E-cigarette companies back to production report

In view of the special period of the epidemic, all industry-related conferences and exhibitions were canceled. In order to better serve member companies, help companies resume work and production, play a role in stabilizing the industry, unite all colleagues to develop in a group, and spend the epidemic period together, understand the resumption of production and production of e-cigarette companies during the epidemic, and to timely grasp the dynamics of member companies and the serious problems facing the current epidemic abroad, the Secretary-General of the E-cigarette Industry Committee, Ao Weinuo, and his party respectively visited the executive vice-chairman enterprises of the Association this week. Shenzhen Green Sound Technology Co., Ltd., Vice President Unit Shenzhen Buddy Technology Development Co., Ltd., Dongguan Yihai Electronics Co., Ltd., Shenzhen ALD Electronics Co., Ltd., Executive Director Unit Shenzhen Smiss Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. were visited by the secretary-general.

E-cigarette Industry Committee & Green Sound
The delegation of the Secretariat took a photo with Huang Guihua, Chairman of Green Sound

Green Sound officie and workshop

Green Sound officie and workshop
Green Sound office and workshop

Shenzhen Green Sound Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as Green Sound) is a comprehensive technology company specializing in the research, development, production, sales and service of electronic cigarettes. The company always adheres to independent innovation, and has a stable customer base and a good reputation in the domestic and international markets with solid quality control and perfect after-sales service. Chairman Huang Guihua briefed the Secretariat on the current situation of electronic cigarettes in foreign markets. Due to the impact of the epidemic, experiential physical stores in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom have been required to close, but the e-cigarette wholesale channels are still open without being affected, and users can normally purchase e-cigarette products. The current market demand is very large. As the global epidemic continues to spread, it will inevitably affect international logistics and transportation. She suggested that the secretariat should take the lead in the industry when necessary, integrate relevant industry resources to make emergency plans, and contact the airlines to form charter flights for future use. Need. Regarding the future development form of the industry, Huang Dong said that opportunities always coexist with challenges. The application range of electronic cigarette technology is very wide. With the continuous improvement of vaping technology, the vaping industry will definitely develop toward diversification, such as health care. And medical products. Huang Dong also expressed his views on the current shortage of supply of batteries in the supply chain. The difficulties faced by the industry are temporary. Especially in special times, everyone should integrate resources, cooperate and standardize development, and face the difficulties. We also hope that all supply chains can build an orderly and healthy system based on the principle of long-term cooperative supply chain. It has helped the electronic cigarette industry to become stronger and bigger and to continue its healthy development.

Group photo of the Secretariat and Buddy Chairman Liu Xiang
Group photo of the Secretariat and Buddy Chairman Liu Xiang

Buddy Office Building and Plant

Shenzhen Buddy Technology Development Co., Ltd. (Buddy for short) was established in 2008. The headquarter is located in Shenzhen Baoan Fuyong Buddy Innovation and Technology Park. During Buddy’s visit, Secretary-General Ao Weinuo asked Chairman Liu Xiang whether there were any shortages in the supply of electronic cigarette batteries, micro beads, heating wires and other supporting products. President Liu said that the tight supply in the supply chain is indeed a problem facing enterprises at present, but he believes that this situation is only temporary. After everything returns to normal, the problem will be solved. Under the influence of the epidemic, facing external huge uncertainties, enterprises should change external uncertainties based on internal certainty, including product technology research and development, product positioning, etc., make predictions, research and judgments on the current situation, and do it in a timely manner. Good plan, aware of the risk means that the risk has been reduced by half, they believe that the difficulties are temporary, and the general trend of the electronic cigarette industry’s development is unchanged.

Group photo of the Secretariat and Yihai Chairman Chen Zhenjiang
Group photo of the Secretariat and Yihai Chairman Chen Zhenjiang

Yihai office building

Established in 2010, Dongguan Yihai Electronics Co., Ltd. (referred to as Yihai) is a high-tech enterprise focusing on electronic cigarette product development, production, sales and service. SXmini is a well-known electronic cigarette brand under Yihai. Since the establishment of the company, it has always focused on technological innovation, product breakthroughs and customer experience. At present, the new plant in Changping, Dongguan has basically been in normal production and operation, and some areas are still under renovation. During the exchange, Chen Zhenjiang, chairman of Yihai, said that e-cigarette companies should take consumer health as the prerequisite, adhere to safety and health orientation, do not rush to make quick profits, be practical and low-key, and concentrate on product technology research and development. Only when a company has certain core technological competitiveness can it go more stable and long-term. During the current epidemic, it is time for enterprises to cultivate their “internal strength” and to save energy for subsequent development.

The delegation of the Secretariat took a group photo with Ding Yi, the chairman of ALD, and Xu Xuanxuan, the vice president
The delegation of the Secretariat took a group photo with Ding Yi, the chairman of ALD, and Xu Xuanxuan, the vice president
ALD factory cornor
A corner of ALD factory

Shenzhen ALD Electronics Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as ALD) was established in 2009. It is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and application of electronic atomization technology. During the visit, Ding Yi, the chairman of ALD, expressed his support and praise for the Secretariat’s extensive work on industry norm development, and affirmed the effective guidance and bridge hub role of the Electronic Cigarette Industry Committee as an industry association organization. Among them, ALD Xu mentioned that with the clarification of the death of lung diseases caused by e-cigarette smoking in the United States, the confidence of e-cigarette people in the industry has been strengthened. In addition, the customer base of European and American countries and regions is solid, and the market prospect is broad. Continue to be optimistic about this rising industry. At present, while improving product quality, enterprises continue to increase research and development efforts, with the ultimate goal of pursuing product health and safety and customer experience. Then, the entire industry will surely make steady progress in the direction of standardizing safety and health, and will definitely go further.

