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2020 Dubai International Vape Expo has been postponed to september


According to news on March 13, WayJoy, the organizer of the first Dubai International Electronic Cigarette Exhibition, was affected by the Corona Virus Disease 2019, and postponed the exhibition originally scheduled from March 18-20 to September 3-5, 2020.

Exhibition introduction:

The traditional smoking utensils market and trade in the Middle East are very active. Many religious people have a very large demand for smoking utensils. The local smoking utensils are basically imported. The opening of the e-cigarette market this time is a very good news for these traditional smokers, and finally opened a door away from the dangers of deadly tobacco, and made e-cigarettes and heating and non-burning devices a substitute for traditional tobacco. good chance.

The organizer of the first Dubai e-cigarette exhibition, WAYJOY, announced that the 2020 Dubai e-cigarette exhibition has been scheduled to be held at the Dubai Intercontinental Festival City Convention and Exhibition Center, with an exhibition area of 8.000 square meters. The first Dubai e-cigarette exhibition will promote the growth of the local market. WAYJOY welcomes exhibitors and distributors, industry professionals or any interested individuals and groups. The exhibition is expected to have 120-150 brands from around the world participating, including many world-renowned brands and local distributors in the Middle East. This is the first professional e-cigarette exhibition in Dubai. The numbers are B2B on the 18th and B2C on the 20th. Enterprises in the e-cigarette industry will gather at the first professional e-cigarette exhibition in Dubai.

Exhibition scope:

Tobacco companies, e-cigarette brands, foundries, traders, etc. The products include new tobacco products, e-cigarette device, batteries, e-cigarette oil and other electronic cigarette peripheral products.

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