Deadly divergence of opinions on electronic cigarettes: American suppresses, while British welcomes

Unlike the strict ban in most Asian countries and the controversial situation in the United States, e-cigarettes in some European countries enjoy considerable official support, especially in the United Kingdom.

It should be noted that there is no outbreak of e-cigarette-related diseases in the UK as in the United States. Among young people who never smoke, the popularity of e-cigarettes has not soared.

Deadly divergence of electronic cigarettes: American suppresses, while Britain welcomes

More exactly, the role of e-cigarettes in the UK is more in line with the original purpose of its invention – the tool to help adult smokers quit. This is also an important reason why British health authorities support the existence of electronic cigarettes.

John Newton, director of health improvement at the British Public Health Department, said publicly, “If you don’t smoke, don’t use e-cigarettes, but if you smoke, then switching to e-cigarettes will be a better choice for your health.”

Public health authorities in England have already reported that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than traditional cigarettes and help 20,000 people quit smoking every year.

Electronic cigarettes are not a competition, but vaper won in Britain

The report also points out that less than 1% of young people in the UK who have never smoked electronic cigarettes regularly smoke electronic cigarettes, and there is no evidence that electronic cigarettes can become a way for young people to smoke traditional cigarettes.

In this regard, it is also pointed out that the UK’s good situation is due to its stricter control than the recent chaos caused by electronic cigarettes in the United States.

On the one hand, there are stricter standards for the upper limit of nicotine content in Britain and even in the European Union. The European Union limits the concentration of liquid nicotine in electronic cigarette smoking devices to 20 mg/ml, but in the United States, the nicotine content of many Juul products is about 59 mg/ml, which makes consumers more addicted in use, and it far exceeds the European Union standard.

Earlier, Juul had to dilute nicotine liquids in his products in order to enter the UK market.

Earlier this year, an analyst at UBS called the United States “the least regulated vape market in the world”.


On the other hand, there are also clear restrictions on the advertising of e-cigarettes in the UK. Halpern Felsher, professor of pediatrics at the Department of Adolescent Medicine, Stanford University Medical Department, points out that in order to prevent more young people from seeing e-cigarette advertisements, the UK has a clear channel for their delivery. For example, outdoor advertisements on buses are allowed, but they cannot appear on social media, television or radio.

In addition, the outbreak of electronic cigarette cases in the United States is mostly related to vapor liquids containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is banned in most parts of Europe.

vapor liquids containing tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

Public health authorities in England have recently stressed to e-cigarette users that they should “use electronic cigarettes regulated by the UK and not risk using homemade or illegal e-cigarettes or adding any potentially harmful substances”.

WHO uses the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control to intervene in e-cigarettes again

The World Health Organization (WHO) has always been an indicator of global public health. It has the ability to influence the regulatory policies of countries and regions. Its decision-making is also closely related to public health institutions and relevant health organizations.

With the rapid development of new tobacco industry in recent years, electronic cigarettes have become the focus of attention of WHO. Governments often cite WHO statements to combat electronic cigarettes.

Every WHO meeting and decision-making is very lethal to the electronic cigarette industry. It can be said that it is a thorn in the development of the electronic cigarette industry. As long as the organization does not recognize the harm reducing effect of new tobacco, the public’s perception of electronic cigarette will be negative.

In 2014, WHO published a research bulletin saying that e-cigarettes are harmful to health. At the same time, the relevant officials denounced the enterprises in the market, believing that tobacco companies disguised e-cigarettes as health products to solve the health problems caused by tobacco. Since then, health-related public health organizations around the world have begun to lash out at electronic cigarettes, and opposition has begun to heat up.

In 2015, WHO also indicated to member countries that it was proposed to ban e-cigarettes. If countries had adopted relevant policies, they hoped that they could strictly regulate e-cigarettes. They could draw up relevant policies in accordance with traditional tobacco laws and regulations or formulate other relevant policies.

Subsequently, the World Health Organization (WHO) advocated the restriction and prohibition of the use of electronic cigarettes at the November 2016 Tobacco Control Conference, at which the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) was adopted.

Since then, FCTC has become a major convention for global tobacco control. Whether it gives tobacco policy recommendations or formulates a tobacco control plan, members of FCTC have met to discuss it and issued it at the WHO Global Conference after making decisions.

It is precisely because FCTC is closely related to the electronic cigarette industry that the global government and relevant public health institutions attach great importance to its regulatory decision-making. It is also an important hub affecting the global electronic cigarette regulatory policy. Therefore, we decided to dig into the WHO information to understand the future regulatory planning of new tobacco and how to view vape.

WHO uses the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control to intervene in e-cigarettes again

This FCTC certification is the WHO’s internal training certificate for Tobacco-Free products in the Global Tobacco Control Program, which needs to go through four stages: registration, class, examination and final audit. After a lot of efforts, Wang Yuyang, president of TTHRA of Taiwan Tobacco Harm Reduction Association, finally went into the global tobacco control base and obtained the FCTC certificate.