The delegation of the Secretariat and Zhao Chengzhi, the general manager of Smiss
The delegation of the Secretariat and Zhao Chengzhi, the general manager of Smiss
Front desk of Smiss New Office Building
Front desk of Smiss New Office Building

Shenzhen Smiss Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Smiss for short) was established in 2012. It is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. The main products are disposable electronic cigarettes, reusable electronic cigarettes, high-power electronic cigarettes, new tobacco starter kits and electronic cigarette supporting products. Currently there are three factories in Gongming and Songgang, with a total of about 50,000 square meters of office and manufacturing space. General Manager Zhao Chengzhi personally led the secretariat to visit the new office building in Songgang. The layout and decoration of the office area still continued Smiss’s modern style. During the exchange, President Zhao simply introduced the factory to the staff of the Secretariat. At present, the new factory has more than 4,000 employees. The order is in good condition and production is in an orderly manner. He said he was very passionate and optimistic about the e-cigarette industry and hoped that the industry would develop steadily and healthily. Only in this way could companies have a greater space for survival. E-cigarettes will definitely develop in the intelligent direction in the future, which will bring a better experience to users. We look forward working together to keep innovating and advancing, be low-key and pragmatic at every step. And the industry will usher in a new turnaround.

Vaporesso Target PM80 review

Basic information

The Target PM80 released by Vaporesso is a new comer different from pass Vaporesso vaping devices, has been called PODMOD device. As its name fits, it powers MOD performance with POD size. Hosed within internal 2000mAh battery deliver what you expect from single 18650 battery. It measures 102mm*33.4mm*24.8mm potable design yet sturdy quality inside, just creates extraordinary vaping experience.

The Target PM80 is a Sun-ohm vape device that super hits your DTL vaping. Integrated with Vaporesso patented ANON chip that fires in 0.001s as you click the button, max output of 80W allows for the massive vapor production. Features 0.96” TFT Screen shows almost everything you are wondering to know when you are vaping.

Take a First look at TARGET PM80

There is “VAPORESSO target PM80” logo on the left edge of the battery. Square fire button located on the mod conspicuously, below forward, is the 0.96” TFT Screen there. And setting buttons for your wattage adjustable is below the TFT Screen. Above these features made up the PM80 control panel and take one side of the device. So everyone will get a portable device with concise interface but just deliver powerful output from TARGET PM80.

Charging port is located on the lower right corner of the right side. And under the pod, there are constructed with two non-adjustable airflow ports. As the tradition, these two air flow is still the vital design and one of the most important factors to infect the draw, resistance, and some other inhale experiences.

TARGET PM80 has six colors in all for different vision preference. What we have mentioned is the control panel takes one side of the device, so the color has been featured on the opposite of the control panel. Different choose shows different visions separately, Red, Green, Black, Blue, Brown and silver. On the top end, it is the slot for the pod integrated, each pod allows 4ml e-liquid capacity with GTX 0.2Ω MESH COIL or GTX 0.3Ω MESH COIL.

Vaporesso Target PM80 review


If you have being the loyal fans of the Vaporesso, also you will be affected by this TARGET PM 80, two pods along with their specific coils to get start different vaping experience.


Just check out what it includes.


1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card
1 x Reminder Card



1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card
1 x Reminder Card

Vaporesso Target PM80 review

Charging and Getting vaping with PM80

Get your device charging via USB cable in the box, need around 1hr to get fully charge and start to enjoy the long life battery life with built-in 2000mAh battery.

Click the power button 5 time as usual when you vape with a VAPORESSO device to activate your TARGET PM80. Repeat to switch it off. And another thing should know that is power button not only aim at turning on, but also is the key for the adjustment function with 3 clicking.

PM80 has up to 80 Wattages output and ranges from 5 wattages to 80watts adjustable for your customized vapor production and nicotine hit. Old rule, lager wattage is for more experienced users. Don’t get straight forward to the strongest setting.

Beside the changeable wattages feature, voltage also is in your customization list. From 0 to 4 optional could satisfy different vaper type.

Vaporesso Target PM80 review

How it performs

For a pod, 4ml capacity is amazing, but it is necessary for a device need a mod characteristic, especially to get a perfect DTL mode. As the pod design as the VAPORESSO ZERO and AURORA, PM80 POD connect to the MOD in magnetic design. But you should really admit that the solid quality in VAPORESSO brand, pod and mod connected well and even has improved. For the ZERO, the magnet after a time you use it. But with TARGET PM80, it is still sturdy and solid magnet even I have using it around 1 month, and vape frequently in a day.

Compare to the PTF filling system, honestly I preferred the easy filling with larger hole for my e-liquid containing, because PTF just need a tiny port or injector, not really convenient for me. Fortunately, TARGET PM80 is that one easily filling. Plug and fill, then finished. Furthermore, your e-liquid level is easily checked, everything in the e-liquid container is visible clearly.

