”, consisting of 22 members, needs to not only give full play to their respective professional skills but also tolerate and compromise with each other on product definition.

From an industrial design point of view, artistic creativity can be added in many situations, but from a product manager’s point of view, some bold designs may make users feel less comfortable. We may be able to strike a balance between user experience and aesthetic inspiration in the process of product development, but more often than not, we still clashed violently on our sides.

Drag Nano 2 industrial designer Steven said resignedly.

Even under the same situation, sharp see-saw can also emerge frequently among the R&D colleagues.

The acknowledgment of a high-quality electronic product by the market is inseparable from the enabling technology developed by the R&D team.

While tactile materials, slim appearance, shape design, and use experience of products pursued by the R&D team need the empowerment and support of scientific research and technology.

However, in this process, technical limitations often restrict the implementation of mechanical products.

Suppose the actual technological means really cannot meet the current product demand.

In that case, the contradictions between the two will intensify, and the R&D team will have to compromise the objective conditions to some extent while sticking to their product concept.

Sometimes, we argue over a few tenths of a millimeter.

From the perspective of the ultimate product, we can indeed understand the strict requirements of the R&D team.

Still, the premise is that the final implementation of the product can not affect the quality of the product because of the design concept.

However, in the long run, there were times when we had to upgrade our technology because of the insistence of our colleagues.

In particular, during the development of Drag Nano 2, a lot of technological changes were made because of the pressure from them.

It may have been a small change, but it made a qualitative leap in our technology.

Louis, a fellow researcher, recalled.

Voopoo Drag Nano 2 – 31 new starts only for perfection.

The definition of a good product varies from person to person, but from the perspective of VOOPOO, commercial success has never been the guiding principle of product development.

This concept echoes with what Joseph Everest, Founder, and CEO of VOOPOO, usually says:

Do the hard things, do the right things, and do the things that stand the tests of time.

In this spirit, Drag Nano 2 R&D team held themselves to the highest standards from the start.

drag nano 2

Drag Nano 2 presents itself as compact, beautiful, stylish, and user-friendly, but what is hidden from the public are many failures and innovations during the development process.

As long as one team member disagrees with one of the aspects of design or users’ experience, the previous solution has to be overturned, and the product has to be redeveloped.

According to team members, one version of the product was already in the prototyping stage, but it did not meet Everest’s criteria, so it was redeveloped.

Initial labor, time, R&D costs, and supply chains all came to naught.

The redeveloped product is not the final version, and even a single component and millimeter change can start the project from scratch.

The team members pulled back and forth 31 times before the final product came out.

These 31 attempts striving for perfection make Drag Nano 2 an artistic competitor that meets the needs of all parties.

Voopoo Drag Nano 2 – Team members share weal and woe during 571 days of hard work.

It took 571 days from Drag Nano 2 in April 2020 to the end of product development in September 2021.

This process was fraught with quarrels, frustration, staying up, and tears.

story of the nano 2

Nevertheless, the R&D team worked together to complete the product development and finally gained sincere “comradeship”.

Because the team members come from different places, differences in culture, personality, and working styles will inevitably cause frictions in product development.

However, due to the strict pursuit of quality, Drag Nano 2 products have been improved several levels of quality in leaps and bounds compared to the first version in the process of building consensus.

Apart from maintaining the appearance of the first version, they also thoroughly overcame the oil leakage problem of the first version.

The successful settlement of this problem served as a foundation for understanding, trust, and even deep affection among team members.

In the victory banquet, Drag Nano 2 R&D team threw themselves into binge-drinking, completely letting out their sufferings and sorrows in the past 571 days.

Based on this successful cooperation, we promise to cooperate again next time, and we will definitely create an excellent work of art again!

There is always one color scheme favored by users

The R&D team conducted a lot of user researches on the color schemes of the body, and Drag Nano 2 has eight selected color schemes to meet different customer preferences.

Three of Vinci Pod’s “monochrome, mono-plated” PC-textured patch elements are integrated into various color schemes for light and style.

The other five are a bold combination of the Drag S Pro’s leather materials, allowing the hard metal to go hand in hand with soft, comfortable leather.

Unlike previous VOOPOO Drag series products featuring a tough style, the design team allows full rein to features like youth and fashion, which are closely related to the design philosophy of Able, the product development director of Drag Nano 2.

As a woman, she brings a feminine aesthetic to the product’s design with a bright, stylish design style that subverts the stereotype of the industrial ruggedness of the Drag series products.

Painstaking efforts precipitate in 1 product to complete redemption

In late October, Drag Nano 2 was picked up by vertical media and reviewed, acclaiming widespread praise.

It also caused a heated discussion among network bloggers around the world.

nano 2 review

After experiencing the product, they generally praised it highly. However, we do not see that the R&D team invited lovers of electronic atomization products from all walks of life to complete thousands of blind tests of the product.

Only after adjusting the product to the best effect can we have absolute confidence to launch.

The biggest problem with the first version of Drag Nano is oil leakage.

The R&D team came up with revolutionary ideas for this “stubborn problem” and humorously summed up the change in oil leakage as “modern pentathlon”.


First of all, the way of filling oil at the bottom of the first version is changed to the current top filling.

The use of silica gel plug in line with the engineering structure takes advantage of the gravity and elastic silica gel to lock the injected smoke oil firmly.

Besides, the R&D team used the middle double-layer sealing silicone in the oil tank to further block the “leaking oil”.

The bottom product team and the R&D team, after several times of collisions, finally tackled the oil leakage problem again through the “bottom three-hole air intake”, “bottom sealing silica gel and oil bin bone sealing”, and “bottom oil storage cotton”.

After tests for long time use, there was no sign of oil leakage in the finished Drag Nano 2, in which “modern pentathlon” played a great role.

Even though it is hard for users to see these technological adjustments directly, it takes tens of thousands of trials, running-ins, and even fierce arguments for the R&D team to reach a consensus.

The R&D team said that the birth of a product is like that of a baby. 571 days of “pregnancy” is indeed a long time, but they all hope that the baby can be recognized by the market and grow up healthily.

There is no doubt that the VOOPOO team’s commitment to the user-centered concept has enabled them to refine their products with craftsmanship.

Time and effort resulted in a product like Voopoo Drag Nano 2 that combines quality with artistry.

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New Carolina County Uses Geofencing in Anti-Vaping Social Media Campaign 

The social media campaign was launched in February 2021, and the County is paying for the anti-vaping advertisements with grant money from an N.C. Department of Health and Human Services program called “Healthy Communities.” Revenue from the program goes to local health departments, with the goal of reducing “the burden of chronic disease and injury in North Carolina,” which includes tobacco and e-cig use.

Recent NCDHHS data has revealed that of the 83 total health departments that received the grant money last year, 38 used the funds for meeting media messaging campaigns aimed at fighting smoking and vaping.

Other efforts

In 2020, the New Hanover County Health and Human Services Board voted to implement strict regulations on both vaping and smoking across the jurisdiction of the county. The County’s voted on and approved the proposal.

In 2010, the state legislature for North Carolina banned smoking in certain public spaces such as restaurants and lodging establishments like hotels, motels, and hostels. The local government, said the amendment pertaining to vaping would reiterate the state law but cover e-cigarette use due to the recent sharp increase in vaping.

South Carolina’s Proposed House Bill 3681

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