As the saying goes, if you know your enemy, you will never die in a hundred battles. Wang Yuyang said that after this course training, we fully understand the future trend of FCTC, how WHO views e-cigarettes, and whether the WHO’s decision-making direction is determined.

According to Wang’s in-depth understanding, at present, FCTC still adopts a “tobacco product supervision” attitude towards heat not burn, electronic cigarettes and other new tobacco products. In the process of the course, FCTC not only gives a brief introduction to electronic cigarettes, but also explains the regulatory methods of some countries. Most of the other textbooks are negative content related to electronic cigarettes.

Although many research institutes around the world have confirmed that the harm of electronic cigarettes is much lower than that of traditional cigarettes, and some WHO member countries have vigorously promoted electronic cigarettes, Wang stressed that WHO does not attach importance to these data and neglects these important scientific research results. “FCTC’s attitude towards electronic cigarettes is very clear. Basically, the members who can participate in the course are defenders, tobacco hazard reduction experts, tobacco control scholars, doctors, PhD, etc. The course focuses on publicizing how harmful e-cigarettes are and expecting them to assist and participate in regulatory decisions in their respective countries.

More alarming is that Wang Yuyang is also the only participant in the FCTC curriculum in the world related to the electronic cigarette industry.

WHO uses the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control to intervene in e-cigarettes again

After two hours of discussions with Danny, we summed up the following:

1. WHO’s attitude towards e-cigarettes is not friendly. It is still hoped that governments around the world will strictly prohibit it in the future. If it cannot be completely prohibited, it is suggested to replace it with a strong regulatory policy.

2. the focus of control of FCTC has been divorced from traditional tobacco, and it has been oriented towards new tobacco. The emphasis also includes tobacco products and special nicotine products, such as BQ with tobacco in India.

3. FCTC actually knows about electronic cigarettes, but most of them disseminate the negative information of electronic cigarettes both internally and externally, while ignoring the research and scientific data. It calls on scholars in relevant fields to actively participate in the prohibition policy of electronic cigarettes.

4. Fueled by the above three points, the regulatory policies of electronic cigarettes in various countries will become increasingly stringent, and even some regions will adopt prohibition policies under the pressure of WHO.

5. If the electronic cigarette industry wants long-term development, relevant enterprises, groups and practitioners should intensify their efforts to communicate with public health institutions and non-governmental organizations in a bid to resist WHO’s decision to control tobacco.

On the other hand, WHO FCTC did not comment on New Zealand’s use of electronic cigarettes and heat not burn products to reach the end game of the tobacco industry (EndGame; smoking population less than 5%). WHO FCTC did not express its opinion, and the relevant personnel emphasized that the experts of the smoke-free tobacco products (SmokeLess Tobacco) were invited to explain and discuss this part in the COP9 conference of Holland in 2020.

WHO uses the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control to intervene in e-cigarettes again

We have mentioned in past articles that although WHO strongly advocates nicotine substitution, on the one hand, it kills and does not recognize the harm reduction value of electronic cigarettes. NRT and e-cigarettes also contain high levels of nicotine. Some studies have confirmed that e-cigarettes are more effective than NRT products on the market. Why does WHO discriminate against products with the same known risks?

In addition, the WHO believes that e-cigarettes will undermine the current tobacco control work, indicating that it may become a tobacco gateway for adolescents, but there is no research to support the claim that it seems unfair to be a public health organization representing the interests of the global people.

In fact, according to a new study in the British Medical Journal, FCTC has not accelerated the decline in global tobacco consumption. Many people may think that these life-saving policies are very successful, but unfortunately, the results of the survey are not satisfactory. Although people in rich countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom are reducing their smoking habits, tobacco consumption is increasing in Indonesia and Vietnam, with more than 500 cigarettes per capita per month.

This means that the focus of FCTC control is indeed misplaced, ignoring the hazards of tobacco in the blindness to crack down on electronic cigarettes. Apart from that, the UK and the USA are the areas where e-cigarettes are very popular, which indirectly proves that e-cigarettes have led to a decline in the smoking rate of traditional tobacco. If studies show that e-cigarettes are less harmful, is it better for FCTC to actively promote them?

Looking at the countries and regions that intend to ban e-cigarettes in the near future, almost all government regulators are under the WHO name, that is to say, as long as WHO maintains its stand, e-cigarettes will not be able to play a real value of harm reduction.

Although electronic cigarettes still have health risks and should be strictly regulated, we believe that they are not as “bad” as the WHO says. In fact, many health institutions and organizations around the world have recognized e-cigarettes. As long as the headache of “adolescent addiction” is solved, e-cigarettes can help many countries implement smoke-free policies.

Tobacco products have legally taken too many lives from us, but now electronic cigarettes are gradually demonized. Is this really good for people’s health? Referring to the story of self-reliance and self-indulgence, we hope that the relevant institutions who truly stand in the public health perspective can think carefully.