TARGET PM80 fit two different power output coils but same belong to VAPORESSO latest GTX coils. Strong DTL hit will be recommend GTX 0.2Ω MESH COIL which could deliver 45W-60W range. And GTX 0.3Ω MESH COIL allows 32W-45W output just is looser lung hit than 0.2Ω. But if you are looking for vape device with comfortable or relax throat hit, than you might not be recommended, even for 0.3Ω MESH COIL, because looser hit just have a comparison to the GTX 0.2Ω MESH COIL in DTL mode here, not for all situation. This is what I need to mention specially for you.

If the TARGET PM80 is the right device for you, then Vape with GTX 0.2Ω MESH COIL would give you the best vaping experience ever since. All of your high expectation from a good vaping experience will be true finally, top notch flavor, impressive vapor production, solid quality is the most reason you pick it up.

Another thing I love it the most is the intelligent recognition for the specific coil you have connected to the mod, then recommend the suitable output range for you to start vaping. With the help of this smart technology, there is no confusion or get the wrong setting by accident.

Price: Vape.uk user enjoy Price: $33  (TARGET PM80 at ECOAO)
Colors: Silver, brown, black, blue, green, red

Make a conclusion

TARGET PM80 absolutely is an awesome PODMOD that perfectly fits your DTL inquiry. Super easy to fill to minimizes your e-liquid leaking. Revolutionary AXON chip coupled with the latest GTX MESHED COIL delivers the improved vaping experience. Pocket friendly design with MOD power gives everyone a reason to sort it into their purchasing list. Lower wattage than a regular box mod device, but still a great sub-ohm vapes with flavorful vaping, I believe it will surprise you too as it astonished me.

Current situation of Shenzhen vape market amid COVID 19 pandemic

A few days ago, ECCOM’s “Electronic Cigarette Business” column team visited Shenzhen Huaqiang North, which was titled “China’s First Street of Electronics”. There are more than 50,000 business merchants here, with as many as 200,000 employees, and the average daily transaction volume exceeds 1 billion. Data show that the average daily traffic is close to 400,000 person-times, and even 800,000 person-times during the holidays. This is also the distribution center of offline physical stores in the Shenzhen e-cigarette offline channel.

Entering Huaqiangbei Commercial Pedestrian Street, a red tent and the crowd came into view. The shop facing the street has been opened for business. Many merchants in Huaqiang North Main Street are already picking up and delivering goods. The couriers are busy packing and receiving, which seems extra busy.

Current situation of Shenzhen vape market amid COVID 19 pandemic

From the scene of the bustling crowd and the express delivery of the courier man, we can see that the Huaqiangbei market has initially resumed operation.

It is reported that Huaqiangbei officially opened the market on March 1 after formulating strict prevention and control measures. The market will be carried out in an orderly manner by region. It is expected that the full resumption of work will be completed in April.

In communication with Mr. Zhang, the person in charge of the IVC International Electronic Cigarette Marketing Center in Rongda Communication Market, we learned that the center’s stores have been fully disinfected, employees have returned to work one after another, and gradually resume normal operations. Products delivered to customers are normally shipped. At present, the IVC Exhibition Center has settled 21 brand companies, many of which include RELX, MOTI, Boulder, yooz, SNOWPLUS, vvild, Flow, Bailun, gippro and other brand companies. There are 13 brands in negotiation.

Current situation of Shenzhen vape market amid COVID 19 pandemic

After walking around, I found that there are also Thinkr, Jigan and other brands have also opened specialty stores.

Looking at the current situation of Huaqiangbei, the mobile 3C digital physical store business is becoming more and more difficult to do business, the price is transparent, the profit is getting lower and lower, but the cost of labor and rent is still increasing. As a fast-consuming product, e-cigarettes consume quickly, have a high repurchase rate, and have large market demand, so the profit margins will also go up.

Current situation of Shenzhen vape market amid COVID 19 pandemic

Indeed, Huaqiangbei has already shown a clear trend of urgently seeking “transformation”, which has also given the mobile phone 3C digital store merchants who have always been poorly priced a chance to choose a transformation. Of course, this is also a good choice for manufacturers and brands test.

With the development and continuous expansion of offline channels of manufacturers and brands, Huaqiangbei currently has more than 30 stores and sales outlets, involving more than 80 brands, and it is still expanding.

Current situation of Shenzhen vape market amid COVID 19 pandemic

At present, Huaqiangbei has also established a high-quality purchase channel for wholesalers and agents, as well as a channel and platform for consumers to experience products before buying.

During the epidemic, many dealers experienced stockouts to varying degrees. Replenishment and relocation were everywhere, and cartridges/pods became a rigid demand. One after another, they were looking for replenishment channels, which also showed the demand of consumers and the market.

As manufacturers resume work, workers gradually return to work, and the supply chain is fully integrated. It is believed that the supply of goods will gradually stabilize and the electronic cigarette market is back on track.

After the blank period of the Spring Festival and the epidemic, brands with weak anti-risk capabilities will be quickly eliminated. Brands with stronger strength, improved supply chain channels, better policy support, will survive. They will seize the opportunity and continue to fight steadily, move forward, expand the market and increase brand influence.

