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Growing cannabis plants: Indoor Vs. outdoor cultivation


Cannabis cultivation has been occurring for a long time, but the production was not legal until recently. Since the government has legalized Cannabis, the cultivation of marijuana has grown drastically. The purpose of cultivation may differ for everybody, but most people are now interested in cultivating these plants either on a farm or indoors in their garden. People are interested in studying the different strains that have different purposes and investing after understanding the benefits. Strains like the Rainbow kush, the white widow, LSD, etc., are really popular strains. Every popular strain has the ability to give a good yield and monetary benefits if you know the requirements and methods of proper cultivation of your Cannabis plants. 

Here are certain cultivation needs for the plant to prosper:

  • Sunlight- 

sunlight or artificial light is an important aspect in growth, not only for Cannabis but any other plant. It is seen that more hours are required for the vegetative growth of the plant, but fewer hours are required if you are concentrating on the growth of Cannabis flowers. If your plant has been exposed to sunlight or artificial light for about 16 to 24 hours, then it is more likely that vegetative growth will take place. If this exposure is between 0 to 8 hours, then flower growth can be expected. 

  • Soil-

This is another crucial aspect of the cultivation of Cannabis plants. Although the cannabis plant is counted among the most sustainable plants, a proper environment must be created for its growth. All the nutrients must be present in the soil to support the health of the plant. All the seeds bought from the seeds depot will have different needs.

  • Water- 

Since Cannabis is counted among one of the sustainable plants, the water requirement is low compared to any other plant. Having said that, water has a very important role to play in promoting the growth of Cannabis. The amount of water required for the plant to grow depends on many factors surrounding the growth. For example, the amount of water required will be more for areas where the temperature is very high. Also, the water given to the plants must be optimum, and you don’t want to waterlog the roots as it can provide a good environment for the anaerobic bacteria to grow and damage the crop. 
As it is understood here, various factors need to be fulfilled for a healthy plant yield. To start investing in marijuana cultivation, people have to take into account many aspects of cultivation. Growing plants indoors or outdoors is also another aspect that people need to keep in their minds. The variety of seeds that they are using should also be taken into consideration. For example, if you get a feminized seed variety pack, you have to go on with the cultivation process required to germinate these seeds successfully. You have to read about how they can be healthy and start accordingly. If you are thinking of marijuana cultivation, then you have to take indoor and outdoor cultivation seriously. There are benefits and shortcomings involved with both processes. 

Here are some of the things you need to know about indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Indoor cultivation-

This is a more intensive and effort-taking method of cultivating Cannabis. Although there are many benefits of this process, you don’t have to wait for a particular season or time of the year. You can grow the crop anytime, anywhere you want. It is much more expensive, as the equipment and electricity required for this method are much more than outdoor cultivation. Another advantage of following this method is that you don’t have to depend on the outside situation. You don’t need to wait for the sunlight, temperature, or water when you have all this ready in your indoor setup. This will help you better as the output doesn’t depend on environmental factors to get a steady yield from the plantation. You can also get multiple harvests from one crop as the time of harvesting is short for this plant; you can get an output more than once a year. This method has many benefits, but there are certain limitations attached to this process as well. Space is the biggest constraint involved with such a type of cultivation. You can always compare the pros and cons of both the methods of cultivation and then decide for yourself. 

Outdoor cultivation-

This method is a little bit relaxing as compared to the indoor plantation. Direct sunlight is available for the plants to grow, so there is no need for you to put extra effort into providing proper light and warmth separately. You only have to care about the nutrients of the soil and provide proper moisture. Since space is not a constraint and the plant has all the soil to grow its roots into, the final yield will be very good. Although the output cannot be yielded more than it can be done in an indoor plantation, the output you get from the outdoor plantation is much more in one cultivation than in an indoor plantation. 

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