Declassify the background of major electronic cigarette brands in the vape war


Founder: Kate Wang

RELX team comes from OPPO, Huawei, Chinese Academy of Sciences, L’Oreal, P&G and Youbu. On June 25, 2018, it announced the completion of the first round of RMB 38 million financing. At present, it is developing rapidly and plans to open factories abroad. Husband of Kate Wang, is an IDG investor, has turned IDG to abandon the investment to Shanlan Laan then to invest RELX. The biggest problem in the process of development is the cart leakage and the unreasonable price. The agent also made an incident and wrote, “Why I quit to be a RELX agent? “During this period, because of false propaganda of the puffs of electronic cigarette, it was surrounded and intercepted by a number of domestic self-media. At present, it is the first brand in domestic market.



Founder: Cai Yuedong

Founded the constellation blog and IP of “Uncle Tongdao”. At present, the products are welcomed by the agents, and the vape juice leakage rate is low. It develops rapidly and is expected to be in the top ten in the industry. In the process of development, the biggest problem is the runaway incident of partner Hechang (former CEO of Huang Taiji). It is understood that Hechang has registered the brand of electronic cigarettes independently as early as the beginning of joining YOZ, and intentionally set up a self-supporting brand.


3. Shanlan Laan

In 2014, Zhu Yaxuan, an industrial designer at Tencent Wechat, received an electronic cigarette from a friend. This accidental intrusion into life caused Zhu Yaxuan’s strong curiosity, and let him see a new way of life. After two years of exploration and research on electronic cigarette products, Zhu Yaxuan boldly left the Internet giant and founded Shenzhen Shanlan Technology Co., Ltd..He’s doing well, but there is no idea of development, in the face of the 100-vape-brand war, its development is a little slow with few big actions.


4. SnowPlus

Block chain company iost’s new masterpiece, pursuing the stormeye all the time. CEO Wang Hao, former head of the overseas market of iost. At present, she is in charge of the SnowPlus e-cigarette project together with the former OFO marketing director. The development time is short, but the magic is full. The CEO of SnowPlus attended the Relx ‘s new product launch and was “invited” out. It launched e-coffee and smokeless series of electronic cigarettes (DTL), which is the world first.


5. Moti

The founding team of MOTI mostly has the background of studying abroad in the United States and France. It has been engaged in the electronic cigarette industry in the United States for nine years. It has founded or co-founded some famous electronic cigarette brands such as GEEKVAPE and VAPORESSO. It has participated in the establishment and operation of half of the top ten brands in the American electronic cigarette industry, and has rich industry experience and resources. It’s famous across the border with movies, but sells very little. It takes nearly 100 million to promote the “Wandering Earth” joint edition. Everything is good, but the product is too ugly. According to the news, most of the sales go abroad, and domestic activities such as music festivals and art salons have been adhered to, and giveaway activities have continued for long.


6. BTM

After 5,000 million of investment from Japan, it doesn’t have any voice anymore. Even the instructions are exactly the same as RELX, let alone. The use experience is just so so.



Zhu Xiaomu’s pioneering brand, Lao Luo supported it at the beginning, according to the news, because the uneven distribution of interests, they broke up. At present, FLOW is a good brand, FLOW show and ice cream cross-border, etc., but the sales are plain, all committed to doing a TO VC electronic cigarette enterprise. According to the news, the internal strife went to explosion and the civil war was fierce. But we have to admire the ability of industrial design and product material. One-off products are good.


8. GR

At the end of 2017, GR is the sole authorized company of American VMR in China. VMR is an American electronic cigarette giant with more than 10 years of product experience. Brand spokesman: Uncle Pan (I don’t know who it is). The investor is an electronic cigarette accessories factory in Suzhou, which mainly produces carts accessories for JUUL electronic cigarette brand in the United States. Then, GR and Juul have been hyped closely!


9. vvild

Luo Yonghao’s project, 1500W to ask for Edition Chen’s endorsement, the product is plain, shipment is very fast. The market action was almost zero and there was no movement. It is understood that Lao Luo’s new Smartisan mobile phone is coming out soon, maybe the electronic cigarette is a blood renewal project.


10. LINX

Five major brands of self-media’s association. It’s located at Wemedia headquarters, with no permanent working team. Market action is less, originally intended to rely on its own media to sell goods, the result is not so easy. The data are miserable, the conversion is poor, and the risk is high, so I dare not recommend it to fans.


11. VPO

Founded in 2018, founder Hao Xiaomeng is a continuous entrepreneur with 10 years of online retail and brand operation experience. At this stage, the core of the electronic cigarette track is the competition at the marketing level. In this situation, whether the team has marketing ability and traffic ability becomes the key to core differentiation. VPO core team members from Alibaba, Jingdong e-commerce, YOHO! Guomei Electrical Appliances, Hongtu Triple and other fields, with brand, hardware, e-commerce, new retail and other fields of management experience; the core founder of the entrepreneurship project has been invested by Saifu Asia and other funds, and successfully withdrawn. At present, its voice is not very loud, but it’s a down-to-earth player.