This will also be another round of reshuffle of the electronic cigarette industry, but also a test of the development and growth of the electronic cigarette industry.

Current situation of Shenzhen vape market amid COVID 19 pandemic

With the passage of time, it is believed that the elders of the 70s and 80s of traditional cigarettes will also adapt to the development trend of the times, and the changes in the consumption concepts of the younger generations of 90s and 00s, the continuous updating and iteration of products, and the pursuit of quality will defining e-cigarettes again, the future development of the e-cigarette industry will see explosive growth.

In the near future, e-cigarettes will become another powerful choice for a new generation of consumers to pursue harm reduction consumer goods. There will be a large number of loyal consumer groups, which are highly sticky and have considerable development prospects.

Moti vape won Green Product Award

The organizing committee of the German Green Product Award announced the results of the 2020 Green Product Award and Green Concept Award recently. The two new vapes independently developed by MOTI have passed multiple rounds of reviews. After competing with more than 1,000 entries from six continents, they won the official recommendation of the German Green Product Award. The product is the first and only time to win this award, and it also means that the original intention of the electronic cigarette to actively promote the change of people’s lifestyle has been recognized by the experts of the organizing committee.

The Green Product Award is an award for green creative products launched by companies in Germany. It is also an international competition for creative and sustainable design products and concepts. It is held regularly in Germany every year. The theme of the 2020 Green Product Award and the Green Concept Award is “Future Village”. The international jury is composed of 200 expert members including: Managing Director of the IKEA Foundation, and world-renowned designers, attracting 1463 from 52 countries and regions. Its participants’ number is the largest in history.

Moti vape won Green Product Award Moti vape won Green Product Award

MOTI’s newly developed two new vapes have been officially recommended at the same time, a pod system and a disposable vape.

According to the person in charge of the MOTI design team, these two products have made great breakthroughs in appearance. The shape design challenges the difficult and irregular surface shape. The product design adds elements of streamlined curves to apply the principle of the air flow system to the product structure. To bring a different user experience. In addition, a lot of ergonomics are taken into consideration when designing the product, paying attention to the user’s vision, touch, and taste when using the product. They are fully optimized in terms of taste, vaping resistance, vapor volume, leakage prevention, and condensation prevention. It’s a vape with excellent comfort.

The MOTI design team is an experienced and energetic team, with team members from well-known designers in many fields such as luxury goods, automobiles, and mobile phones. The previous work of the team members has won the United States IDEA Design Award, the German iF Design Award, Germany’s Red Dot Design Award, Japan’s GoodDesign Award, the world’s four major design awards.

MOTI will, as always, adhere to the design ideal of “green environmental protection, quality and peace of mind”, while highlighting the unique design of the product, more consideration will be given to green environmental protection design and material use, and create more high-quality vaporizer products with users.

In the future, MOTI will actively assume corporate social responsibility, with the goal of “meeting the needs of users for a better quality of life”, actively promote the sustainable development of the vaping industry, pay attention to environmental protection and social development, and create a more intelligent, safe and healthy society.

Is there still a second spring in China vape industry?

How will China e-cigarette market go in 2020? Let’s take a bold prediction.

Market demand has been proven

Whether online or offline, the hot sales of e-cigarettes have fully proved the real market demand for e-cigarettes and the pursuit of new things by Chinese people.

Compared to some smokers, e-cigarettes do have a addiction relief effect. And the health degree of qualified electronic cigarettes is far less than that of cigarettes.

Most brands exit the market

At the time of the most popular disposable electronic cigarettes in 2019, there were more than 3,000 e-cigarette brands nationwide. At Shenzhen Shajing, 3,000 orders can be processed by OEM. The e-cigarettes of various styles are dazzling.

With the tightening of policies and the emergence of epidemics, some brands have gradually withdrawn from the market. Even the more popular brands cut their product price greatly to clear the stock.

Own factory brand opportunities remain

While policies and epidemic conditions have affected brand owners, they have also affected e-cigarette production plants. In the second half of 2019, some factories have already withdrawn from the field of electronic cigarette production. Some surviving factories that were originally just foundries started to promote their brands.

The author once said in the “New Retail 3.0 Era” that the three core values of vending machines: experience, product promotion and traffic. From this point of view, at present, it is the most suitable time for the self-owned factory brand to sell electronic cigarettes.

The prospect of e-cigarettes is remarkable.

1. Product awareness has been greatly improved

After the hot market and policy turmoil in 2019, the public’s awareness of e-cigarettes has greatly improved.

I once said in “Analyzing the Vending Industry with a Mask Vending Machine”: whether a product is suitable for vending needs to be analyzed from six dimensions, one of which is awareness.

The higher the user’s awareness, the greater the sales rate; vice versa. Therefore, compared with 2019, the e-cigarette vending machine sales will increase.

2. Commodity gross profit increases instead of decreasing

The market price of a disposable vape is between 39 yuan and 59 yuan, and there is already a cognitive set in the minds of consumers. Therefore, the retail price of disposable vapes will not change much.

However, as the heat decreases, the foundry cost of e-cigarettes has dropped by at least 30% compared to 2019. This will allow more gross margin for vending machine sales.