12. Wel

In January 2019, Qiu Yiwu was financed by Pre-A rounds of tens of millions of dollars. The company is located in Hangzhou. Qiu Yiwu had previously started his own business in the field of electric vehicles. He has received tens of millions of dollars from Shunwei, Qualcomm, Foxconn, Zhengge and other front-line institutions with a background of industrial design. It also belongs to the block chain battle group, before he had been selling the mining machines. The best product now should be disposable products, but once the competition becomes fierce, its advantage is not obvious.


13. Esun

Its investors are the well-known angel investment organization Plum Venture Capital and the world tobacco tycoon royal factory JWEI. If you do not understand plum venture capital, first scold not to do electronic cigarettes, switch hands to operate their own investment. The original name is “YISTAR Yishuang”, renamed “ESUN “. During the period of development, it was exposed that the marketing company was deceived into planning the market for investors. Can’t even plan the market themselves?


14. LAMI

Hechang led the team to create a new brand, some people from YOOZ, shooting the new TVC that goes virus, Chinese brand applies the concept of Japanese brand. World Order, a Japanese mechanical dance company endorsed LAMI. And it’s officially released on the 26th.


15. Vitavp

Viavp is the only brand of electronic cigarettes invested by Wang Sicong. It has been financed by 10 million yuan and invested by Puth Capital. After this round of financing, vitavp will increase its investment in product development and domestic and foreign market channels. With Wang Sicong’s express, the company also launched a joint model with the electronic cigarette competition team IG. The founder and CEO is Liu Dongyuan. Liu Dongyuan is a continuous entrepreneur. He began to enter the electronic cigarette industry in 2012. Vitavp was founded in 2015. In the early stage, the main business of Vitavp was the research and development of fume products. At the end of 2016, Vitavp began to enter the market of pod vape products. It seems that they are not very competent. Before the team, there were some members of the block chain, such as the director of marketing.


And more than 1000 other electronic cigarettes,

We don’t enough time to write and so they are ignored…

Electronic cigarette, an industry held by disadvantaged groups

From August to September, the two incidents made the domestic electronic cigarette industry disturbed.

1. Deaths caused by electronic cigarettes in the United States.

2. Trump flavor ban.

There are too many articles on the Internet from the beginning to the end of the two incidents to repeat the saliva.

Two incidents, make electronic cigarettes from entrepreneurs are very panicky, a kind of panic seems to be to be robbed of their homes, set on fire.

Vape entrepreneurs invested all their money into this field, but before the road started to go, there was a burst of wolf cry in their ear.

Left ear death, right ear wolf cry, this is the current situation of e-cigarette entrepreneurs in general.

For domestic e-cigarette entrepreneurs, parents do not give names, consumers do not understand, the media does not have a voice, a foreign wind and grass shakes the whole industry; entrepreneurs often lead a “foreign needle sticking to their heart” life, before considering political correctness, after the wolf, but also cover the heart burning a red-headed RMB cash into the market.

Compared with the current stable situation of tobacco industry, e-cig entrepreneurs are essentially vulnerable groups, regardless of the number of financing.

Any new thing needs a self-proof process, and the electronic cigarette industry needs more proof.

This is an old report in 2015 by the party media Reference Consumption sponsored by Xinhua News Agency, which said that “e-cigarettes are much less harmful than cigarettes”.

e-cigarettes are much less harmful than cigarettes

Four years later (September 20, 2019) electronic cigarettes are like dangerous bombs.

Four years later (September 20, 2019) electronic cigarettes are like bomb protection.

The same newspaper has a 180-degree turning point, which can be regarded as the general direction of public opinion. At present, the media is becoming less and less friendly to electronic cigarettes, and the reference news is not the only one.

There may be many reasons behind this shift.

But in any case, the industry has entered a proving period, which is also a stress test for the industry. Only through this kind of stress test can the whole industry be better.

In response to this kind of stress test, the electronic cigarette industry first needs to answer: Who can be the electronic cigarette?

APV, CBD, POD, HNB and even THC are all electronic atomization products, but who on earth can represent electronic cigarette. It is a problem. Only when the names are fixed can they carry their own responsibility, God’s to God and Caesar’s to Caesar.

On the other hand, the industry needs to be more self-disciplined. At present, the industry participants are mixed, including capital gamblers, speculators who chase the stormeye, down-to-earth entrepreneurs and industry jugglers. Everyone has a dream of making a name for himself and starting a sect. Only the self-disciplined and united group can get through the stress test of the industry and have a stronger voice.

The industry’s self-proving is just beginning.

How to deal with dry burning?

Dry burning is a common nightmare for both newcomers and veteran e-cigarette enthusiasts. It tastes terrible. Unconsciously, an inhalation goes down, the burnt vapor rushes to the throat, chokes you up, even tears will flow out. It can be called a painful experience. Moreover, even if you have more experience, it seems that you can’t solve the problem of dry burning.

Can we only resign ourselves to the adversity of dry burning? No!

First of all, what is dry burning?