3. Quality + Marketing Achieves Brand

Many so-called e-cigarette brands in 2019 are just one name. In addition to design flaws, battery problems and e-liquid problems can be seen everywhere.

Quality is the foundation of a brand. High quality + good marketing can make a brand. The result of focusing on marketing but not quality is a flash in the pan! Only e-cigarette brands that can withstand quality can survive in the end.

For the electronic cigarette industry, the only uncertainty is to C end.

Based on my own understanding of the “steady development, orderly and open” ideology and judgment of social development trends, the author take a rough estimaste of the control measures for the electronic cigarette industry:

The second measure after the online ban should be quality control. Those that do not meet the quality standards will be expelled from the market. The e-liquid is the key to the quality of e-cigarettes, so the second step should be production standards and e-liquid control.

If the scale of the e-cigarette market continues to grow explosively, there will be a third step, which is the offline channel control. However, in view of the effects of the first measure and the impact of the epidemic in 2019, the second measure will be delayed. This leaves a certain gap for the orderly development of the market.

For some companies, one of the positive effects of the epidemic is that you are on the same starting line with the person who was faster than you.

So during the COVID 19 coronavirus epidemic, we can’t just stare at the masks and temperature guns, but take the opportunity to quickly catch up with our competitors.

ALD B2 series disposable vape for local filling

With the ban of JUULPOD, disposable vape pen brands such as PUFFBAR  POSH STIG are rapidly admired by consumers. Rich flavors, easy-to-use designs, and low prices have become the biggest advantages of this type of product. At the same time, larger battery lasting and larger E-liquid capacity is also about to become a new consumer trend. With the special economic environment in 2020, users have less cash in their pockets, and more affordable products will be the first choice for users.

PUFFBAR Plus, POSH plus are already run ahead. If you need a product of your own brand to win the upcoming market, you must have a very professional manufacturer. ALD GROUP LIMITED will work with you to achieve a win-win situation.

In order to solve the problem that brands can quickly match the latest e-liquids, the ALD B2 (800 puffs) series has improved the product design so that disposable vape can be easily auto-injected locally. In this way, you can prepare empty equipment in advance to avoid the risk of leakage during the transport and storage., once you want to promote your new e-liquid, you can quickly fill and sell it.


ALD B2 series introduction:


attention b2 is coming b2 ald4.0ml super large prefilled e juice800 puffs all in one design 650 mah powerful batterylatest cotton materialrounded case for oem custom logos disposable vape wholesale


ALD B2 Mini:

ALD B2 series disposable vape for local filling save your moneylatest cotton material gives your better flavorbig vapor with the suitable throat hit


ALD ELF: disposable vape for local fillingbrand it sell itauto draw puffs one off deisign


ALD Introduction

ALD B2 series disposable vape for local filling
ALD B2 is a new tech by ALD. ALD is a gigantic vaping factory with 4,300,000+ sq.ft manufacturing base, 3,000+ skilled workers, 100+ R&D talents, 30,000,000 pcs per month capacity & GMP/ISO9001/ISO1400 SQP/WCA certificates. It welcomes both OEM and ODM orders.

Details on ALD B2: B2 disposable vape introduction.pdf

Details on ALD B2 mini: B2 mini disposable vape introduction.pdf

Details on ALD ELF: ELF Vape Business E-liquid Filling Design.pdf

Learn more about B2 at ALD official site: http://www.aldgroup.com/

Talk to: [email protected]

How CBD Helps Seniors in Their Everyday Living

As more states legalize marijuana usage, cannabis products become increasingly common. Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one such product. CBD may be a compound of the cannabis plant that gives therapeutic properties without the psychoactive “high” typically related to cannabis use. CBD products are available in many various forms, including oral tinctures, gummies, and topical creams.

Most of the States that have legalized the cultivation of cannabis seeds, and consumption of marijuana for medicinal purposes including CBD. Moreover, CBD was reliably prescribed fewer opioids, have fewer deaths caused by prescription opioids, and fewer people in treatment for opioid addiction.

CBD use has exploded across the state, and therefore the “seniors” group is not any exception. Consistent with one study, cannabis use among adults aged 50 and over increased by 250 percent between 2006 and 2013. Nearly one in five Americans over the age of fifty have used a CBD product, consistent with a recent Gallup poll.

More than a 3rd of USA citizens is age 50 or older, and that they are predicted to outnumber the youth for the first time in U.S. history. Seniors (age 65 and above) are among the first medicated population groups within the U.S. They represent 12 percent of the entire population but account for quite a 3rd of the country’s prescription use. As our bodies naturally age, older people are more likely to suffer from severe health conditions. Therefore, this group could possibly see the best way to enjoy CBD products.

What is CBD?

As mentioned above, CBD is brief for cannabidiol, one among quite 100 chemical compounds found within the cannabis plant in both Indica or Sativa strain. These chemical compounds are called cannabinoids and share an identical molecular structure to the endocannabinoid hormones our bodies produce. CBD can bind to the human endocannabinoid system, helping regulate biological functions like appetite, sleep, pain responses, inflammation, and mood.

What can CBD oil help seniors with?

As more research is conducted, new benefits and uses of CBD are being discovered all the time. CBD has therapeutic properties for all age groups. Here are a couple of the foremost commonly treated benefits among seniors:

  • Pain management: CBD is useful for chronic pain, including arthritis and sciatica by reducing inflammation
  • Sleep problems: CBD can help insomniacs sleep better; alternately, they are often micro-dosed during the day to market alertness.
  • Anxiety and depression: Studies show that CBD has mood-regulating effects that will safely and effectively treat depression. There is evidence to believe that CBD can help treat other mood disorders like PTSD and OCD.
  • Chemotherapy side effects: Cancer patients were among the primary group to experiment with medical marijuana to treat symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite. Newer studies show that CBD is often equally effective for these symptoms.
  • Dementia: Several studies have indicated that CBD treatment may slow cognitive decline in dementia and Alzheimer’s patients.

How CBD Helps Seniors in Their Everyday Living

Is CBD oil safe?

Research has shown that CBD may be a safe and effective treatment for several people. Of course, anyone curious about using CBD should speak with their doctor first, and never stop taking the medication without a doctor’s guidance. Like all other substances, there are some known interactions between CBD and certain medicines or supplements, so make sure to possess a candid discussion together with your medical care provider.

Tips on CBD Safety For Seniors

With your doctor’s approval, here are some helpful steps to require. First, make sure to research the brand or company you are curious about. CBD products are often bought just about everywhere, from online stores, farmer’s markets, dispensaries, and even major retailers in some areas.

However, before buying any CBD products, make sure to research the brand and company. A reputable brand will submit each batch to independent third-party testing to verify the contents and make sure there are not any contaminants. Also, confirm the plants are hemp and grown within the USA. While there is currently no federal regulation for CBD products, the U.S. does have specific farming practices the industry must adhere to.

How to use CBD for seniors

Oral tinctures, vape pens, and edibles tend to be hottest with seniors. When shopping around, confine mind that different sorts of CBD produce different effects, and even an equivalent product can vary from person to person. Keep an open mind that finding the right CBD product could also be a process of trial and error. Here are a couple of sorts of products to consider:

  • Oral tinctures: CBD oil or hemp oil usually contains a food-grade oil like MCT or copra oil. We prefer full-spectrum hemp oil, which will have the advantages of CBD, plus other valuable nutrients.
  • CBD Isolate: These could also be clear or light golden, counting on the carrier oil used. These products have isolated and removed the cannabidiol and mixed it with carrier oil. We prefer full-spectrum oil that contains other beneficial cannabinoids and fatty acids rather than stripping them out of the isolate.
  • Edibles: These are food items infused with CBD concentrate, including gummies and syrups. Edibles take longer to ingest because they are absorbed into the gastrointestinal system.
  • Topicals: CBD-infused lotions, balms, or patches are applied on to the skin. They will help with surface-level issues like headaches and arthritis.

How CBD Helps Seniors in Their Everyday Living

CBD Oil Dosage for Seniors

While a doctor can guide your specific situation, a general guide to make sure seniors’ safety is to start at 2.5 mg, which is half the recommended dose for other adults. Everyone’s metabolism and knowledge are different, so it is essential to start slow and gradually increase the dose. Older adults are more likely to be taking other medications and should feel the consequences more quickly, thanks to age.

Throughout a couple of days to every week, the dose is often increased in 2.5mg increments. Physical symptoms tend to reply more quickly to treatment than psychological symptoms, so make sure to speak together with your doctor about your specific symptoms and a sensible outcome. Never stop taking any medication without a doctor’s supervision.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, albeit many older adults are taking advantage of the advantages CBD has got to offer, not most are on board. Many seniors should hold onto outdated stereotypes of cannabis use, not realizing that CBD could significantly improve their quality of life. In many cases, CBD may reduce or maybe replace pharmaceutical drugs. The above mentioned are reasons why seniors should consider adding CBD to their everyday living.

Tea cigarette becomes popular in China

New statistics show that in January 2020, online sales of tea cigarettes reached 48.251 million yuan, an increase of 143% compared to February 2019, and the online transaction volume in one year exceeded 500 million yuan. Tea cigarette seems to have great potential to replace tobacco & e-cigarette consumption.

Cigarette-shaped tea smoking product

Open an e-commerce platform and search with “tea cigarette” as a keyword. The highest-selling tea cigarette is higher than 30,000 pieces per month, and other brands also sell thousands of pieces every month. There are also many types, which are often subdivided according to the tea varieties involved in tea cigarette, such as Pu’er, Golden Bud, Jasmine, and Longjing. Most tea cigarette products focus on slogans such as “good cigarette alternative”, “healthy gifts”, and “non-tobacco products”.

These slogans looks familar with e-cigarettes. When electronic cigarettes became popular all the time, these word were almost piled up. However, tea cigarette has a more attractive chip-no nicotine.

How is tea cigarette different from traditional cigarettes?

The reporter learned that e-cigarette is a product that allows users to inhale nicotine and other vapors by means of atomization. Tea cigarette replaces the shredded tobacco in traditional cigarettes with tea. After being lit, the tea is smoked and it has the shape of a traditional cigarette, but without tobacco. Tea cigarette is actually “smoking tea”.

“Traditional cigarettes are addictive mainly because of the nicotine content in the smoke. But in addition to nicotine, cigarette smoke also contains more than 60 harmful ingredients such as tar.” Recently, Zhang Jianshu, president of the Beijing Tobacco Control Association, Said in an interview with reporters from Science and Technology Daily.