As the name implies, dry burning is to continue to use the atomizing core in the absence of e-liquid (or e-liquid exhausted), resulting in continuous heating of the heater and causing burning. Simply put, there is no e-liquid in the atomizer or e-liquid tank, and the e-cig is still working, which results in the burning of the atomization core.

So, how to avoid dry burning?

E-cigarette enthusiasts have more or less encountered headache of dry burning. In fact, in most cases, dry burning is caused by the user’s wrong way of using and technical loopholes, but these situations can be avoided.

1. Coil installation trick

For electronic cigarette device which can replace heating wire, loading heating wire is a key step. Think about if you take a few puffs, the oil has not been brought up, the heating wire will burn the cotton core, that paste is really unforgettable. Well, the heating wire was burnt out. To avoid scorching, we can drop two or three drops of e-liquid on the exposed part of the new heating wire when it is loaded. But remember, too much e-liquid can drown the heating coil, which is troublesome.

Coil installation trick

Then fill the tank with e-liquid and stand upright for 10 minutes. Many e-cigarette instructions write four to five minutes, but that’s the shortest time. To be on the safe side, we suggested that you stay for another five minutes.

2. Warm-up the atomizer

For those who use more advanced box mod with power control function, the following two points should be paid attention to in order to avoid dry burning.

The working power of different atomizers is also different. Usually, the power threshold is marked on the atomizer. When you just unpacked a brand new adjustable power electronic cigarette, remember to treat it better first. First, let’s warm it up. This warm-up allows you to synchronize with the electronic cigarette into the best state. The first step of running-in atomizer is to minimize the power. Then, every few minutes, step by step adjust the power until the atomizer is perfectly prepared to achieve the perfect atomization effect.

2. Warm-up the atomizer

Another way is to take a few sucks toward the mouthpiece before the atomizer actually heats up. This will help the core absorb the e-liquid quickly and avoid dry burning.

3. Try another cart

There are many prestigious large electronic cigarette companies at home and abroad, but sometimes the atomization cores produced by them are really unsatisfactory. The oil-conducting holes of electronic cigarette with finished product atomization core are usually perfectly designed, but there are exceptions, which leads to the problem of oil-conducting before electronic cigarette enthusiasts can enjoy a few puffs.

If you feel that the electronic cigarette will be dry burning, the simplest way to avoid it is to change a cart/pod. Most carts have their own design features, such as atomization core, oil guide channel, etc. There is always one that suits you.

4. Reducing VG concentration of e-liquid

The content of VG (vegetable glycerin) determines the amount of vapor in the e-liquid. The higher the content, the greater the smoke. Therefore, VG has always been a good idea for box mod/RDA/RBA enthusiasts.

4. Reducing VG Concentration of E-liquid

However, high VG can also bring bad experience to smoking, because VG increases the consistency of e-liquid and slows down the speed of oil conduction. When the VG content reaches a certain level, the atomizer will strike directly. In this way, there are many reasons for dry burning. However, using e-liquid with low VG concentration is a solution.

5. Add oil frequently

We observed that everyone was too lazy to inject oil before smoking all the e-liquid. In fact, as the e-liquid is slowly consumed, the atomization core gradually emerges and semi-infiltrates into the e-liquid. At this point, it will no longer absorb the e-liquid in the tank, but burn until the part of the oil surface is pasted. At that time, in addition to the burnt taste, you will also get a half burnt heating core.

5. Add oil frequently

Therefore, e suggested that the majority of e-cigarette enthusiasts, when the e-liquid is only 10% – 20%, it should be refilled. Remember, the sooner the better!

6. Vaping also requires skills

Sometimes, dry burning is the result of individual suction habits. If you always like to take a suck and taste it lightly, we suggest slowing down and inhaling each mouthful of smoke deeply instead. Generally speaking, the smaller the orifice, the slower the oil conduction speed. You can try to stop for 30 seconds between each suction to eleminate the dry burning phenomenon.

6. Smoking also requires techniques

Remember, stop for a moment before taking another suck.

Has there been criticism about advertising to young people in China?

  1. I read on your website that some e-cigarette brands have made a lot of effort to advertise their products to young people. For example, RELX set up sales promoters on college campuses and Yooz hired influencers. I also saw some brands are using sexy models to promote e-cigarettes.


Has there been criticism about advertising to young people in China?


Jesse Jin, a reporter from VAPE HK: There hasnt been much criticism to it at the moment in China. On the one hand, e-cigarette in China is not as popular as in the USA. For example the vaping rate of e-cig in China is only 1% while the USA is 13% ; and on the other hand, e-cigarette is more expensive in China compared to the USA, students cannot afford that. The most popular cigarettes in China is only 10 yuan to 20 yuan per pack while the e-cig starter kits are usually sold at 299 yuan. If minord like to smoke, they should choose to start from a cheaper cigarettes instead.

China government also forbids selling e-cigs to young. Some vape brand like RELX had tried to open up the door of campus, then someone reported it to the official so they stopped that immediately in case of a punishment from the state. Whats more, they even started a Angel Guardian plan to cover their sin evading the moral condemn from the public.


  1. Several tech entrepreneurs have jumped on the e-cigarette trend. Former founder of Qihu 360 Investment Department and Smartisan’s Luo Yonghao have supported investment into e-cigarettes.


It’s easy to see how they could be inspired by the success of Juul but is there other reasons why e-cigarettes have suddenly become such a popular field?


Jesse Jin, a reporter from VAPE HK:

  1. The invention of nicotine salt technology. This technology allows e-liquids vaporized at a low temperature will delivering the maximum nicotine content to lung. It makes vaping with starter kit like JUUL easier and much more convenient while satisfying the needs for nicotine efficiently and pleasantly. Before the invention, vapers have to use a large box mod with rather complex and hard-to-operate designs to vaporized the old e-liquids. Whats more, the old e-liquids without nicotine salt even tastes not better than the starter kit today.
  2. Its addictive accompanying high repurchase rate. Once the customer purchased the first cartridge or pod (a small e-liquid tank), you have to repurchase it again and again. The enterprises profits will be endless and huge then.
  3. The mature supply chain in Shenzhen. In fact, JUUL is also produced in Shenzhen, China, and there are thousands of such vape factories manufacturing this gadget for over 10 years with minimum cost like 30 yuan per kit. Those factories are completely capable producing enough vapes for domestic market. Whats more, JUULs user experience is not better than most pod systems in China according to our actual trial and comparison, while it still sells well in the USA. Image the better vapes in China.
  4. The vast market that has been tapped so far. Everyone knows that China has the largest smoking group in the world, roughly 2 billion. The switch of 1% of smokers is still a gigantic figure.
  5. The blank of regulation. There hasnt been any laws stopping the grow the vapes so far, which allows the free grow of this industry.



  1. US brand Juul is in a lot of trouble now because of concerns about vaping on health. Do you think this will influence Chinese brands too?


Jesse Jin, a reporter from VAPE HK: Chinese brands will mainly be influenced by the state policy and regulations. After seeing the situation in USA, China governments direct media Peoples Daily has showed their attitude to e-cigs that they will strength the regulation of e-cigs. The regulation on e-cigs is scheduled and supposed to be carried out in October, 2019. Chinese brands will face a shuffle after the enact of the regulations. Some brands may grow bigger while some will die.



  1. US brands like Juul have said that e-cigarettes are a good alternative for people who are already smokers. They say that their “mission to improve the lives of the world’s one billion adult smokers by eliminating cigarettes.”


What about Chinese domestic e-cigarette manufacturers? Do you think they make it clear that their product is for existing smokers and a way to quit smoking?


Jesse Jin, a reporter from VAPE HK: Because of the excessive competition in China vape industry – over 1000 brands there, most brands are under huge sales pressure from both capital and internal staff expenses, so they are on the same way that JUUL went on at the early stage – promoting products to both smokers and young. Music festivals, bars and online shops are all selling it with trendy, fashionable, sexy and energetic posters and video ads attracting the eye balls from teenagers. As far as VAPE HK concerned, those ads are successful, but teenagers doesnt have much money to buy, which havent caused a sensation yet.



Please also write down how should I introduce you in the article, what’s your full name and professional title


Please write me as “Jesse Jin, a reporter from VAPE HK

CELIBAN electronic cigarette in-depth review – Completely solve the pain of traditional smoking

CELIBAN max comes with colors with more atmosphere, including sapphire, dream black, coffee, grape violet, platinum gold, crystal green. It’s restrained and elegant.

CELIBAN reivew

CELIBAN max is a modern design style, which is quite different in sense. Nowadays, the homogeneity of pods is more serious. It really needs several new and unique pods to save users from aesthetic fatigue.

Celiban vape

Because electronic cigarette is a portable device, it naturally puts forward high requirements for the sense. CELIBAN has good hand feel, the treatment on both sides of the square, giving the product a unique sense of grip. As soon as you put it on the desktop, the sense of technology and beauty come to you.

CELIBAN reivew

At the same time, because its surface uses the grinding technology, so the grip will have additional points, even if the sweathands players use it, they can also feel the friendly side of CELIBAN.

CELIBAN reivew

The charging interface at the bottom of the smoke pole also caters to the trend and is a mini-USB interface. After all, the current flagship mobile phones all use this interface, and Micro USB interface has been basically on the verge of elimination.

CELIBAN reivew

Looking at the work of CELIBAN’s Max, we can feel that the manufacturers are in place in all aspects of control, which can be described by strict seaming (including carts), and feel that the whole device is “the taste of mobile phones”.

For carts, in fact, in addition to the above mentioned impeccable workmanship, but also quite a sense of design, especially reflected in the human side. There is no distinction between positive and negative, and it is easy to use. The “click” sound of installing the cart gives enough sense of ceremony and ensures the correct installation of the carts.

CELIBAN reivew

However, there is a suggestion to improve the transparency of the cart, because it is difficult to use the naked eye to control the margin of the e-liquid in the tank without strong light.