As for e-cigarettes, “Classified by the principle of smoking, e-cigarettes include heating and non-combustion, e-liquid atomization, etc. Although some toxic substances such as tar and suspended particles are reduced to a certain extent, most e-cigarettes are still as addictive as nicotine. As the main component, compared to traditional cigarettes, it is only a simimar product. “Zhang Jianshu said.

Zhang Jianshu pointed out that merchants have tried to make tea cigarette an image of good tobacco products, using traditional tea with a long history as the focus of publicity, and using people’s inherent impression of tea’s health, to induce consumers pay for tea cigarette. In addition, the sudden outbreak of coronavirus this year has changed the habits and cognition of many smokers, which may be one of the reasons for the “rise” of tea cigarettes.

According to the statistics of the authority, the popular science related to this epidemic has further deepened the public’s attention to health issues, especially the lungs and other respiratory problems. The negative image of smoking has been further strengthened, and giving and sending cigarettes may bring more and more disgust.

Under the banner of “health” and “quit smoking”, Tea cigarettes made inroads, and the soar of its sales volume was inevitable.

Tea is not good for the human body after burning

However, is it true that many fans of tea cigarettes are healthy?

“Drinking tea is very different from smoking tea. Burning tea is not good for the human body.” Duan Yongchun, a researcher at the Rizhao Tea Science Research Institute, told the Science Daily reporter, “Drinking tea can make caffeine, tea polyphenols, amino acids, vitamins in tea. After being soaked in water, it is then absorbed by the human body. After the tea is burned, most of the caffeine in the tea is sublimated and lost. Tea polyphenols, amino acids, vitamins are decomposed or denatured, and most of the released carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and inhalable particulate matter. These are harmful substances in the human body. ”

Duan Yongchun made an image analogy-the burning of tea leaves is similar to the components released by the burning of ordinary plant straws, and the inhalation of tea cigarette is similar to the smoke produced by the burning of plant straws?

Zhang Jianshu also held similar views. In his opinion, tea drinking and tea smoking are different ways of taking and absorbing. Merchants can’t change the concept because tea drinking is good for health. They also pack tea into healthy products. “Just like the meat we usually eat, fried and fried are delicious, and meat is rich in nutrients, but not all meat products are good for health, and fried foods are listed by the World Health Organization as the top ten junk food, fried meat is the worst hit area of ​​’bad fat’. ”

Smokers don’t like the bad taste

In addition to “health” gimmicks, merchants also raised the banner of “no nicotine” and “quit smoking”. Can Tea cigarette really help smokers quit?

Zhang Jianshu pointed out that the taste of Tea cigarette is not good, which may make smokers unacceptable, and it’s difficult to become a substitute for traditional tobacco.

Mr. Yu, who has a 30-year smoking history, told the Science and Technology Daily that during the process of smoking a Tea cigarette, he felt a moldy straw smell and almost no tea aroma. Compared with ordinary cigarettes, Tea cigarette smells more stubborn and is more likely to cause respiratory discomfort. “This taste is very different from ordinary cigarettes. I couldn’t accept it for the first time, and I never smoked it again.”

Earlier, some media interviewed more than a dozen old smokers who had smoked the tea cigarette. They also did not recognize the taste of the tea cigarette, and even some could not accept it. An artist also shared that It’s stimulative. ”

“In addition, even if you smoke tea cigarettes, you cannot reduce the smokers’ inherent dependence on nicotine, so they cannot help smokers to quit smoking to a large extent.” Zhang Jianshu said, “In short, the beneficial effects of tea cigarettes have not been proven. Tea cigarettes are not encouraged to be used. ”

Production and sales fall into regulatory dilemma

What’s more noteworthy is that, like other emerging products, the production and sales of tea cigarettes have fallen into a difficult situation of regulation.

“The main raw material of heat not burn electronic cigarette cartridge is tobacco extract, so it belongs to the tobacco industry internationally. Regulatory agencies such as the Tobacco Monopoly Bureau have the right and obligation to regulate them. The main raw material of tea cigarette is tea, which has not yet been included in tobacco regulatory scope. “Zhang Jianshu said.

Tea for human consumption belongs to the category of food. The reporter logged into the official website of the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration and found the relevant constituent indicators of traditional tea, but did not find entries about Tea cigarette. It can be seen that tea cigarette has not been included in the regulation of this sector.

Zhang Jianshu said that the regulation mechanism of tea cigarette is not clear, and the security is more difficult to guarantee. The specific issues of the supervision method, degree of supervision, and punishment of tea cigarettes need to be improved by the state at the legislative level.

In fact, smoking cessation is not something that can only be accomplished with alternatives such as tea cigarettes. There are many ways to quit smoking scientifically.

“More and more people realize that smoking is harmful, especially in the post-80s and post-90s period. They have a more rational understanding of smoking and will not easily ‘get into the pit.’ This is related to government departments and the society such as the CDC and the Tobacco Control Association. The results of the organization’s publicity over the years are inseparable. “Zhang Jianshu said that smokers with shorter smoking ages can call the 12320 National Health Hotline for a targeted smoking cessation plan. Smokers who are older and addicted to smoking, or smokers who have tried to quit but have relapsed, are advised to go to the smoking cessation clinic of a regular medical institution to consult a professional physician and effectively quit smoking.