CELIBAN reivew

Like most vapes, CELIBAN meets Max with honeycomb ceramic core, which has a very good taste. The funnel structure is specially designed in the cart. The heating efficiency and avoidance of e-liquid leakage are the leading solutions in the industry. With the two micro-intake holes at the bottom of the cart, it simulates the damping suction feeling and filters the large particles to avoid inhaling into the human body, which is also the reason why no oil leakage and dry burn has appeared in the past week.

CELIBAN reivew

Generally speaking, Guangdong Elfa brings the expected product CELIBAN meet Max to the smokers, which really brings us some surprises, especially its soft taste performance, its feeling has broken through the existing form of taste expression of pods. 0.5-1.5 ml of e-liquid capacity and 280 mAh battery also make it durable. It is a good tool for replacing cigarettes.

CELIBAN reivew

Smartisan Technology CEO Luo Yonghao’s switch to electronic cigarette industry is undoubtedly good news. According to rumors, Xiaomi technology also intends to enter electronic cigarettes (seemingly refuted rumors). Whether true or false, electronic cigarettes have attracted more and more attention from public figures and powerful enterprises, which is enough to show that the prospects of the electronic cigarette market are promising.

CELIBAN reivew

In fact, in order to develop electronic cigarettes well and rapidly in China, more influential people are needed to come to the platform for it, even to join it passionately. Of course, we should not lack the support of policy and the positive propaganda of public opinion. Only in this way can we ensure that electronic cigarettes born in China can thrive and grow stronger.

Apple and Huawei OEM giant makes Celiban vape brand

With the basic solidification of the competition pattern of traditional cigarettes, new tobacco has become an indispensable place for many new manufacturers. Together with the young people’s preference for new tobacco, smokers are in urgent need of alternatives to tobacco, which makes electronic cigarettes a new field full of vitality.

In September this year, a new army in the new tobacco industry emerged, releasing 24 models of 4 products at one go. It is said that the newborn calves are not afraid of tigers. This new force named CELIBAN has brought a huge impact to the electronic cigarette industry, and the Elfa company behind it is the OEM manufacturer of Apple and Huawei.


Celiban’s parent company is called Guangdong Elfa Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. It is a large modern manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It is one of the supply chains of world famous brand components such as Apple and Huawei. Its strength can not be underestimated. Today, on the basis of the mobile phone industry, it is like a sword inserted into the electronic cigarette industry, covering a wide range of interests and more income.


Elfa has a new type of science and technology industrial park covering an area of 250,000 feet, which has a strong strength. With the accumulation of capital and technological progress over the years, it has developed into a company with fully automated robot, the world’s leading Frank CNC machine tools, and a number of injection molding automation, silica gel automation, spray painting automation, radium carving automation, sand blasting automation, anode automation, CNC automation, T processing, PVD processing, polishing and other equipment.


In terms of strict attitude towards products, Elfa has 100,000-grade (food-grade) clean production workshop, closed-loop manufacturing from die opening to finished product packaging, 10,000-grade dust-free workshop, each link is strictly tested. Sharklet bacteriostasis technology originated from the U.S. Navy has passed many authoritative safety certifications, such as CE, ROHS, FCC and UN38.3 of the European Union. It is the only one in the world that has no competitors. This also enables Elfa to take the lead among a number of domestic manufacturers. In the field of electronic cigarettes, the company has gathered a group of professional scientific research personnel and set up the “Shenzhen Research and Development Center” to ensure that each product contains the rigor and sincerity of Elfa. Celiban was born under such a background.

Celiban vape

Celiban has entered the electronic cigarette market with the slogan “Let 40 million young smokers meet themselves”. It is the first youth cure vaporizer. It covers 24 models of four products, six colors and six flavors each, and strives to satisfy more young people. The design also embodies the concept of simplicity, fashion, youth and colorfulness. At the same time, Elfa, as the technology accumulation of Apple’s supply chain for many years, has used the anodized apple-grade technology on the Celiban electronic cigarette body to make it look more scientific and technological.

Celiban vape

As a new army, Elfa relies on its superior strength and rigorous attitude towards products. It has brought new vitality to the still unquiet electronic cigarette industry and left a deep impression on people as soon as it appeared. This gives us reason to believe that the electronic cigarette industry in the future will certainly have a place for Celiban.

Only music can not be let down – YOOZ party’s trend philosophy

When music no longer stops at audio-visual, but seeks the sensory feast of vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch in one; when music is no longer confined to the younger group, but becomes the popular consumer culture and trend; when music is no longer leisure entertainment, but has become the most fashionable social new scene at present. YOOZ party came into being at the historic moment.

YOOZ party, as a brand of YOOZ, is a music factory with both future technology and avant-garde culture. It devotes itself to deconstructing the product concept and fashion culture in depth, abandoning dull and uninteresting youth entertainment culture form now to IN, and presenting a unique music party.