Data show that during the epidemic period, smokers have objectively quit smoking because of the inconvenience of buying cigarettes, taking care of family health and personal hygiene. In Zhang Jianshu’s view, this is a good time to quit smoking. The spread of the virus is equivalent to creating a compulsory quitting environment for some smokers, which is a good start, but after the epidemic, it is equally important to quit smoking and resist relapse.

Quitting smoking is also a kind of “cultivation”, and self-control is especially important. If you want to choose a tobacco substitute to help you quit, you must keep your eyes open, and you must not fall into another trap in order to “get out of the pit.”

Short-term demand for e-cigarette batteries has skyrocketed

The demand for e-cigarette batteries has been strong recently, and shortages have reappeared. However, the shortage of vape batteries this time is very different from before. It was caused by rapid market growth. This time it is related to US policy.

According to a decision of the United States District Court, the deadline for submitting PMTA to the US Food and Drug Administration is advanced to May 12, 2020.


After submitting the application, the applicant can continue to sell the product for one year or until the product is approved or rejected. Products that do not meet these requirements may be enforced to be off-list.

The United States is the largest export market for China e-cigarette companies. After a federal court order is issued, if the company wants to stay in the US market, the way out is to apply for PMTA as soon as possible.

With the approaching of the deadline, e-cigarette manufacturers usher in a large demand for e-cigarette batteries at the beginning of 2020.

e cigarette battery

Several e-cigarette manufacturers said that e-cigarette batteries are currently in short supply; they’re searching for vape batteries everywhere. Previously, there were stocks for not-so-large battery orders, and now they have to be booked in advance.

Many related orders for the production of e-cigarette battery factories are saturated; in order to meet the urgent needs of customers, full-force efforts are being made to expand production capacity.

For e-cigarette manufacturers exporting to the United States, increasing orders is a good thing, but these needs must also be treated with caution. Factories need to keep an eye on the safety of the payment.

Regarding the outbreak in the United States, as of March 23, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in the United States has reached 35,211, with 471 deaths. The rapid changes in the epidemic situation will undoubtedly increase the instability of e-cigarette exports and the export risks will rise sharply.

trade vape

Beginning in mid-March, European and American customers in other industries have successively canceled orders. With the spread of the U.S. epidemic, some customers may choose to abandon, reject, or temporarily delay shipments in order to avoid losses. This has indeed had a significant impact on factories and export companies.

For enterprises exporting to the United States and Europe, in order to prevent possible risks from emergencies, it is recommended that export companies sort out the inventory risks affected by the epidemic situation, pay close attention to the transportation of goods that have already been shipped, and consult with freight forwarders and shipping companies in time. Communicate and deduct work in response to possible customs injunctions.

trade vape

For goods that have not yet been shipped, communicate effectively with customers in a timely manner, reasonably arrange the time of shipment, and pay close attention to the situation of epidemic prevention and control to try to avoid or reduce the uncertainty caused by the COVID 19.

SnowPlus Coffee Starter Kit Review

Pods Overview

The SnowPlus brand was launched in April 2019. SnowPlus is dedicated to providing safe alternatives to traditional cigarettes by bringing change to current health challenges around the globe and empowering adult smokers to lead more healthy lifestyles. SnowPlus products have passed a number of third-party safety certifications and comply with the highest medical safety standards of the FDA and the European Union.

Package contents

  • 1 DEVICE

The SNOWPLUS coffee starter kit comes with 2 flavored pods which are nicotine free, the device is well built with a 400mAh battery capacity and it is able to pull 300 on full charge. The other thing which is very appealing to me is the magnetic design which makes the device very easy to put together and start using or switching between pods.

This unit is also compatible with both nicotine and non nicotine pods which should make everyone happy.

I enjoyed both flavors that came with the SNOWPLUS coffee starter kit, being a big coffee drinker I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this to test it out.

The video above shows you exactly how the unit and pods work, no need to look which side you are putting the pod in it doesn’t really matter and the best thing is it is magnetic, so is really easy to change to different flavored pods without even looking.

When it comes to using the unit its as easy as putting the pod in and starting to vape, no need to switch anything on or any of that non sense ? also we do get a nice illuminating light when you are using the SnowPlus
When it comes to the flavors that are included with the unit, they have a nice scent which even after sometime when I got back to the room I could still smell the aroma from before, I would choose my scents wisely.

extra pods snowplus

We are also looking at the optional pods which we received, and when it comes to flavor, it does deliver to that promise, we had the chance to test out the Golden Energy which is quite pleasant aroma to it.

inside the box for pods snowplus coffee america

Inside we have a total of 3 pods which are nicely packed, and are contained within the container and are nicotine-free.

In June 2019, SNOWPLUS announced to gain the “A-round” investment of USD 40 million from multiple frontier venture capital and individual investors, and at the meantime, the sales volume of the electronic atomizing products of SNOWPLUS keeps fast growth speed depending on the high-quality product experience and breakthrough marketing mode.
At present, SNOWPLUS has already entered into the first tier of E-cigarette sales in China, and the top 3 in the world.

For more information please head to https://snowplustech.com/