September 22, YOOZ party, with the theme of Magic Sound Geek as its first theme, makes a strong landing in Arkham, a famous club in Shanghai, so that the elite people who have nowhere to release their emotions in the daytime in this modern city can return to the wild, burst out fanatical musical enthusiasm, and deeply convey the core magic of “Shanghai at night”.

Except Shanghai Station, YOOZ party also selected Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou and other cities for touring performances, respectively, to inject the most representative music elements of each city, such as audio, rap, JAZZ, rock, hip hop, so that each YOOZ parties are different, with technology to connect fashionable personality of the immersive music scene.

YOOZ party invites four top TV stars, Pegboard Nerds, SHFT Brand DJ KING CHAIN, DJ TEN Li Yilin with multiple titles and famous DJ and producer Tom Wiliam from France, to perform together in an effort to “explode” at Shanghai beach.

Not only the party has a heavyweight deductive lineup on the scene, but also uses high-tech sense devices to display the scene, rendering the dance floor atmosphere with gorgeous neon lights and unique science fiction sense, showing a complete dazzling visual impact. In addition, a unique photographic area will be arranged, which includes minimalist science and technology, cyberpunk, steam wave and other sci-fi elements, with a strong sense of art.

Two different types of vape experience devices are provided, as well as 10 best-selling flavors of Konjac Porpo, lime grapefruit, fresh caragana, iced mango, sweet litchi, refreshing Hami melon, iced green tea, Jasmine tea, refreshing mint and enjoyable mungbean, for the players to appreciate in depth that evening. In the magic dance floor mixed with high concentration of water vapor molecules, so that each “night walker” seems to wander in the heterogeneous space. Very shocking visual impact, fluctuating electro-acoustic melody, fresh and interesting taste bud stimulation, all are testing every inch of your nerve.

Immediately, let go of all your hesitations and enjoy the ultimate release of sound waves in the clouds and mists with contemporary youth. At the end of this summer, music is locked in the coolest confined space, experience the most exciting collision, resonate with the dynamic notes, break through the eardrum and reach the thoracic cavity, from the blood to the nerve can feel the excitement of tremor.

While enjoying the music, there is a clear “No Minors” sign on the activity site, YOOZ party brand not only actively advocate brand culture and brand responsibility with common values, but also have a high degree of fit for the target market. With the help of music, they can quickly close the emotional distance between brand and consumer groups, enhance the deep participation of users, and transmit brand concept and core values in the most popular way at present-music.

RELX (Relax) new generation of e-cigarette enters Indonesian market

The latest RELX brand joins the Indonesian market, encouraging adult smokers to choose better alternatives for smoking e-cigartes. RELX (Relax) new generation e-cigarette enters the Indonesian market, providing new user experiences through advanced technology and user-friendly design.

With the fastest growth in the world. “Adult smokers now have the opportunity for conventional cigarettes and better alternatives, namely world-class quality at affordable prices,” said Di Yang, Director of Indonesia Expansion at RELX Tech, SKYE Bar and Resto, Jakarta.

Since 2018. RELX as the fastest-growing vape (e-cig) globally and is now the No.1 Asian vape (e-cig) brand that leads in design, innovation and functionality, with the mission of empowering adult smokers through technology and design ethically.

RELX Technology’s core businesses include independent R&D, product design and development, and sales. from the start, RELX Technology conceptualized the ‘Guardian Program’ a company-wide initiative that stretched from product development to sales, ensuring that the company made the necessary efforts to prevent the use of e-cigarettes by minors through joint efforts with retailers to step in to verify the age of buyers in place, founded by former Uber China Head, Kate Wang.


“RELX Technology products have experienced tremendous success with adult smokers globally, catapulting it to the position of the leading closed-system e-cigarette brand in Asia. motivated by his father’s lifetime smoking habits and the lack of better alternative products on the market, Kate took herself to start a company that prioritizes innovation, consumer experience, and product quality and reliability. Their founding team consists of industry veterans from various industries and an R&D team consisting of more than ten experts who specialize in E-liquid development, industrial design, engineering, and basic research to ensure superior quality in all aspects of the product.

RELX Technology has invested millions of dollars to build its own facilities and operate the first CNAS certified laboratory owned by an independent vape brand. RELX Technology also has more than 20 international patents in its innovative innovations in e-cigarette technology, all of which are aimed at improving the reliability, quality, and user experience.

“Indonesia has one of the highest tobacco rates in the world, estimated at 60 million adult smokers in Indonesia. RELX is committed to empowering them by offering better alternatives for consuming nicotine, “added Di Yang. “With the opening of branded retail stores and the development of tastes for Indonesian smokers and business development, strategic planning, distribution management, marketing and retail throughout Southeast Asia, Di Yang, Director of Global Technology Expansion.

photo: Ikung adiwar
photo: Ikung adiwar

“There are more than one billion smokers in the world today, and with WHO (World Health Organization) projections alone, there will continue to be more than one billion smokers in the world by 2025. Vape as a product category has the potential to transform smokers from traditional cigarette burning, which produce TAR and a number of hazardous chemicals to be much better and alternative “he continued.